Greyhawk: Gem of the Flanaess

Part Five - Chapter Two: Water and Fire

It was on the morning of the 15th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon killed the last of the troll forces in the chaotic faction of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. With the five powerful troll witches now dead, the band took the time to search their bodies and the vast cave in which they had just died.

Beneath the troll’s throne, the band found a stash of treasure and in a nearby cave were several barrels of water that appeared to be enchanted with healing and protective properties. The band took some samples of the water and continued looking around. In a passageway to the south, they ran into an unusual, invisible, elastic-like barrier of some kind that blocked further passage into the cave beyond. But they found that if they slowly applied pressure, they could force their way past the barrier. One there, they found a stream of water that emerged from a set of five natural springs inside some dead-end passages. Each of these springs appeared to be enchanted differently from each other and where they combined they created the water that the band had found in the barrels. Using Brom’s knowledge of potions, they were able to get an idea of what each spring might do. Tadwin took a drink of one of the springs which appeared to cause some kind of more permanent healing ability. But an augury indicated it would not be a good idea for him to drink water from any of the other springs. Unsure of how to proceed from there, the band decided to hold off, for the time being, on any further experimentation of the spring water.

Instead, the band retreated from the troll lair and headed back to look at other unexplored passages. By this time, the elixirs of diminution that the band had consumed in order to get into the troll lair had worn off. So they had to drink more of the elixirs to make themselves small enough to get out of the lair. Once they had made it through the narrow passageway, the band investigated other passageways. All but one of them lead to dead-ends, however. The only exception to this, led them to two more trolls-turned-to-statues and a partially blocked passageway. The band crawled over the partially blocked area, but after following the passageway beyond for a bit, the band realized it was headed towards the dungeons under the central tower of Zagig. Not yet ready to go there just yet, the band turned back again.

From here, there was nowhere left to go but down the stairs to the next level. By this point, the elixirs of diminution had worn off again. It was shortly before noon then, when the band arrived on the seventh level. Unlike all the other levels, this one actually had lit torches on the walls of the first chamber they came upon. It also had an archway on the far wall and a sturdy door next to it. On the wall to the right and just below one of the torches was an arrow slit.

As the band entered the room, a small bell could be heard ringing in the direction of the archway and drawing the attention of the band. But Brom scouted the area out and found nothing of interest in that direction but a collapsed passageway. Suddenly, the band found themselves under attack as crossbow bolts flew out of the arrow slit. The band moved to the sides of the arrow slit where the crossbow bolts could not hit them, and since they relied now on darkvision spells, they extinguished the torches. Zeke then cast a light spell on a coin and tossed it into the arrow slit. But moments later, the lit coin was tossed back out.

The door was both locked and barred from the opposite side. But Brom managed to get the door open anyway. He then led the band, invisibly of course, into the next couple of rooms where the band had to fight off several humanoid creatures known as spriggan, which are distantly related to gnomes and have the ability to assume giant-form. While in their natural gnome-size, the spriggan are generally very stealthy and they rely heavily on rogue-like abilities and surprise attacks. However, without the advantage of surprise they are more formidable in their giant form, and so once the element of surprise is gone they typically take their giant-forms.

The band then had to fight off spriggan in both of their sizes, depending on the circumstances. Fortunately though, regardless of which size they took, the spriggan were not as formidable as some of the other forces they had had to fight recently. As a result, the band had little difficulty in cutting their enemies down. This was despite the fact that the spriggan were armed with several magic items such as a flaming sword that shot rays of fire, a ring that that emitted spark showers, and a potion that allow its imbiber to breath fire. Even a pair of ettins that had sided with the spriggans did not proved to be all that challenging a test against the band. When the battle was over, eight spriggans lay dead on the floor alongside two ettins.
Part Five - Chapter One: The Last of the Trolls

It was in the evening of Freeday, the 14th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon killed the wizard Ussisemeel in the dungeons of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. After destroying the wizard’s body by dumping it into the river of lava in the dungeons of the War Tower, most of the band members were running low on spells and becoming fatigued. Corvyn, in fact, was still suffering from the after effects of having been raised from the dead during the battle and was in need of restoration spells. So the band took the opportunity to rest for the night.

The following morning, on Starday, the 15thday of Planting, the band prepared themselves for another assault on the chaotic faction in the dungeons of the Power Tower. Diamond then cast two restoration spells on Corvyn and got him back to full health. Then Zeke used the rod of resurrection, as the band had promised, and resurrected Eleena’s brother, Dorthonodand. With these matters out of the way, the band then went through their normal procedure of spending an hour consuming a hero’s feast, followed by a walk through the secret passageway to the dungeons of the Power Tower. Once there, they made their way to the first floor where the spellcasters sat at the magical table and attempted to duplicate their spells. Tadwin and Diamond succeeded, but Zeke did not and lost a spell instead. From there the band went to the third floor and prayed at the altar of Boccob to receive a blessing on their weapons and then to a statue of Boccob to pray for a granted spell there.

The band was now ready to resume their explorations where they had left off on the previous evening. Tadwin cast a dimension door spell and transported everyone to the bottom of the stairs leading into the 6th level. From there the band went back through the chambers where the last battle had taken place, still littered with the bodies of the trolls and bugbears they had recently killed. Beyond that was a chamber where the bugbears had apparently lived. But the female and young bugbears were nowhere to be found. Pressing on, the band found the quarters of the bugbear chief, and there, in a secret compartment, discovered a bejeweled crown and scepter.

Taking the royal regalia with them, the band continued on to another nearby intersection in the cave system. With Brom leading the way invisibly, as usual, and the band relying on darkvision spells instead of light, Brom detected the sound of movement and gruff voices coming from the passageway heading to the west. Sneaking up ahead of his companions, Brom soon came upon the female and young bugbears, just over a dozen of each, as they were attempting to hide in a side chamber. Observing that they appeared to be of little threat, Brom retreated and told his companions what he had seen. The band then approached the bugbears and Zeke spoke to them, telling them that if they caused no trouble, the band would allow them to live. The bugbears agreed to the terms and Zeke told them to gather their things and move to the level above.

Once the bugbears had moved on, the band took some time then to consider what to do at a nearby side passage that lead up to a statue. Tadwin had seen, on the band’s previous assault, using an arcane eye spell, that the statue was of Zagig, much like the other two statues of Zagig the band found in the other two sections, one of which had briefly trapped both Zeke and Diamond inside. About halfway up the stair-like passageway leading up to the statue, however, was another humanoid statue that appeared to be guarding the way and which looked suspiciously like a stone golem. Not wanting to deal with a possible stone golem, Brom snuck past the stone guardian invisibly and moved to inspect the statue. Finding nothing remarkable about the statue, and suspecting it to be like the others they had found, Brom pushed the statue over, causing some damage to the statue but not entirely destroying it. When he did so, the stone guardian came to life and looked around in apparent confusion. But seeing no one there, since Brom was still invisible, it turned back around and resumed its guardian stance. As expected, Brom found a word written below the statue which read “Zeejom”, but he made sure not to speak the word out loud. Believing there was nothing more to be found in the area, the band then moved on, leaving the stone golem to guard the toppled and damaged statue.

Taking the other passageway from the earlier intersection, the band approached a cave where Tadwin had previously seen several trolls standing motionlessly. Some of these trolls had fingers, toes, and bits of hair oddly missing and the band had postulated that these trolls had been turned to stone.

Fearing the presence of some creature or creatures capable of turning other creatures to stone, the band debated a bit on what to do. Brom then decided to replace his darkvision goggles for smoke-lensed goggles and have Tadwin cast a darkvision spell on him. He then moved into the cave cautiously and without the use of his ring of invisibility. There were five trolls in all, three of which had body parts missing, and after Brom had snuck past the three, the other two trolls suddenly came to life and attacked Brom with surprise. These two trolls, which had obviously disguised themselves to appear like the others in order set up an ambush, were able to wound Brom a bit. But Tadwin then blinded them with a glitterdust spell and the rest of the band rushed in, allowing the band to quickly take the two trolls down.

Behind one of the trolls that had been turned to stone, there was a narrow passageway leading off to the west. So Brom snuck ahead invisibly while the others waited behind. Brom soon came to another cave with a high ceiling, where a wide crevice could be seen. Flying up so he could see what lay above this crevice, he spotted nine trolls that were waiting there to pounce upon the band as they made their way through the cave. Brom returned to his companions and told them what he had seen. Zeke then cast an illusion spell, creating an image of the band walking through the cave. As hoped, the illusion fooled some of the trolls, a few of which leaped down to attack the illusions. Other trolls, however, realized they had been tricked and, spotting Zeke, moved to pounce on him. Corvyn then charged into the room and began hacking away at the trolls, and the real battle then began.

This proved to be a fairly tough battle, particularly for Corvyn, who quickly found himself surrounded by trolls that were well trained in team tactics and capable of making vicious sneak attacks. More than once, Corvyn was literally on the verge of being ripped apart by the trolls’ savage claws and teeth despite his ability to regenerate. Several times, Diamond had to cast heal spells on him from a distance in order to keep him alive. To make matters worse, at some point in the battle, Corvyn fumbled with his sword and badly damaged it. But because it was attached to a weapon cord around his wrist, he had little choice but continue fighting with his broken giant-slayer. Fortunately, he did not further damage his sword and eventually the band was able to kill all nine trolls after each of them had leaped down from the ledges to attack.

When the battle was over, and the band had healed up, Brom flew back up through the crevice and found a chest with a dozen potions in it. Brom identified the potions and found that they were all rare elixirs of diminution which would cause the imbibers to shrink. The more elixir that was consumed, the more one would shrink. The purpose of these potions quickly became apparent, as the band had discovered a passageway to the west that was too narrow for any of them to pass through in their current size. Taking advantage of the potions, each of the band members then drank about half of one of the potions and each shrank to about half their normal size. This was still not quite enough for Corvyn, who had to sip a little more in order to fit through the crevice.

When the band was then sufficiently small enough, they crept through the narrow passageway and followed it for about a hundred feet or so, where it finally opened up into a cavern so vast they could not see the other side with their darkvision. The band moved out into the center of the cavern, and as they did so, some of them noticed ledges about ten feet high or so on cavern walls where large creatures were moving about. Brom flew up invisibly to take a look and relayed to the band that they were now surrounded by dozens of trolls of various sizes. Some of the trolls, on the nearby ledges to the east, were now climbing down the walls and moving to attack. So Tadwin threw up a wall of fire that cut the cavern in half, which would conceal the band from many of the trolls and keep them at bay.

