Greyhawk: Gem of the Flanaess

Part Five - Epilogue

It was on the 20th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon defeated the last of the wizards in the dungeon of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. After gathering the greatest of the treasures from the dungeon as well as the bodies of the two wizards, Kalbe and Mitt, the band returned to their quarters in the dungeons of the War Tower.

That evening the band disposed of the bodies of the two wizards with the same method they had used for the other wizards – by dropping them into the river of lava. They then told their henchmen and the dwarves about their latest battles and exploits as they celebrated their victory with food and drink.

The following day, the band gathered their most recently acquired treasures and they and their henchmen returned to the City of Greyhawk. After checking up on things in town, most notably their pawn shop, they made their way back to their house where they then presumably entered the sewers below and passed through the portal there, entering the realm of Prism Keep and their home. It is also presumed that they would have spent some time there, dividing up their spoils, attending to other matters there and perhaps even spending some time there to study and train.

All of this, however, is only presumption, because the fact of the matter is: the Company of the Green Dragon was never seen or heard from again after returning to the house in Greyhawk. They simply vanished mysteriously and never again returned to the city or its surroundings so far as is known. It was a complete mystery, that is, to the general population of Greyhawk. But research, coupled with a number of divination spells, has revealed to a handful of scholars such as myself, a very plausible explanation:

Unknown to the Company of the Green Dragon, about a week or so prior to their disappearance, the band’s old enemies, Imogen Gellett (of the Shapechangers and the Cult of the Shriven Sickle) and Jamir Rellstar (of the Cult of the Shriven Sickle) escaped from their prison cells in the Citadel.

It is quite likely then that the two of them returned to seek out the assistance of their lich ally who still resided somewhere beneath the city. With the lich’s assistance, they, no doubt, took advantage of the band’s retreat back through the portal to the realm of Prism Keep and destroyed the gateway, thereby preventing the band from returning to Greyhawk. Now, one might think that this would only be a minor or temporary setback for the band, since one would assume that the band had some means of solving this problem – for example a wish spell from a ring of wishes to restore the gateway. But for some unknown reason, this did not happen. Whether the band was prevented from returning or simply chose not to return remains a mystery.

It’s certainly not as if they had no reason to return. They had many ties to Greyhawk and its resources, from the Wizard’s Guild to the pawnshop. The dwarves continued to mine the mines in the dungeons of the War Tower for many months afterward – but having no one to give the gold to they kept it for themselves. And there were several places in the dungeons of the Power Tower they had yet to explore, not to mention the gold dragon that could make magic items and all the other fountains and rooms there that could continue to be of use. And then, of course, there was the Tower of Zagig. Who knew what wonders might have been found within that dungeon? But for whatever reason, these things would be left for someone else to try and discover.

As for what likely did happen to the Company of the Green Dragon, I would like to think that after having made several failed attempts at returning to Greyhawk, they eventually turned their attention to the realm of Prism Keep and the Kingdom of Kelant over which the keep hovered in the sky. With as much power as these young men possessed, they could have easily carved out a kingdom or two of their own and ruled there for the rest of their lives.

And as for what happened soon afterwards in Greyhawk; well that is a tale or two for another time. But there is little doubt that the city could have used the assistance of the Company of the Green Dragon. For soon would come the disappearance of the Righteous Vanguard and the Circle of Eight, and the apparent resurrection and reappearance of another of the band’s enemies – the leader of the Cult of the Shriven Sickle, the High Patriarch of Nerull, Andrade Mirrius.
Part Five - Chapter Twelve: The Final Battle

It was about half past one in the afternoon, on the 20th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon defeated the aboleth, which the band later learned was named Yaneth, in the dungeons of the Power Tower, in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk.

After the aboleth fled, the band took advantage of the potion of water breathing that they had consumed earlier and dove into the water to see if they could find the aboleth or any treasure it might have had. The potion of treasure finding they had drank earlier was also indicating there was treasure nearby. They followed a wide underwater tunnel and soon came to a beach in a cave. Sitting on the beach was a mound of coins, gems, jewelry and several potions. The band quickly loaded these things into their portable hole and returned to the water. From there, the wide tunnel continued on and eventually narrowed and turned downward. Here the band could sense a definite current in the water as it appeared there was some sort of underground spring feeding into the water from an unseen source. Looking ahead, the band realized that the water would continue downward increasing in its rate, so that traveling through it would prove to be dangerous. Assuming the tunnel would then eventually connect to a subterranean stream somewhere, the band decided to turn back and resume exploring the wizards’ lair.

After drying off a bit, the band took the only other door in the cave where they first encountered the aboleth, and came upon a plentifully but blandly stocked store room apparently intended for the slaves whose quarters were nearby. There was also a large bin of moss which was likely food for the aboleth. In an octagonal-shaped room next to the storage room was a well, complete with a crank and a pail. This then appeared to be the final room to be found on this level, and a search with a secret door detection spell seemed to confirm this. So the band made their way back to the teleportal room which they assumed could be used to transport them to the level below.