Almost immediately after this, two waves of fireballs, with five fireballs in each wave, flew over the wall of fire and struck most of the band members. Unknown to the casters of these fireballs, Zeke had earlier made sure that everyone was resistant to both fire and electricity. And so, despite the ten fireballs, none of the band members took much damage. Diamond, meanwhile, cast confusion spells on the nearby trolls and thereby largely diminished the threat from them. At the same time, Brom used a potion to improve his invisibility, and then flew over to attack one of the spellcasters, which turned out to be one of five female witches who were the obvious leaders of the trolls. Ordinarily very powerful in their own right, these five witches specialized in fire magic, which in this case, limited their capabilities against the band. That, plus the fact that their hexes did not have a very long range, combined with the wall of fire that they could do nothing about, greatly hindered their abilities.

Brom then was able to fly in and make his sneak attacks while remaining invisible, which proved to be devastating against the trolls, including the witches who were easily the toughest of the trolls. Tadwin soon afterwards assisted Brom by summoning a very powerful elder fire elemental, which, while it could not match what Brom was capable of, did prove to be very effective. Corvyn, meanwhile, having now switched to his other greatsword, focused on taking down the trolls on the near side of the wall of fire, while Zeke began launching a series of scorching rays and fireballs.

All throughout the battle, the band remained in control of the situation and rarely did they ever fall victim to any of the witches’ spells. Nor was there ever any need for Diamond to run around healing anyone, and so he remained on the offensive for most of the battle. Eventually, the trolls were able to kill the fire elemental, but not before it had taken out some of the trolls. By this point, Brom had kill two of the witches and some of the other trolls. Most of the trolls on the near side of the wall of fire were now down or confused, so Corvyn began using his flaming longsword to finish off the trolls. Tadwin used several mass damage spells including a chain lightning, a cone of cold and a prismatic spray, while Zeke launched fireball after fireball until finally there were no trolls left standing.
Part Four - Chapter Thirteen: The Downfall of Ussisemeel

It was in the evening of Freeday, the 14th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon began their assault on the chaotic faction of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. After dealing with an ambush where more than a dozen bugbears were killed, the band moved on to investigate the caverns that lay ahead.
The first cavern, where most of the bugbears had just come from, was an active smithy where the bugbears had been repairing a number of daggers and swords. All the necessary tools were found there, though none of them were of high quality or value. The next cave, which lay at the end of a short tunnel, was blocked by an iron golem which continued to pound down a troll that had apparently gotten too close. Every time the troll got up, the iron golem would knock it back down in a never ending cycle of futility.

Tadwin had earlier seen into the cavern that lay beyond with his arcane eye and knew there were some items of possible interest which rested on a table there. Since the golem was so preoccupied with the troll, Brom was able to easily sneak past it while invisible. On the table were eight potions and a piece of paper with a note written in common. Four of the potions were labeled “Alter Self” and four were labeled “Cure Moderate Wounds”. The note read, “Effects occur when one of each is drank.” Brom grabbed the potions and the note and returned to his companions, at which point the band spent a fair amount of time debating on what to do with the potions.

An augury spell seemed to indicate that following the note’s instructions could be both beneficial and baneful. A few theories were put forth on what might happen, the most popular of which was that it would permanently transform the drinker of the potions into a troll. But they could not be certain of any of these theories, so several members of the band tried to talk Corvyn into drinking the potions. He considered it for a bit, but ultimately decided against it. As a result, the band never did find out what would happen if both of the potions were drank.

The band did however, decide to attack and destroy the iron golem, fearing that the wizards would use it against them if they did not. After destroying the golem, they then had to kill the troll as well, which immediately got up and attacked them. The only other item of note in the cavern was a collapsed and sealed off tunnel, which the band decided not to investigate.

Turning back towards the passages which led them to these caves, the band then made their way into a series of previously unexplored caverns. These caverns were now empty of any opposing forces, as these forces had already been fought and killed. The one possible exception to this was a troll that had been chained to a post in the center of one of the caverns, and, as Tadwin had observed with his arcane eye, was being tortured and used as a training device for several bugbears and a troll.

Tadwin, who was the only member of the band who could speak giant and therefore communicate with the troll, interrogated the troll and learned that it was being punished for attempted treason. In exchange for further information and assistance against his punishers, Tadwin offered to set the troll free. The troll agreed to the terms and Brom picked the locks on the chains. When asked for his name, the troll answered by saying a name that the band had difficulty pronouncing, so they just called him Fred.

The only other feature of the caves on this level worth noting was a wall of stacked stones in one cave that was very similar to a wall found previously in a cave on the level above. Behind that wall of stones, the band had found a coating of lead on the cave wall which the band had assumed was intended to prevent the meenlocks of the neutral faction from using their dimension door ability. Believing they would find the same thing behind this wall of stones, the band ignored it.

Having apparently searched all the caves of this level, the band descended to the next level, making sure to have the troll they called Fred near the front so they could closely observe him. When the band reached the next level, they moved in cautiously, since Tadwin had earlier seen with his arcane eye what appeared to be the bugbear chief and his bodyguard seated at a table in a side cave next to the large entrance cave. But when the band got within sight of the table, no bugbears were seen. In fact, no bugbears where found anywhere, which made the band suspect a possible ambush.

As it turned out, the band’s suspicions were correct, for just as they were about to pass into the next chamber, eight bugbears tried to take the band by surprise from the front, while the bugbear chief and his two bodyguards, all three of which had been invisible, came up behind them from an ascending tunnel. Tadwin, however, proved to be quicker and he cast a black tentacles spell in front of the chief and his bodyguards, thus ruining, or at least delaying, their attack.

Nevertheless, a massive battle then took place. As the band, led by Corvyn and Brom, pushed their way into the cave in front of them, taking down bugbears as they went, the chief and his bodyguard fought their way through the black tentacles and attacked from the rear. When the chief and his bodyguards became visible, they let out some very intimidating roars which rattled the nerves of a few members of the band at the rear of the group. Eight more bugbears then followed in behind them, making the threat even more intimidating. The black tentacles, however, had limited the effectiveness of the ambush and when Tadwin then cast a wall of force while Zeke created a web spell over the black tentacles, this completely eliminated any threat from the rear…at least for a short while.

The band then moved into the next cave and continued taking down the bugbears there. But soon the band saw that six trolls and the two-headed troll that Tadwin had seen earlier, were now about to join from another cavern just beyond. All of these trolls and bugbears were very skilled barbarians and rangers, just like the ones they had faced on the level above, and the two-headed troll, with its two longswords, looked to be very formidable indeed. So Tadwin put up another wall of force to keep them out as well.

Unfortunately, the wall of force that had been put up behind them somehow disappeared and the bugbears there came charging in on the band. Along with them was the obvious cause of the wall’s disappearance. It was, of course, the wizard Ussisemeel, who was now hovering in the air and hidden amongst several blurry images, much like a cloud of swirling shadows. Unprepared for this unexpected attack from the rear, Corvyn found himself surrounded by bugbears which then pounced on him and took him down. Suddenly aware of how dire the situation had become, it was Diamond who then cast a spell from a scroll and put up a wall of stone to keep the bugbears at bay.

No doubt believing the band to be badly hurt, Ussisemeel, then dimension doored himself and two of the trolls into the now completely enclosed cave and prepared to attack. The trolls were able to attack immediately and they did indeed cause some serious injuries. But when Ussisemeel went to cast a spell, Tadwin was ready for him and was able to cast a counter spell. In fact, this continued on for quite some time. Every time Ussisemeel went to cast a spell, Tadwin was able to counter it. Unwilling to cast any spell that would also harm the trolls and bugbears, Ussisemeel’s spell casting options were limited and for each spell he attempted, Tadwin was somehow able to thwart it. Meanwhile, the trolls and bugbears were gradually defeated and eventually their numbers began to dwindle.

But with Corvyn now lying dead on the ground, Diamond was forced to spend a lot of his time and energy on healing up the band. To make matters worse, as the battle continued on, the band could hear the bugbears on the far side of the wall of stone hammering away at the wall. Sooner or later, the wall would give way and the band would be forced to face them again. It was at about this time when the band began contemplating on making another retreat. But they decided to hold off just a bit longer. Since the rod of resurrection had recently been used on Diamond, it could not be used to resurrect Corvyn. But Zeke had a scroll with a limited wish spell on it, so he used that to raise Corvyn from the dead. With Corvyn back in the battle, albeit below his normal health, the band was able to turn the tide of the battle.

When the bugbears did finally break through the wall of stone, the band was able to handle them and gradually took them out as they entered the cave, including the chief and his bodyguards. Even the two-headed troll, proved to be less of a problem than they might have anticipated as they were able to get a jump on him and took full advantage of a mistake it made. Ussisemeel, meanwhile, was never able to get a spell off, even when he began looking for a chance to retreat. Brom had made use of some dust of disappearance which made it impossible for Ussisemeel to locate him. As a result, Ussisemeel was also killed, along with a creature of some kind that originally had taken the shape of a dagger and then assumed the shape of a glowing sphere. A second pet of his, a cloaker, tried to flee with the wizard’s body when a magic ring of his created an illusion and rendered the body invisible. But Tadwin spotted it and the cloaker was likewise killed.

When the battle came to an end, the band gathered up anything of value, and took Ussisemeel’s body back to the War Tower to throw into the river of lava.
Part Four - Chapter Twelve: Assault on the Chaotic Faction

It was early in the morning of Freeday, the 14th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon defeated the clerics of Boccob in the pyramids just outside the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. The high priest, Bern Hengdal, was dead, as was one of the lesser priests, Hordred Nalrim. But the remaining three clerics, Empiri Chalemede, Dormian Fargeth and Garlin Krul, had all surrendered. It was now time for the band to decide what to do with them, at least for the time being.

The three clerics claimed they had no quarrel with the band and that they had only been following the orders of their leader when they had taken part in the ambush against the band. In fact, they insisted that ever since the band had brought it to their attention that their leader had been lying to them for many years about the true identity of the wizards who lived and worked in the dungeons below, they were more disappointed and upset with their leader than they were with the band. They claimed that they only followed Bern Hengdal’s orders out of a sense of loyalty to him, but they were not at all bothered by the fact that he was now dead. They were however, saddened by the fact that Hordred Nalrim was also dead, whom they felt did nothing to deserve such a fate and expressed a desire to bring him back from the dead.

The clerics admitted that their main motivation and desire, however, was to continue their studies in magic in the ruins of the Power Tower, regardless of who controlled the ruins and they offered to serve the band in any way they could. But some members of the band, Brom in particular, worried that they could not be trusted, feeling that the clerics’ willingness to serve them so soon after their leader’s death only made them appear disloyal. Nevertheless, despite being bound and stripped of all magic items, weapons and holy symbols, the clerics offered what information they had about the wizards and the ruins, and freely answered any questions put to them. As a result, the band learned some helpful information about the wizards, though there was much the clerics claimed they did not know. The band also took the time then to search the pyramids and to note anything of interest.

Among the things found in the pyramids was a vast and very valuable library on sagely studies, the teachings of Boccob, and other notes and letters of knowledge. The band took nothing from the library at this time, but they did gather up any magic items they found. They also learned from the clerics how to operate the magic circle located in the first pyramid, and, assuming the clerics were telling the truth, realized just how powerful the magic circle was.

Once the band gathered what information they wanted to from the clerics, for the time being, the band then locked them away in the same prison cells where Diamond had once been held captive in the lower dungeons of the War Tower. Choosing to decide the ultimate fate of the three clerics at a later time, presumably once the wizards of the Power Tower were defeated, the band then turned to other matters.

While they were very unsure about the clerics of Boccob, the band felt quite differently about the wizard Eleena, whom they had recently rescued from the dungeons of the Power Tower. They felt she would make a very valuable ally or even henchman and they wanted to make a trade with her concerning her magical portable hole. The rest of the band convinced Zeke to strike a deal with Eleena: they would resurrect her brother Dorthonodand, in exchange for the portable hole. She agreed to the deal and, soon after, the portable hole became the property of the band, just as the rod of resurrection was, but carried by Brom, who seemed to be the most capable member of the band at avoiding energy-type attacks. Unfortunately, they could not yet resurrect Dorthonodand, since the rod of resurrection only worked once a day. So that would have to wait until 24 hours had passed after the rod was used on Diamond. Diamond, in fact, was still suffering from the effects of his recent resurrection and was in need of a restoration spell.

It was about 5 o’clock in the morning when the band returned to their quarters in the dungeons of the War Tower, at which time Tadwin cast a Mage’s Private Sanctum spell to prevent anyone from scrying on them. At about 6 o’clock, the band settled down to rest and awoke again at about 2 in the afternoon. They then prepared for another foray into the dungeons of the Power Tower. Diamond cast a restoration spell on himself. The band then consumed another hero’s feast and by 5 o’clock the band was making their way back to the Power Tower. This time they simply walked there, through the elves’ fortress and into the first floor.

The band then followed their usual procedure of doubling their spells at the meeting table, and praying to a statue of Boccob to receive an extra spell. The statue also told them that the wizards who lived below were not aware of the secret passage the band had found, which connected the Power Tower to the War Tower. So this could be used to the band’s advantage. Following this, the band had their weapons blessed at the altar of Boccob.

When the band reached the third dungeon level, Tadwin cast a dimension door spell, taking everyone to a cave in the chaotic section near the tunnel leading down to the fourth dungeon level. But before moving on, Tadwin cast an arcane eye spell and was able to scout out a large portion of the chaotic section, all the way down to the sixth dungeon level, due to the fact that the chaotic section had very few doors that could hinder it. As a result, Tadwin was able to get a very good idea of the forces that lived in the area, which consisted almost entirely of trolls and bugbears.

Once Tadwin had gone as far as he could with his arcane eye, the band cast a few preparatory spells and readied their weapons. Then they headed down the tunnel with Brom leading the way invisibly. When the band reached the bottom of the stairs, they came to a large cavern where ten trolls had been sparring with one another. Brom tried to sneak past them, but the trolls picked up his scent and immediately began searching about. The rest of the band came charging in at this point and a massive battle then ensued.

Corvyn, of course, waded into the midst of the trolls with his giant-slayer greatsword and caused a good deal of harm to the monsters. But despite his great skill and the benefits of his sword and his ring of vampiric regeneration, Corvyn often found himself on the verge of catastrophe. The trolls were all powerful barbarians which flew into such a rage that not even fire and acid could entirely prevent their regenerative abilities from functioning. In fact, were it not for his great skill and magic items, Corvyn surely would have been torn apart.

And he was not the only one to risk life and limb during the battle. Others too occasionally found themselves in a dire predicament, usually from the trolls’ heightened abilities to rip and rend with their claws and fangs. But in every case, each member of the band somehow managed to survive and recover.

Although the battle was a tough one, and at times a very dangerous one, the band was able to stay one step ahead of the trolls and maintain control of the battle, though just barely. Due to the trolls’ uncanny awareness, Brom had some difficulty trying to get in sneak attacks on the trolls and often had to rely on glitterdust spells to blind the trolls. The rest of the band, meanwhile, threw an occasional attack spell at the trolls or some other helpful spell to aid their companions.

When the battle began to wind down a bit, a group of six bugbears and one more troll joined in the battle as reinforcements. The bugbears were not as tough as the trolls but they were very skilled in the use of two weapons and appeared to possess the abilities of rangers. In the end, however, they too were eventually killed by the band.

When the battle was finally over, the band healed up their wounds, searched the bodies of their foes, and continued on through the caves. In the next cave, the band fought and killed two more trolls who appeared to be guarding an altar with a painting behind it, which resembled the wizard Ussisemeel. These two trolls had a ring of protection and a pair of boots of speed to aid them, which the band took, of course. Afterwards, they made sure to deface the painting of the wizard.

Moving on to the next cave, which lay at the bottom of a downward sloping tunnel, the band was ambushed by six more bugbears which had been hiding in a dark alcove near the top of the passageway. These bugbears were equipped with arrows of slaying and one of them struck Corvyn and would have killed him had he been any less tough than he is. Another of these arrows struck Zeke, but he managed to dodge enough to avoid taking as much damage from it.

Zeke then cast a fly spell on Corvyn so he could fly up and attack the bugbears, while the rest of the band focused primarily on eight more bugbears that were approaching from the cave just ahead. Several fireballs, including a couple from Diamond’s necklace of fireballs, killed or badly wounded most of the approaching bugbears, and whatever remained were easily taken down afterwards.
Part Four - Chapter Eleven: Ussisemeel's Ambush

It was in the evening of Earthday, the 13th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon killed the wizard Sindar Sirion and the beholder, Morlanx, leader of the neutral faction in the Power Tower of the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. It was about midnight when the band defeated the last of the verbeegs and urds on the 6th level of the dungeon. But one of the verbeegs escaped through a back door in the last battle. So the band went in search of it.

This meant traversing through the highly acidic layer of vomit that had been spilled onto the floor of the lab room. Fortunately, the band had already used magic to protect themselves from acid, so the only problem was dealing with the horrible smell. But the band managed. Once past the doorway, through which the verbeeg had fled, the band walked down a short passageway to an oddly shaped room with eight triangular alcoves, each occupied by a shelf, and a square alcove directly across from the entrance, in front of which rested a large barrel. Brom entered the room first, looking for traps and found that a vial of what appeared to be acid rested on each shelf and that each shelf appeared to be trapped. Brom, however, failed to locate the trap’s trigger until it was too late, when he bumped into an extremely fine, almost invisible wire at the center of the room. This triggered the trap which then caused each of the shelves to launch the vials of acid at him. But, once again, Brom was magically protected from acid, so he remained unharmed.

With the danger of the trap now passed, the band soon afterwards discovered a trap door through which the verbeeg had apparently escaped. Under the trap door, the band found a ladder and a passageway leading off to the southeast. The band followed the passageway a good distance and eventually realized the passageway would take them to the dungeons of the War Tower. This was clearly how some of the verbeegs and urds had escaped when the band first encountered them on the sixth dungeon level of the War Tower. Since it was obvious that the escaped verbeeg had fled this way, the band continued on. But when they arrived at the War Tower, they soon learned that their henchmen had already killed the verbeeg.

Realizing they now had an alternate means of access, the band returned to the Power Tower then and continued exploring the neutral section. The only room left unexplored at this point, was where the last couple of verbeegs and urds had come from in the last battle. This was found at the bottom of a short but wide set of stairs and it appeared to be a sort of judgement chamber where prisoners were chained to the floor while a dozen verbeegs and a dozen urds sat around them in chairs that were set upon raised stages. The room, however, was currently void of any occupants, so the band headed for the stairs leading to the next level.

On the way to the stairs, the band again passed through the wide hallway with the ten pillars. But this time, Brom noticed an unusual echo in the room as if there were nearby hollow spaces. A thorough search done by tapping on all the surfaces revealed that the pillars were hollow. Brom then used his magical gloves to reshape the stone of the pillars and accidentally released the poisonous sleep gas that was inside the pillar. It filled up a large portion of the hallway and caused Diamond to fall unconscious. When the others checked Diamond’s health they found that he was barely breathing and gradually getting worse. They were then forced to violently strike him to make him regain consciousness. Naturally, the band decided not to mess around with the other pillars. But the band rested for an hour then while Brom brewed a potion, and once they were ready to proceed, they headed down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, Brom scouted ahead as usual and he soon came to a room with a wide pit to one side. At the edge of the pit, an oddly placed dais had been built, and elsewhere, two hallways led off into the darkness. The distinctive flapping and yapping sounds of urds could be heard coming from both hallways. Brom scouted out both hallways.

The first hallway quickly led to a large kitchen with miniature appliances and furniture, where nine female urds were apparently preparing meals. Near the entrance was an unusual, 10’ wide pillar with handles on its sides. But the most eye-catching sight was a pool of water that sloped up at an odd angle into a far corner of the room as if the gravity there was off kilter.

The second hallway led to a couple of stairways that eventually opened up into a huge nursery 25’ feet tall and supported by six pillars where more than two dozen female urds watched over dozens more young urds and even more eggs.

When Brom reported his findings to his companions, they decided not to even approach the female urds and their young, believing them to be of no threat, much like the female verbeegs. Instead, they opted to leave them completely alone and move on to more important matters. Brom also found a storage room in between the two urd-filled chambers, but it too did not appear to be of any consequence.

Finally, Brom decided to investigate the nearby dais and pit. But when he tried to step onto the dais, it turned out to be an illusion which covered up a very slippery half-cone-shaped slide that threatened to drop Brom into the pit and the trash-filled pool of water 20’ below. Brom managed to stop his downward progress by flapping his wings and only got his feet wet before flying back up to the ledge. From there, he looked closer into the water and saw that there appeared to be a tunnel about 10’ under the surface.