When the band entered the teleportal room, Tadwin was surprised to find there waiting for them, the two invisible aerial servants, which the band had recently freed. Apparently, the aerial servants had tracked the wizards to this room but did not want to go any further without the band. The band then took some time to prepare themselves, including drinking some of the potions of spell resistance. When they were ready, they stepped onto the teleportation pad with Brom leading the way invisibly as usual, and everyone else moving together and cloaked by a circle of invisibility. This included the green dragon Randraxus who had returned to elf form following the battle with the aboleth.

Like the last teleportal, this one operated by having the subjects sink down into the pad and then rising up through the connecting one in the next room. Upon arriving in this room, the band saw they were now standing on a disc of black stone, much like the other teleportation pads, but unlike the other ones, this one had runes carved in it in three concentric circles. One side of the room was draped with a black curtain that had many symbols and strange objects weaved into it. The air here was very warm and foul smelling. A read magic spell revealed that the runes on the teleportation pad provided protection from magic, absorbed magic, and allowed the pad to teleport. The symbols and objects weaved into the curtain provided protection from magic.

Brom moved to the curtain and pulled one edge to the side just enough to see into a vast darkened space that his dark vision could not see through. At the same time, the other members of the band saw that Brom’s head became visible, and they quickly realized that no magic would work beyond the cover of the black curtain. Brom was, however, able to see that just beyond the curtain was a stone balcony overlooking the darkened chamber and on that balcony rested an ornate gong. Feeling uneasy about the darkened chamber, the band looked around and discovered a secret door. But beyond it, a short passageway only led to an empty room with one doorway that opened up into the same darkened chamber.

Since magic did not appear to work in the darkened chamber, the band struggled to come up with a feasible and relatively safe method to explore it. So the two aerial servants flew out into the cavern, since neither their invisibility nor their ability to fly were magical. Soon after the aerial servants entered the darkened chamber a ball of fire exploded and lit up much of the cavern, revealing what lay within.

Inside the enormous cavern stood a humongous gold dragon, larger than the band could ever imagine! It seemed to be standing on little rock islands under each foot. The rest of the floor was a bubbling mud pot. An occasional bubble burst releasing a twenty-five-foot jet of blue flame accompanied by a swirl of green gas, both of which also helped to illuminate the cavern on brief intervals. The air of the cavern was extremely hot and smoke could be seen rising up from behind the dragon. In that same general area, a cropping of crystals could be seen on the ceiling.

When the fireball exploded, Brom was able to notice that it appeared to have come from one of the eyes of the dragon, which looked to be hollow. The fireball struck the aerial servants, both of which immediately retreated afterwards. Moments later, more spells were launched from the dragon’s eyes and aimed at the side room. But the band had wisely vacated that room just prior to this and so were unaffected. Brom then decided to strike the gong to see what would happen and when he did so, the dragon’s head turned towards the balcony and breathed out a huge column of fire. But again, the band remained unaffected since they stayed behind the protective black curtain.

Interestingly enough though, when this happened, the band could hear one of the wizards, apparently from inside the dragon’s head, yelling at the dragon to obey his commands. From this and other things they had witnessed, the band realized that the dragon was a living, breathing creature that had somehow been transformed into a guardian vehicle of sorts, and that both of the wizards were controlling it from inside the dragon’s head. It also appeared that the magic of the wizards worked normally. Perhaps this had something to do with the wizards themselves, or perhaps it had something to do with where the wizards were at.

The band knew they had to get inside the dragon somehow in order to combat the wizards. Otherwise they had no chance. So the band retreated through the teleportal back to one of the statues of Boccob, where they could ask the statue some questions. From this the band was able to formulate a plan, and they then returned to the room behind the black curtain. Brom then rang the gong knowing that it would cause the dragon to turn and breath fire at the balcony where, again, the band was protected by the curtain. At the same time, Randraxus stepped out through the doorway in the nearby room causing him to assume his natural dragon form.

Randraxus then flew up and over the gold dragon knowing he would draw the attention of the wizards in the gold dragon’s head, which would then turn towards the doorway and open its mouth as it had been instructed to. Randraxus then breathed its acidic breath on the head of the gold dragon, which forced the wizards inside to react. This gave the band the opportunity to rush into the dragon’s mouth and begin attacking the wizards. Soon, the wizards were forced to retreat using a dimension door spell. Seeing that there was a curtain at the back of the dragon’s mouth, the band looked behind it and found a door. They opened the door and followed a passageway through the dragon’s neck where they soon reached a large cavity inside the dragon’s body.

Here the throat opened up into the vast rib cage of the monster. Two stone structures, an octagonal dome and a pyramid with the symbol of Boccob on its sides, appeared to be suspended in mid-air. Two other openings could be seen on the side walls which corresponded with the dragon’s legs. Floating on opposite sides of the octagonal dome were both of the wizards who immediately hit the band with dispel magic spells that caused several members of the band to lose their darkvision spells among other things. This temporarily hindered the band until the intelligent staff Ruku cast a light spell, allowing the band to resume the battle against the wizards. The wizards were also highly protected from magic and had multiple mirror images up; so the band had some difficulty in causing any harm to them. But one of the aerial servants managed to grapple one of the wizards allowing the band to focus their attacks on the other wizard. Despite the band’s concerns, for some reason neither of the wizards had any contingency spells on them to protect themselves. So it was not long before one and then the other wizard was finally defeated, having nowhere to run to and no means of escape.