Curious about what might be found inside the tunnel, Diamond cast an augury spell to see if it would be beneficial to investigate it. His answer indicated it would probably be beneficial. So Brom drank a potion to help him move under water and jumped in, knowing his magical necklace would allow him to breath freely. Moments later, Brom found himself in a nearby cave with a pocket of breathable air. Another tunnel led further down, but before he could investigate it, he was suddenly confronted by three, yellow, spine-covered urchins. Initially, Brom retreated, but he then decided to use his ring of invisibility and attacked them with surprise, killing all three. With the urchins dead, Brom turned back and swam through the second tunnel where he soon arrived in another cave with a pocket of breathable air.

At the water’s edge of this cave, however, he found two bodies lying one on top of the other. The upper most body was that of a male warrior with a greatsword strapped to his back and several urchin spines sticking out of his back. He was dead. But the body underneath was that of a beautiful woman dressed in the robes of a wizard, and she was still breathing, though just barely. She was very cold to the touch and looked to have been in a near coma for days. Fortunately though, a healing potion revived her and, once she had recovered somewhat from the shock of her current situation, she introduced herself as Eleena. The body of the warrior was that of her brother and fellow adventurer, Dorthonodand, and Eleena was quite distraught to learn that he had died.

Brom offered to guide Eleena back out of the caves and helped her load her brother’s body into an extra-dimensional device she had, known as a portable hole, an item, by the way, that the band wanted very much to have one of their own. Once Brom was reunited with his companions, he introduced them to Eleena, who then explained to them again how she and her brother had recently snuck into the dungeons searching for magical knowledge and treasure using an invisibility spell and where they ran into trouble in the neutral section and eventually found themselves at the bottom of an urchin lair.

As was often the case, Eleena was visibly quite drawn to the charismatic founder of the band, Zeke. But despite her obvious beauty and her apparent skill in the arcane arts, Zeke did not initially display any interest in the comely wizard, perhaps bored with the attention he often received from admirers of both genders and seemingly content to remain a wide-eyed bachelor, much like his companions.

While Eleena told her tale to the rest of the band, Brom took the time to extract from the bodies of the urchins the stones found within, which are often quite valuable to alchemists. Some members of the band also took note of the greatsword which had been the property of Eleena’s brother and which she referred to by name, calling it “Guandaw”. The band intentionally avoided mentioning the fact that they had the means to resurrect her brother, each of them silently understanding that this was a matter they had best discuss among themselves before making any offer to Eleena.

They did, however, offer to escort Eleena back to the safety of the dungeons in the War Tower and immediately did so, taking the secret route they had just discovered on the level above them. Upon reaching the band’s quarters there and introducing Eleena to their henchmen, they offered her food and drink and a place to rest while the band continued exploring the dungeons of the Power Tower.

It was about a quarter to four in the morning on Freeday, the 14th day of Planting, when the band returned to the dungeons of the Power Tower, some ten hours since they last rested for any extended period and nine hours since consuming their last hero’s feast. Having wiped out all but the most minor of threats in both the lawful and neutral factions, including the wizards who aided them, the band now set their sights on the chaotic faction.

As they had done with the other two factions, they made their way back to the third dungeon level where they had first encountered the three factions and where they intended to resume their assault on the final faction. Their plan was to cast a few defensive and utility type spells once they reached the third dungeon level and before they expected to run into any opposition. But things did not go according to plan, for as they were making their way out of the upper most rooms of the neutral faction and entering the large battle-scarred cavern at the center of the level, they encountered something unexpected.

Since the band was now relying on darkvision spells and not using any light sources of their own, it was easy for them to spot a large group of bugbears, some of which wielded faintly glowing weapons, on the far side of the cavern. What at first appeared to be more than a dozen bugbears was then recognized to be more like half a dozen each with a mirror image of itself standing nearby. One of the bugbears, however, was hovering in midair and had more than half a dozen images of itself. In addition to the bugbears, there was a huge spider-like creature known as a bebilith among them as well.

Assuming the bugbears to be what they appeared to be, the band entered the cavern and began moving into position to attack. Tadwin, however, noticed an invisible wall of force, just five feet high separating the bugbears from the rest of the cavern. Suddenly, the hovering bugbear cast a spell creating a freezing ball of cold that exploded when it struck the band, much like a fireball would. And since the band was not protected from cold, most of them were hurt quite badly. Then the bebilith charged in and attacked, and before they knew what was happening the band was unexpectedly taking quite a heavy toll and they were forced to retreat.

Having been hit much harder than they expected, the band moved out of sight from the attacking forces and took the time to heal up a bit and cast a few defensive spells. Fortunately, the bebilith did not follow after the band, as it too retreated and, like the bugbears, waited patiently for the band to return to the battle field. When the band felt they were ready, they came at the bugbears and this time they had a plan and were better prepared. Unfortunately, it made little if any difference, for the band soon discovered that their enemies were far more powerful and prepared than they thought possible.

This time, Diamond used his magical boots to dimension door Corvyn and Brom into midair next to the floating bugbear. Corvyn had drunk a potion of flying in preparation for this. But when the three of them appeared in the cavern, the hovering bugbear was not where they expected him to be. To make matters worse, Corvyn’s potion of flying malfunctioned and he fell to the ground. Brom spotted the hovering bugbear, but when he moved to attack it, a giant magical hand moved to intercept him despite his invisibility. Tadwin and Zeke also teleported into the room, but they focused on attacking the other bugbears. Unfortunately, they soon discovered that the bugbears were magically protected from most of their spells. Tadwin did manage to kill one of the bugbears with a prismatic spray. But by now, the band realized that the bugbears were attacking not with weapons but with spells such as confusion and hold person.

This made them begin to suspect that these were no ordinary bugbears and in fact, might not have been bugbears at all. Diamond, in particular, began to notice some very familiar abilities, such as his copycat ability and some of their spells. He also realized they might have the same master’s illusion ability as him, which could mean that these were clerics of Boccob who were only disguised as bugbears in an effort to make the band underestimate them. If this was the case, it appeared they were successful.

As the battle progressed, Brom found himself under attack from the giant magical hand which was able to grapple him and hold him for a bit. Corvyn, meanwhile, could only attack the hovering bugbear from a distance. And while this was going on, the bebilith came at them and the hovering bugbear was attacking with some very powerful arcane spells. One such spell was a devastating cone of cold which threatened to cling to them and entangle them had the band not been magically protected from such attacks. Soon after Diamond was struck by the cone of cold, and before he got a chance to heal himself, he became the target of a harm spell from another one of the bugbears and it killed him.

By this point, the band had done little harm to their foes and had yet to even get close to the hovering bugbear, much less harm him in any way. So they decided to retreat once again. All but Brom gathered near the body of Diamond and teleported back to their quarters in the dungeons of the War Tower.

Brom, who by now had managed to escape the giant magical hand and had drank a potion of greater invisibility, decided to stay behind to see if he could do any more harm to the opposing forces. But when all of the bugbears then cast invisibility purge spells, he realized that he too need to retreat. Brom had to fly back through the secret tunnel, but apparently he was not pursued. When the band all met up again in their quarters, they used the rod of resurrection to bring Diamond back to life. Then they healed up the rest of their injuries.

At this point, the band agreed that the bugbears were actually the wizard Ussisemeel, who aided the chaotic faction, and the clerics of Boccob who lived in the pyramids just outside the ruins of the Power Tower. Convinced that the wizard and the clerics were now low on spells and still within the cavern where the battle had just taken place, not expecting the band to return, they decided to do just that. So, once again, Tadwin teleported the entire band back into the room in the neutral section that had spy holes looking out into the cavern. But when the band arrived and looked through the spy holes, the cavern was empty.

The band returned to the battle field cavern to take a closer look but found no one. So Tadwin cast a vision spell and saw a vision of the bugbears taking on the appearance of their true selves, that of Ussisemeel and the clerics of Boccob. Ussisemeel spoke briefly to the clerics and teleported away. Then the clerics gathered up the body of their fallen companion and held hands while their leader, Bern Hengdal cast a spell and teleported them away. Following the conclusion of the vision spell, Tadwin became fatigued and needed a lesser restoration spell to regain his strength.

Frustrated that Ussisemeel and the clerics were now gone, the band was determined to try and pursue them. Unfortunately, they had no idea where Ussisemeel might have gone. But they felt pretty confident that the clerics had returned to their pyramids. So the band teleported to the passageway on the 2nd dungeon level that they knew led to the pyramids and followed it to the stairs leading up. Eventually, they came to a couple of secret doors which led them to a triangular-shaped room with a large magic circle in it. Finding none of the clerics there, they looked behind another secret door which appeared to up on to a small teleportation chamber. Stepping into the chamber one at a time, they each teleported away.

Brom was the first to arrive in another teleportation chamber and when he opened the door into a sort of hallway with several other doors, his invisibility no longer functioned, which possibly meant that he was already within range of the clerics’ invisibility purge spells. As his companions arrived behind him one at a time, Brom went to inspect the first door to his left. Upon opening this door, they found a nicely appointed bedroom and standing in the middle of it was the high priest himself, Bern Hengdal.

The cleric tried to cast a spell, but he was quickly overwhelmed by the band which struck him down and killed him. Almost immediately after the death of their leader, the three remaining clerics of Boccob, emerged from a nearby door and surrendered, claiming they had no ill intentions towards the band and that they were only following the orders of their leader whom they now realized had been lying to them for many years.
Part Four - Chapter Ten: The Fall of the Neutral Faction

It was in the evening of Earthday, the 13th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon began their assault on the neutral faction in the Power Tower of the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. After having killed the wizard who watched over the neutral faction, Sindar Sirion, and clearing out the 2nd level of the neutral section, the band descended into the next level, which was on the 5th level of the dungeon.

Soon after reaching the bottom of the stairs, the band came to a long room lined with half a dozen pillars on each side and ending with a wedge shaped alcove and two doors. Along one wall of the alcove was a mural depicting a wizard bearing magical items, and on the floor in front of it lay a small pile of gems and coins. While the band was examining the room, they were suddenly attacked by urds who had been concealed behind illusions which covered the top portions of each of the room’s pillars. The urds initially used acid bombs to attack and then followed up with thrown rocks. While they managed to cause some harm and injury to the band, the band was able to defeat them eventually. Once the urds were dead, the band collected anything of value and inspected the doors, both of which opened on to stairs that apparently led to the next level.

But before descending the stairs, the band moved on to explore the remaining rooms on this level. Following a hallway, the next door the band came to led to a short flight of stairs that ended at a T-intersection. At the T-intersection was an alcove with a statue of Zagig that closely resembled a statue the band found in the lawful section where Zeke and Diamond both found themselves trapped inside. This one radiated the same aura of magic, so the band chose not to examine it any further. Instead, they took the hallway to the left, which ended in a locked door.

Brom picked the lock and inside the large room beyond, they saw nothing until Tadwin spotted an invisible statue made of iron. They suspected it was an iron golem but it did nothing until the band turned to leave, at which point it attacked. The band was able to defeat it fairly quickly however.

At the end of the other hallway, the band came to another locked door that Brom was likewise able to unlock. It led to a circular room, lined with iron, and with no obvious exits. But a quick examination revealed a secret door. When Brom opened the door, after making sure no one was standing in front of it, two magical arrows shot out from small holes just behind the door. These arrows, both of which broke when they struck the far wall, turned out to be deadly “slaying arrows”. Further examination in the room revealed six more secret doors just like the first one. Suspecting these might also be similarly trapped false doors, Brom took the time to use magic and tunnel his way behind the iron walls and to the suspected traps in order to retrieve the other slaying arrows. This took quite a while, but the band was not in any hurry and the magical arrows could be very useful and valuable. As expected, all of these doors were trapped with two of these arrows, which Brom was able to collect. All of these doors, that is, except for the last one. The last secret door actually led into a passageway.

Brom opened this secret door and led the band to a set of spiral stairs that went up. The band followed these stairs until they reached the level above and came upon an unfamiliar passageway. Realizing that this passageway went into an area on the 4th level of the dungeon that they did not know about, and considering how heavily trapped the room was prior to reaching it, the band came to the conclusion that this area was not part of the neutral section. Since they had not yet eliminated the leader of the neutral faction, the band decided to return to the 5th level and continue searching from there.

Back on the 5th dungeon level, the band passed through a series of storage rooms before being ambushed by two female verbeegs and eight very large urds who attacked with long spears from behind a stack of crates. One of the man-sized urds also used a wand of magic missiles and one of them struck with unexpected brute force. All of the verbeegs and urds were eventually killed and it was then discovered that the urds had made use of a wand of enlarge person and a belt of giant strength.

Beyond the next door the band came to, they found a large cavern occupied by almost a dozen female verbeegs and well over a dozen younger verbeegs ranging from adolescents to young children. Also among them were four worgs. It appeared to be the living quarters for the verbeegs.

Faced with another situation very similar to the lair of the flinds in the lawful section, where Corvyn slaughtered all of the females and young and then felt bad about it afterwards, the band decided not to repeat the slaughter here, provided that the verbeegs did not attack them. While Tadwin did not entirely agree with the band’s decision, he spoke to the giants telling them they would not be harmed if they would provide the band with information. The giants agreed and told the band what remained on this level. They also told the band that the faction’s leader was a beholder named Morlanx. His lair was on the level below and he had several verbeegs who were very loyal to Morlanx. The females knew that some of the males, however, were not loyal to Morlanx. But most of these had already been killed by the band.

The band examined a nearby cavern which was the sleeping area for the giants. Here also were two young verbeegs who were sick. The band gave the female verbeegs some advice for the sick ones as well as a non-magical formula to help them. But in return, despite objections from Brom, Zeke insisted on taking from the giants several gems and a couple of healing potions found among their valuables.

It is not clear exactly when or even why, but at some point, since the destruction of the temple to Nerull in the Tower of War, Zeke had slowly begun to behave differently, doing and saying things of questionable morals. As is evident by this latest example, by this time in his life, Zeke was no longer the champion of good that he once was.

After examining the verbeeg’s personal quarters, one of the females led them to a nearby kitchen and pantry where they found two more adult females and two younger females as well as another worg. Making sure there was no more violence and nothing left for the band to deal with on this level, the female verbeeg returned to the giants’ quarters while the band returned to the stairs leading down and descended to the next level.

At the bottom of the stairs the band entered a room with an alcove on one side in which stood a statue of a wizard, most likely Sindar Sirion. On the opposite side of the room was a great curved mural portraying a strange floating monster with numerous eyes, undoubtedly the beholder, Morlanx. Realizing they might soon be facing a very deadly enemy, the band took the time to cast some last minute spells upon themselves in preparation for the expected battle.

The band then moved down a hallway and, after checking for traps, opened the first door they came to. Beyond the doorway, a red carpet about five feet wide ran through a chamber about 18’ high and curved to the left where it passed through another doorway. To the left of the carpet stood a single and very wide pillar, while to the right stood a tight cluster of three slender pillars. Further in and to the right of the carpet rested a dais and beyond it, in the far corner of the room was a crackling fireplace.

Soon after the band ventured into the room, an armored verbeeg giant suddenly sprang from inside the wide pillar, the top of which was obviously only an illusion. At the same time, three bolts of lightning shot out from the tops of the slender pillars. All of these struck the band with deadly force, but not enough to critically injure them. Brom, who had just drank several potions that transformed his body into a savage monster, including one potion to render himself invisible, sprang upon the giant then and made a series of vicious sneak attacks that were so deadly they managed to kill the toughest verbeeg the band had ever faced in a matter of seconds!

No doubt stunned by the sudden demise of their master’s champion warrior, the three urds who had just thrown javelins of lightning from the illusionary tops of the slender pillars then flew out of their hiding places and attacked the band with acid bombs. At the same time, a large round creature with a large mouth, a large central eye, and several eye stalks descended through what appeared to be an illusionary ceiling. At was, of course, the leader of the neutral faction, the beholder, Morlanx, and it was surrounded by several mirrored images of itself. It moved into a position where it could use all of its eyes’ attacks and then struck with its magical rays. Some of these eyes could charm, while others caused damage or attempted to turn others to stone. Somehow, the band survived the first wave of attacks. But the beholder then used its large central eye to negate any magic within its field of vision.

Tadwin, however, who was fortunate enough to avoid being caught in the area of anti-magic, then cast a prismatic spray at the beholder and as luck would have it, the beholder was struck by a ray that poisoned it and killed it instantly! It was an unexpectedly easy victory for the band against a couple of the most dangerous foes the band had faced in the Power Tower. All that remained to be done in the battle was to kill the three urds which did not prove to be difficult.

With the deaths of Morlanx and his personal guards, the neutral faction had most assuredly fallen, though, in the end, it would not be the faction’s final battle. Nevertheless, the three greatest threats in the neutral faction, Sindar Sirion, Morlanx and the verbeeg’s champion warrior, all had unexpectedly quick deaths. At the time, it may have seemed to the band that they would be able to defeat the forces of the Power Tower with relative ease. But some of them may have suspected that the band had merely been fortunate as of late, that there were greater challenges to come, and that eventually their luck would run out.

Following the battle against Morlanx and his personal guards, the band healed up and searched the area for anything of value. In the area of the ceiling where Morlanx had descended, the band discovered an illusionary wall that concealed a round room up above in which the band found a fair amount of treasure including a staff of healing. In the nearby chamber where the red carpet led to, the band found a wide hallway, 18’ high, with five pillars to each side. At the end of the hallway were the stairs leading to the level below. Next to the hallway was a door that opened on to the quarters of the personal guards where the band collected some more coins and gems.

With this area thoroughly searched, the band returned to the original hallway on this level and moved to investigate a door at the opposite end. Upon opening it, the smell of rancid vomit assailed the band causing Corvyn to become violently ill. Within the room beyond was a lab of some sort being manned by six verbeegs. Most of the lab equipment was to the right, while on the left was a large double vat.

As soon as the giants saw the band they attacked, but because Corvyn was incapacitated and standing in the doorway, it was difficult for the rest of the band to enter the battle. Brom used his invisibility, however, to dodge past the verbeegs and sneak attack them from the rear. The giants meanwhile, took the opportunity to try and break Corvyn’s giant-slayer greatsword. But they were unable to cause much harm to it, so they then turned to attacking Corvyn instead. Two more verbeegs and two urds joined in the battle and attacked the band from behind. Eventually Corvyn was able to recover and enter the battle proper at which point the giants began to fall rather quickly. One of the giants though, managed to knock the large double vat over spilling vomit all over the lab floor. It then escaped through a door on the far side of the room while the band was dealing with the others.
Part Four - Chapter Nine: Assault on the Neutral Faction

Following ten days of training, studying and preparations, the Company of the Green Dragon was ready to return to the ruins of Castle Greyhawk on the evening of Waterday, the 12th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581. In an effort to try and take the wizards of the Power Tower by surprise, Tadwin teleported the band to their quarters at the War Tower as soon as they passed through the gate from Prism Keep. He then immediately cast a spell that would hopefully prevent anyone from scrying on them there for the next twenty-four hours. After checking in with their henchmen at the War Tower, making sure all was well with them, and informing them of their intentions, the band then rested and finalized their plans for the following day.

The next morning, on Earthday, the 13th day of Planting, after making their initial preparations, the band spent an hour, as they usually did, consuming a hero’s feast, provided by Diamond, in order to improve their odds against the magical deviations of the Power Tower. Tadwin then teleported the band into the first floor of the Power Tower, where the spellcasters then attempted to double their spells at the meeting table. But when Tadwin failed to pass the test of the table, and subsequently lost a spell instead, the band decided to wait and rest inside a secret chamber nearby, so they could try again. Tadwin cast a spell to protect them from scrying again and the band rested for another eight hours. At about 6 pm, the band returned to the meeting room and tried again to double their spells. This time they all succeeded. Afterwards, Diamond created another hero’s feast for the band, since the previous one would only last for a few more hours. Once the band had consumed this, the band was ready to make their way into the dungeons below, just shortly after 7 o’clock.

As before, their first stop was the altar to Boccob on the 2nd dungeon level where they got their weapons blessed. Then they passed through the octagon-shaped room on the same floor where they spoke to the statue of Boccob and the three worshipers of Boccob each received an extra spell.

From there, the band came down through the spiral stairwell to the 3rd dungeon level where they entered the teleportal for the neutral section and continued straight ahead. This teleported them to the room where the band had previously destroyed the mirror of opposition. This time, the band found no one in the vicinity. So they moved on through the neutral section until they came to the stairs leading further down into the neutral section, again encountering no one along the way.

With Brom scouting ahead invisibly and all members of the band using darkvision and no light sources, the band reached the 4th dungeon level, where they came upon their first bit of resistance. The stairs ended in a 25’ high chamber where there were three platforms that were 15’. On top of the platforms where about half a dozen urds and half a dozen verbeegs who attacked the band with acid bombs and thrown boulders. Most members of the band had difficulty in reaching the tops of the platforms and, as a result, had to defend themselves with spells and missile weapons. It proved to be a challenging battle, but eventually the band was victorious and managed to kill all of their foes.

Once the battle was over and the band had reached the top of a platform where the dungeon continued on, the band paused for a bit to allow Tadwin to scout out as much of the dungeon as he could with an arcane eye spell. Brom assisted with this by means of his magical gloves. Whenever the arcane eye came to a door it could not pass through, Tadwin informed Brom via a message spell and he would then move to the door invisibly and form a hole in the door large enough for the eye to pass through. Occasionally Brom had to open a door in order for him to pass through. But by using this method, the band was able to scout out most of the neutral section on this level. The only other occupants they spotted along the way were five verbeegs who were sparing with each other in one of the larger chambers. The band was able to attack them with surprise and take them out fairly easily.

In one chamber that was heavily locked with arcane magic, the band found a magical ring that was lying on a velvet cloth that was clearly labeled “ring of invisibility”. When Zeke put it on his finger, the ring turned invisible rather than Zeke. Nothing harmful appeared to happen however, so the band assumed it was merely a practical joke, though Zeke kept the ring and place it in his backpack.

In that same chamber there was a collapsed passageway. The band considered tunneling through the collapsed area, but realized that it would likely lead them away from the neutral section if they followed it. Since their plan at time was to draw out the wizard who looked over the neutral section and defeat him and the leader of the neutral section, they opted not to explore beyond the collapsed tunnel.

The only other rooms they found with the arcane eye had long been vacated, plus a set of stairs that apparently lead to the next level. So the band doubled back to where they had earlier come across a large boulder which appeared to block another passageway. Corvyn, with a little assistance from Brom, rolled the boulder out of the way and found an intersection where two more passageways led off in opposite directions. The band chose to explore the passageway to the left first. But it only led to a ruined and rubble-filled cavern where it appeared various explosions had occurred sometime in the past.

The other passageway eventually came to an end at a large cavern where some of the walls had worked stone. All of the walls, however, were covered with pockmarks and soot. A suit of plate armor also lay on the floor in the center of the chamber. As the band began to explore about the cavern, they were surprised when three verbeegs and eight urds suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the center of the room and moved to attack. At the same time, two fireballs went off, one right after the other. None of the Verbeegs or urds was harmed by the fireballs. But several members of the band were hurt, some of them quite badly, despite having some magical resistance to fire.

Only Tadwin, who could permanently see invisible objects, saw the wizard, Sindar Sirion, hidden in the midst of the giants. Tadwin quickly cast a glitterdust spell in the area and thus revealed the invisible wizard for all to see. Corvyn, who just happened to be standing nearby, then made a few lunging attacks at the wizard and past the surrounding giants and was able to kill the wizard before he could launch another attack. It was very fortunate for the band that they were able to eliminate the wizard so quickly despite the fact that the wizard had gotten the jump on them, because the wizard had clearly devised a plan that could have potentially been quite deadly.

With the wizard already dead, the verbeegs and urds were soon after killed as well. One of the urds tried to make a run for it after it grabbed a magical rod that the wizard had been holding. But it did not get far, and once the last of the urds was dropped, the band took some time to heal up and examine the wizard’s magical items. Among these items was the magical rod that turned out to be a rod of security, which could create a temporary plane of existence where one, or many, could hide or rest.

Once their injuries were healed and they had gathered anything of value, Zeke teleported back to the War Tower’s dungeons with the body of Sindar Sirion, which he then dumped into the river of lava. Moments later, Zeke teleported back and the band was ready to move on. With the 4th dungeon level in the neutral section now thoroughly explored, it was time for them to descend to the next level.
Part Four - Chapter Eight: The End of the Lawful Faction

It was on Starday, the 1st day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon first encountered the rakshasa, Shiraka, leader of the lawful faction in the dungeons of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. Soon after the encounter, and a brief battle with him, the band cleared out the 5th dungeon level of the lawful section, including all the remaining flind, and was ready to descend to the next level.

Before doing so, however, they decided to sweep all the levels of the lawful section that they had so far explored with a spell to detect for secret doors. By doing so, they could be certain there were no other passageways leading into other sections of the levels they had already visited. The only secret door they found, in fact, was on the upper most level where, according to a notation found in Zelcon’s journal, the lawful faction had previously hidden away much of their treasure. This treasure had been moved, but the band believed they later found it stashed away in an area adjacent to the quarters of Shiraka.

With the upper levels of the lawful section now thoroughly searched, the band descended back down and continued on down the stairs to the next level with Brom scouting ahead invisibly as usual. After descending some 50 feet or so through the typical series of steps, broken up every 25 feet or so by a landing, the stairs continued on down with no sign of a sixth dungeon level. This made the band wonder if the sixth level was much deeper than expected, or if the stairs for the lawful section went past the sixth level and proceeded on down to the seventh level. Whatever the case, the stairs finally came to an end about 80 feet down.

As Brom neared the bottom, he heard the sound of movement below, followed by the sound of a large door being closed and a metal bar being set in place. When he peered around the corner, he found a sizeable lab containing a table filled with bottles, glassware, buckets, and moss cultures. Shelves around the room had similar items, while a slab of meat was soaking in a glass container. Many cruel looking knives lay about and to the right was a set of stone doors held fast with an iron bar.

When the rest of the band joined Brom, they took some time to look about the lab and found several magic potions and some books that appeared to record, in common, a series of experiments done in the lab. One of the entries in one of the books read, “We have finally found a moss potion mixture which causes permanent size increase. Tail spikes are now regenerating at an incredible rate.” This sounded to the band as if they had been experimenting on manticores, which the band had encountered once before, and that these manticores were probably the so-called pets that Zelcon’s journal had mentioned.

After the band did a fairly thorough search of the lab, Tadwin cast a clairvoyance spell and took a look beyond the stone doors. But he found little except the edge of a large cave and darkness. So the band opened the doors, but once again they saw only a cave wall just a short ways in and behind that, a huge vaulted cavern that extended beyond the range of the band’s darkvision spells. Tadwin then sent an arcane eye into the cavern and saw many stalagmites, stalactites, and columns filling much of the huge chamber, which also had a very uneven floor. Hiding behind several of the rock columns, however, were about a dozen meenlocks, and towards the rear of the cave, guarding a sizable pile of treasure, were two enormous manticores. The manticores appeared very ferocious and quite mad, with wild staring eyes and drooling, fang –filled mouths.

The band quickly devised a plan and then had Diamond dimension door Corvyn and Brom right next to the manticores, while Tadwin and Zeke did the same but appeared a short distance away where they could easily attack the meenlocks. Brom tried to sneak in between the two meenlocks invisibly and undetected, but with their superior sense of smell the manticores sensed he was there and tried to attack him. Corvyn and Diamond, meanwhile, moved in to flank one of the manticores while Tadwin and Zeke launched fireballs at the meenlocks. One of the manticores stayed on the ground and fought back with its claws, teeth and tail spikes, while the other one took to the air and unexpectedly breathed fire on the band as it hovered above.

Shortly after the battle began, some members of the band realized they were being attacked with spells from an unknown source, when Corvyn suddenly stopped attacking and began looking about in some confusion. Tadwin came to Corvyn’s aid though by drawing near to him, thus allowing his protection from evil spell to shake off whatever spell was affecting Corvyn. With Corvyn back in the fight, the manticore on the ground was soon badly injured. Moments later, the unseen spellcaster revealed himself when he launched a lightning bolt at some members of the band. As expected, it was Shiraka, the rakshasa. At about the same time, Zeke cast a charm monster spell on the flying manticore, which had not been injured, and thereby managed to take it out of the fight.

Not long after that, the manticore on the ground, which proved to be very tough, was killed, while the vast majority of the meenlocks fled using their dimension door ability. The band then turned on Shiraka, who apparently had very few spells left and no means of escape. He resorted to fighting with his spear, but despite his resistance to weapons and spells, he did not last for long against the band and, like the first manticore, he too was finally killed.

With Shiraka dead, the lawful faction was effectively destroyed. Almost a dozen meenlocks had escaped, but it seemed unlikely that they would make any effort to try and ally themselves with any of the other factions or even with the wizards. Chances were that they would instead revert back to the normal behavior of meenlocks and remain hidden and elusive while the band carried on with their mission of eliminating the wizards. In time, the meenlocks could prove to be a nuisance and might eventually need to be dealt with. But they would be difficult to track down and for the time being, the band had more important matters to attend to.

One of these matters concerned the manticore that Zeke had charmed. Unless the manticore was threatened in any way, the charm spell would probably last a couple of weeks. But the thought occurred to the band that an enhanced, giant-sized, manticore could prove to be a very effective ally in the defense of their keep, providing, of course, that the manticore could be trusted and kept under control. The band thought it would be worth a try, so they decided to take the manticore back to the keep and take whatever steps they could think of to make it work.

The first step would be to get the manticore back to the War Tower. So Zeke cast a dimension door spell and took the manticore out of the Power Tower, while Tadwin teleported everyone else to the War Tower. A short while later, Zeke and the manticore also arrived at the War Tower, where Diamond then cast a heal spell on the manticore to cure its insanity.

Then, because he did not want to magically influence the manticore’s decision, Zeke removed the charm spell on it, and then made a proposal to the manticore, asking it if it would be willing to come live with them in their keep in the sky and serve as a guardian of the keep, so long as it abided by certain rules which Zeke then outlined. Realizing the offer was far more preferable to his previous situation (or to what might happen should he refuse the offer), the manticore readily agreed.

The following day, on Sunday, the 2nd day of Planting, Brom gave the manticore, whose name the band had learned by now was Moonraiser, a potion that allowed him to transform into a large bird, thus making it easier to take him into the sewers below the house in Greyhawk, through the gate, and on to Prism Keep. There, the band introduced Moonraiser to the rest of the band’s henchmen and set up some temporary quarters for the giant manticore.

According to their agreement, the manticore was not allowed to hunt any demi-humans, such as humans, dwarves and elves, nor any of their livestock or pets. But he could hunt down any other humanoids or wild animals he wanted, particularly in the nearby forests, hills and mountains. In exchange, the band would build accommodations more suited to the giant manticore and he would help defend the keep from any enemies. Finally, the band began the process of making plans for and constructing the agreed upon accommodations.

Since the band was already at the keep and dealing with these matters, the band decided to take some time off to train, study and learn new spells and potions, as they got the feeling that once they returned to the Power Tower, it would be in their best interest to continue pressing the attack until all the wizards were eliminated. In fact, they became so concerned that the wizards might come after them, that they all pitched in enough money to have Tadwin cast a spell on the house in Greyhawk which would hopefully prevent anyone from scrying on it or the sewers below. Money, at this time, was not an issue for the band, since the mines were now in full operation and business was good at the pawn shop.

Ten more days then passed, during which time the band made several trips back to Greyhawk, and always in groups, as they prepared themselves for an extended visit to the Power Tower. On the evening of Waterday, the 12th day of Planting, the band was ready to return to the castle ruins.
Part Four - Chapter Seven: Assault on the Lawful Faction

It was on Starday, the 1st day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon returned to the dungeons of the Power Tower and resumed their assault on the lawful faction of monsters collected there for the experiments of the wizards who lived below and who claimed to be The Ring of Five. But the band had recently discovered that these wizards were not who they said they were, and following the death of the first of these wizards, who had claimed to be Leomund, the band tended to their injuries and searched the bodies of the dead wizard and the meenlocks who had fought alongside him.

Among the few items of worth found on the dead wizard was a journal that the wizard had kept, which revealed some interesting and useful bits of information. For example, according to the journal, the wizard’s real name was Zelcon and there was another leader of the lawful faction named Shiraka, who was also a powerful spellcaster, though the nature of this being was unclear. The lawful faction also had two, so-called “pets” that, due to potions they were being fed, had increased in size and abilities. Again, the nature of these pets remained in question, but they were thought to be powerful enough to be able to cause great harm upon the other factions. So, after scanning a few of the entries in this journal, it was decided that the band had best continue their assault on the lawful faction before turning to the other factions, as it had been suggested immediately following the death of the wizard.

With this thought in mind, the band returned to the strange laboratory that they had just entered when they were attacked by Zelcon and the meenlocks. There, they gathered up a few items of value and examined the bizarre-looking creature that lay strapped to the central table. The creature appeared to be a cross between a bugbear and a meenlock, and though it was still alive, it was barely conscious. Recalling the method used by meenlocks to repopulate, Tadwin realized that the creature had once been a bugbear, most likely captured from the chaotic faction, and which was in the process of being transformed into a meenlock. So Tadwin did what he could awaken the creature and began to question it.

Tadwin was able to learn a few things from the creature concerning the chaotic faction. According to it, their benefactor and advisor was the wizard who claimed to be The Black One, also known as the Mage of the Valley of the Mage. But the leader of the chaotic faction was named Shorath, whom the creature described as a snake-man. The band could not be sure what he meant by snake-man as there were a number of races that could be described as such, including nagas, serpentfolk, ophidians and yuan-ti, though only the latter two were generally thought to be chaotic in nature. When the band felt they had learned all that was useful from the altered creature, Tadwin cut his throat and the band moved on.

Returning to the intersection, the band investigated the remaining rooms on the 4th dungeon level, including a chamber that appeared to be an entrance point for the meenlocks’ dimension door ability, where the band also found a set of stairs that apparently led to the level below. The rest of the rooms all appeared to be the living quarters of the meenlocks and none of them were occupied. Here, the band gathered up anything of value and made their way back to the stairs leading down.

Like before, Brom scouted ahead invisibly as the band descended the stairs to the 5th dungeon level. At the bottom of the stairs, Brom came to a narrow hallway with a set of double doors to the right and a strange, light mist in the hall straight ahead. Hesitant to enter the mist, the band focused on the doors first. These doors, as the band soon discovered, were made of iron, locked and held in place by a thick iron bar on the opposite side. After Brom picked the lock, Tadwin summoned an earth elemental and sent it to the opposite side of the doors to remove the iron bar. The band was able to open the doors then, but all they found was a set of stairs leading down to the next level.

So Tadwin used the time remaining for the earth elemental to send it into the mists. There was a long curtain to the right side of the hallway and an open room to the left where a stone throne inlaid with gold, platinum and gems sat upon a raised dais.. But the earth elemental was not able to discover anything more about the mist, so the band decided to use a dimension door spell and skip past the mist and into the hallway beyond. Before the band was able to do this however, some of the band heard the sound of chanting coming from beyond the curtain, while others saw several daggers flying towards them, having passed through the curtain as if it was not there.

The daggers failed to hit anyone, but it became obvious that the band was now under attack. Some members of the band suspected the curtains to be an illusion and moved to counter attack, while Zeke tossed a fireball into the mist. Brom however, fell under a confusion spell and made a sneak attack on Zeke, wounding him badly. Fortunately, Diamond was able to dispel the confusion spell soon after and the band continued on into the mist. Beyond what was indeed an illusionary curtain, the band found four meenlocks, two of which wore armor. The meenlocks stood before a long stone wall, but some members of the band continued to hear chanting coming from beyond the wall and they suspected that the stone wall was also an illusion.

While his companions dealt with the meenlocks, Brom tested the stone wall behind the meenlocks and discovered that it was indeed an illusion. Beyond this illusion was another room occupied by rows of benches clearly intended for an audience to gaze upon whoever sat in the throne. Standing at the center of this room, much to Brom’s surprise, was a six foot tall meenlock casting spells! It was at about this time that the band sensed a wave of despair come over them, though only Corvyn was adversely affected by it.

Seeing Brom approaching, despite his invisibility, the spell casting meenlock cast another spell and produced several mirror images of himself. He followed this with other spells, but they had no effect on the band. Meanwhile, the rest of the band managed to kill two of the smaller meenlocks. But the two wearing armor fled using their dimension door abilities. The band all turned their attention then to the tall meenlock, but they found him to be very difficult to hit due to his mirror images and also because of his quick reflexes and an unusually tough hide. When they did manage to hit him, they also found him to be very resistant to damage. To make matters worse, he appeared to be very resistant to spells as well. The spell casting meenlock, however, seemed to have just as much difficulty in harming the band, so like the other meenlocks, he too soon fled using a dimension door spell.

When the battle came to an end, the band took some time to look around and tend to some injuries. They also discussed the unusual characteristics of the spell casting meenlock, which the band now assumed to be the lawful faction’s leader named Shiraka. Not only did this meenlock cast spells and was considerably taller than other meenlocks, there were other examples that made him different than the others. For example, unlike the other meenlocks that could dimension door as a natural ability, this one apparently had to actually cast a spell in order to do it. This and his resistance to weapons and spells made the band wonder if Shiraka was indeed a meenlock at all, or perhaps something else entirely that merely appeared to be a meenlock.

Moving on from there, the band followed the hallway around a corner and came to a room filled with chests, plies of coins and other bits of treasure including some long spears. Next to the treasure behind a curtain were the small but lavish quarters of a lone individual. In addition to a very nice bed and a dresser full of very nice clothes were two tapestries depicting portraits of humanoids with animal heads, one of a tiger and the other a boar. It was at this point when the band realized that Shiraka was an evil, shape-changing spirit known as a rakshasa. The band gathered up much of the treasure, including the more valuable coins and gems found in the chests, but left all the less valuable coins behind due to their encumbrance.

Behind one of the tapestries, the band found a concealed door, so they went to investigate what lay beyond. With Brom leading the band invisibly, as usual, they made their way through a hallway that made a few turns and widened out as it did so. After a few turns, Brom spotted half a dozen meenlocks which were watching the band through a spy hole in the wall. At about the same time, half a dozen more meenlocks appeared right behind the rest of the band, taking them by surprise, and attacked. The group of meenlocks that Brom had seen then moved in on the group to surround them. The meenlocks managed to hurt the band with a few effective sneak attacks, but soon afterwards, many of the meenlocks where being mowed down by broad arcing swings from Corvyn’s greatsword. The battle did not last for too much longer as the meenlocks were quickly killed.

After tending to a few injuries, the band continued on down the wide corridor until they came to a large room that seemed small as it was packed with flind. There were about twenty adult females and more than forty young, in addition to kitchen supplies, equipment and stacks of bed mats. Brom had quaffed a potion allowing him to see invisible objects and while he was scouting ahead invisibly, he spotted four armored warriors who were also invisible and moving stealthily towards the band. He allowed them to pass, but warned his companions as he did so.

The flind warriors attacked using two weapons each and once again almost killed Corvyn. But Corvyn was fortunate this time and somehow survived the attacks. The band then ganged up on the now visible warriors and quickly took them down without too much more difficulty. Zeke, meanwhile, tossed a fireball at the female flind who then attacked in desperation. But they too were easily defeated. All that remained now were the young flind who cowered in the far half of the room.

The band debated a bit on what to do with the flind, with some members of the band, such as Tadwin, wanting to kill them all, while others, such as Brom, wanting to spare them. Corvyn suggested capturing the young and selling them to the Pit for training in the gladiatorial arena. But Corvyn was then reminded about the fact that it was the flind who, earlier that same day, had killed him. So, staying true to his chaotic nature, Corvyn suddenly reversed his opinion and without waiting for the others to approve, began slaughtering the defenseless young in a savage bloodbath! Moments later, after having massacred the young flind and now covered from head to toe in gore, Corvyn looked around at what he had done, and felt guilty, while his companions mocked him for his sudden act of violence, feigning shock and disappointment. It was, of course, too late to change things now. So the band, once again, tended to their injuries and continued on.

On the far side of the room was a single door that led to a short hallway. At the end of this hallway were two statues standing upon a raised platform and seemingly guarding a fountain set into an alcove. One statue was modeled after the wizard Zelcon, while the other statue appeared to be Zagig. The band found nothing extraordinary about the fountain as it contained only clean water. But they detected some form of magic on the statue of Zagig. While they were examining it, they found they could move it and written under it was the word “Hophmolock.” Zeke spoke the word out loud and suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke. Diamond, believing this to be a teleportal, also spoke the word out loud and he too disappeared in a puff of smoke. But at the same time, Zeke reappeared and said that he had been trapped inside the statue as if he had melded into the statue. Realizing that Diamond was now trapped inside the statue and that simply breaking the statue would probably only harm Diamond, Tadwin tried using his rod of negation on the statue. Fortunately, it caused Diamond to be released from the statue, but Tadwin was doubtful that it would work a second time.
Part Four - Chapter Six: The Fate of the False Leomund

It was on Sunday, the 23rd day of Coldeven, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon made their first foray into the 3rd dungeon level of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. By the end of that day, they had been convinced by the wizard the band knew as Leomund, that they had no right to invade those dungeons as they were trespassing into the home and laboratory of the Ring of Five.

But over the next few days, the band learned that the wizards who lived in the castle dungeons were not the Ring of Five as they claimed to be and apparently had been responsible for kidnaping people. According to Caleb, formerly of the Champions of Valor, the band’s rival, Valen Rowendale was being held a prisoner in the dungeons, enslaved by some powerful being that lived in the dungeon’s depths. Perhaps there were others there who were likewise imprisoned and enslaved. These facts alone were more than enough reason for the band to justify their return to the dungeons of the Power Tower.

So, over the following week or more, the band made plans to return to the castle ruins and eliminate the wizards whom the band was convinced were up to no good. Six days after their return to the city, however, was the beginning of Growfest, and while this was not a holiday week in which members of the band had any particular plans to celebrate, it did offer them an excuse to take some time off and enjoy some free time for a change. It might also have convinced the wizards in the Power Tower to let their guard down if the band had waited a bit. As a result, the band waited until the end of Growfest, a total of twelve days, before returning to the castle ruins.

On Freeday, the 7th day of Growfest, the band attended the annual Desportium of Magick, a contest between illusionists who seek to cast the most magnificent display of illusion magic depicting an attack by monsters and humanoids on the Grand Citadel, which was held every year at the Free City Arena near Grey College. Tadwin, Zeke and Diamond knew a few of the illusionists from the Guild of Wizardry and wanted to see how they fared in the contest.

Following the conclusion of the magical spectacle though, Tadwin teleported the band to the War Tower were they then spent the night before making their next venture into the Power Tower. By this time, Kelgor and the dwarves had begun the mining operation in the War tower while the band’s upper henchmen were put in charge of handling security there.

On the following morning, after consuming a hero’s feast provided by Diamond, the band walked over to the ruins of the Power Tower and asked the elves there to speak with their leader, Nimlith. When they were escorted inside the elven fortress, the band told Nimlith and the elves that the wizards below were not the Ring of Five, and they informed them of other things they had recently learned about the wizards’ operations. They also informed the elves that one of the priests of Boccob, most likely their leader, Bern Hengdal, knew of the deception.

The elves appeared to be a bit surprised, though perhaps not entirely convinced and when asked if the elves had been told by the priests to report the band’s comings and goings to the tower’s dungeons, they answered truthfully that they had. When the band asked them who they would side with in a conflict between the band and the wizards, the elves clearly became uncomfortable, but they wisely answered that they would side with the band. Of course, the elves would probably say almost anything in order to protect themselves. Finally, the band asked the elves to take them to the priests of Boccob so they could confront them.

The elves did as asked and escorted the band to the two pyramids sitting next to the tower ruins. There they summoned a priest of Boccob by the name of Empiri Chalemede who emerged from the pyramid through what appeared to be a passwall spell. The band told him that the wizards below were not the Ring of Five and accused one of them of knowing this. Empiri clearly did not believe them, saying his master Bern would dispute this. Bern and one other priest by the name of Dormian Fargeth were then summoned from the pyramid in the same manner, and the band made the same accusations to him hoping to goad him into attacking them. But Bern was not so easily provoked and instead argued with the band, saying he would commune with Boccob on the matter. Tadwin, however, told him that they would not allow them back inside the pyramids and that he needed to leave in order to avoid a conflict.

Bern and his two lesser priests were clearly not prepared to enter into any kind of battle with the band. So Bern wisely accepted the offer granted to him by Tadwin and simply walked away, taking with him the two lesser priests who appeared to be rather confused and concerned about the entire ordeal. The three priests crossed over the bridge leading to the central plateau and entered the crumbling walls of Zagig’s Tower where they disappeared. Exactly where the priests went from there, the band could not be sure, but they were fairly convinced that the priests would somehow inform the wizards below of the band’s presence.

Despite this fact, the band decided to continue on with their intended plans and entered the Power Tower. As before, the band’s first stop was at the meeting room on the first floor where the band hoped to double their memorized spells at the magical table. Unlike on their first attempt at this, the band’s spellcasters all succeeded this time and so they went into the dungeons believing they could get a great deal accomplished.

Their next stop was at the altar of Boccob on the 2nd dungeon level, where the band got all of their weapons blessed. From there the band went to find some nearby statues of Boccob to test a rumor they had recently heard which claimed that the statues of Boccob would answer questions about the dungeons below. To the band’s surprise, not only did the statues answer a few questions, but, as the band discovered, the statues would also grant a powerful spell to whoever prayed to it. Here, among other things, the band learned that a wondrous creature of great knowledge and power could be found on the bottom level of the dungeons.

After dealing with the statues, the band went to investigate the one area in the catacombs left unexplored, where there were thought to be mummies trapped behind the caved-in section of a hallway. Here Brom used one of his potions which allowed him to easily dig through the cave-in and the band crawled through to the other side. Once there, the band found a chamber beyond lined with coffins and occupied by five animated mummies. They killed the mummies with no difficulty and afterwards collected a decent amount of treasure, some of which was magical. With this accomplished, the band moved on and made their way back to the stairs leading to the level below.

Once the band had descended the stairs to the 3rd dungeon level, they walked to the end of the passageway where the three alcoves were, each designated by a symbol that stood for neutrality, law or chaos. This time, instead of entering the alcove designated for chaos, they entered the one marked for law and before doing so, they all agreed to move straight ahead if given a choice inside the teleportal. Brom was the first to go and following these directions he found himself in a very short and unfamiliar hallway with a set of spiral stairs leading down. He began to slowly descend the stairs, examining them as he went. But as the other members of the band arrived behind him, they suggested searching for a secret door in the hallway first. A secret door was indeed quickly found and when they opened it, they found themselves just outside the entrance to the lawful section, where they had been previously. The stairs apparently led to the level below, so the band decided to finish searching the upper level first.

As they proceeded, it was obvious that the bodies of those they had killed previously had been removed, but it also appeared that the upper level had been abandoned. The band went back through the rooms they had already seen and continued on to explore the rooms they had not yet seen. These included the now deserted quarters for flinds and meenlocks and a dining hall where a magical spit over a fire pit would create the cleaned carcass of an animal if it was turned.

One unusual room appeared to be designed to allow the meenlocks to use their dimension door ability and travel short distances to other rooms or levels. Brom used another potion here and dug a series of tunnels to try and locate these hidden rooms. But after finding two featureless, roughly spherical-shaped rooms that gradually descended, he determined it would be a waste of time to continue on.

Having inspected all the obvious rooms on the upper level of the lawful section, the band decided to move down to the next level. Aware of two sets of stairs in, or near, the lawful section and believing they would both take them further down into the lawful section, they chose to take the nearest set of stairs, which was the first set they had found. It would not be until much later when the band eventually realized that the most recently discovered set of stairs did not descend into the lawful section but instead somewhere else entirely.

As was usually the case, Brom scouted ahead invisibly as the band descended to the 4th dungeon level. At the bottom of the stairs, Brom came to a long hallway that led to a chamber about 70 feet wide which was entirely bisected by a pit that was about 15 feet wide. On the far side was a 20 foot wide passageway. Brom thought nothing of the pit and simply flew over it. But while he was over the pit, two odd things happened. First, he suddenly felt himself become very heavy and struggled to make it all the way across where he landed just inside the far passageway. Secondly, he became visible. It was at that moment that he saw six huge flinds step out from around a corner and approach him. Brom issued a warning to his companions, using a message spell that the band had begun using as a standard procedure. Then he quickly turned invisible and ducked around a corner.

The rest of the band meanwhile, was approaching the pit at the time. So Tadwin used a dimension door spell and took everyone past the pit, causing the flinds to turn towards them. It was at this time that the wizard previously known to the band as Leomund made his appearance. He had mirror images up and was clearly quite prepared for battle. So the band went into a defensive mode for the most part, while Corvyn cleaved into the flinds that were surrounding him. Feeling quite smug with his recently acquired ring of vampiric regeneration and confident he could easily mow down the flinds with his sword, he was then taken by surprise when the flinds pounced on him and in a coordinated series of attacks with their flind bars quickly beat Corvyn down and killed him.

Shocked by the sudden death of their companion, the rest of the band did all they could to defend themselves and defeat their assailants, unleashing mass damage spells and deadly counter-attacks. Fortunately, aside from a spell used by the wizard that knocked one of Brom’s daggers into the pit, they fared much better against the rest of the flinds’ and the wizard’s attacks. Eventually, the flinds were killed and the wizard was forced to retreat using a dimension door spell.

When the battle was over, they used their rod of resurrection and brought Corvyn back to life, while Brom climbed down into the pit and retrieved his dagger. The band then spent a minute or two to heal up and search the bodies of the fallen flinds, before moving on. Once they were ready, the band explored a nearby series of rooms that served as yet another dining hall, kitchen and pantry for the meenlocks.

Here, the band killed two more meenlocks and collected from them two more rings of fire resistance, before doubling back to the wide hallway where they had battled the wizard. From here, they followed the hallway through a couple of bends and on to a four-way intersection. At the intersection, the band turned to the left and came to a locked set of double doors.

After Brom picked the lock, they opened the door to find a large circular room that looked to be a combination between a torture chamber and an alchemist’s lab. Here, a strange central table was equipped with manacles, straps, and cranks, while two other tables contained wicked-looking knives, ointments, and other strange items, including a large patch of odd-looking moss. A shelf on one wall was lined with books and more knives, and an odd, unidentifiable creature was apparently being worked on upon the central table by four more meenlocks.

The meenlocks turned to defend themselves as some members of the band moved into the room to attack. But at about the same time, half a dozen more meenlocks appeared behind the band and attacked from the rear. Suddenly the band was surrounded by meenlocks and as the battle continued on, more and more of them continued to appear. Almost two dozen meenlocks in all came at them in this battle and as the band discovered, like the last group of flinds they had fought, the meenlocks were more skilled in combat and guerilla-style tactics. And much like the battle against the flinds, Corvyn was soon taken out of the equation as he became paralyzed by the meenlocks early on and ended up missing most of the battle.

On top of this, the wizard previously known as Leomund chose this opportunity to reappear and join in on the battle. Fortunately, by this point, the wizard had used up his most powerful spells, so the spells he was now using were not as harmful. Eventually, as the meenlocks gradually fell to their deaths, the wizard resorted to extreme measures by transforming himself into a gigantic bear. This transformation coupled with several previously cast spells made him a very deadly opponent in melee combat. But when the band ganged up on him it was far more than the transformed wizard could handle and, before long, his fate was sealed and the false-Leomund was laid low by the combined efforts of the band.

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