When the battle was over, the band took the time to examine the interior of the dragon. Although the dragon had no internal organs, it still somehow was alive and apparently could follow simple commands though its intelligence seemed to be very limited. The band could find no obvious means of entering the octagonal dome or the pyramid, but they did find another set of structures floating in mid-air behind the pyramid. Therese were five triangular rooms each surrounding a floating black disc of stone with runes carved around its edges. A series of floating stepping stones connected the triangular rooms with the black disc.

The band was able to access the triangular rooms, which had obvious doors, and found that they were magically enhanced sleeping chambers where one could rest quite easily. After some examination, the black disc turned out to be both a teleportation pad and a portal opening area. Apparently, from this pad, portals to each of the Ring of Five’s personal planes could be opened here. Also, a teleportation spell cast on this pad would allow one to enter the floating pyramid. So the band did just that and entered the pyramid. Inside the pyramid the band found an alchemist lab and a library. They also found another teleportation alcove.

After spending a little time examining the lab and the library, they entered the teleportation alcove which took them into the octagonal dome. Inside this chamber, which was filled with magical energy, the band found, floating in the air, the literal heart of the dragon with all of its vessels connected to an octagonal slab of pink agate. Above the heart, floated a slowly rotating shield-shaped piece of black obsidian. According to notes found inside the pyramid, the dragon’s heart could be used to “pump” magic into an item, thus making it much easier and quicker to produce magic items. This explained how the wizards were able to create so many magic items for sale and for experimentation.

Upon exiting the interior chambers, the band eventually found a way to explore the rest of the gold dragon’s cave, though without the use of magic it was not easy. Nevertheless, they found, hiding on the far side of the gold dragon, a gigantic chest made of platinum measuring 15’x15’x25’ and resting on another isle of rock. A gigantic padlock proved to be unpickable. But fortunately, a secret door was found on the backside of the chest allowing the band to plunder its contents, which included an intelligent greatsword of immense power (with an equally great ego), calling itself Dryanon the Greatest, an intelligent war hammer of considerably lesser power called Onik (or Thunk), a very powerful suit of leather armor of etherealness and some other notable items of only slightly lesser power.

All of these items were found surrounding a 9’ diameter piece of stone that the band realized was that which was referred to in several notes as the “obelisk”. No attempt was made to move or in any way effect the obelisk as they believed it to be of great power and therefore possibly quite dangerous. Instead, the band took the magic items and the bodies of the wizards and returned to the dungeons of the War Tower.
Part Five - Chapter Eleven: The Thing Beneath the Water

It was about 10 o’clock, on the evening of the 19th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon headed down a set of stairs on the eighth level of the dungeon, under the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk, after searching the bedchambers of the five wizards.

The stairs ended in a hallway with several turns and doors. The first room the band came to, which had no door, was a sort of meeting room complete with a round table, five high-backed chairs, a magical crystal ball and a magical fountain that supplied a continuous source of wine. The crystal ball was guarded by five crawling hands that the band had to deal with and which they captured and stuffed into a bag. Further on down the hallway, the band came upon another statue of Boccob, this one with hands out as if pushing against something. When asked why its hands were in such a position, it replied that it was warding off the magical disturbances coming from the direction in which it faced.

Nearby, was a doorway that the band entered. It led to a short hallway and two more doors. The first door they came to led to a four-way intersection. The passages to the left and the right only went about 20 feet, while the passage to the front ended at a door about 10 feet away. At the end of the passage to the left was a niche with a large decanter and a wine glass. After some examination, the band discovered the decanter contained several doses of a potion that would confer a high level of spell resistance but would also turn the imbiber silver while it worked. This explained why Kalbe and Mitt were silver-colored when last they met. The passageway to the right ended at a pedestal with eight black crystal goblets. These goblets, the band discovered, would hold the life force of anyone touching one and keep it safe in case one of the wizards’ bodies died in an experiment or summoning. This explained how Kalbe was able to switch his body after the band had killed him, as well as the physically fit bodies of all the wizards.

While most members of the band were busy investigating these two areas, Brom opened the door that was ahead of them and entered a large chamber with five large black discs on the floor. These turned out to be more summoning circles. There was also a shelf and a long workbench filled with bins, bottles and boxes full of spell components as well as a series of books dealing with the summoning of all kinds of creatures. There was also what appeared to be a door. But when Brom moved to inspect it, it turned out to be a very powerful mimic which attacked him. Brom had to fight and kill the creature by himself. Once he had done so, he found a room beyond, which was full of alchemical equipment and materials, including a few completed potions.

After examining all of this, the band moved on through the summoning chamber to a door on the far side. Beyond that door, a slopping tunnel led to a large natural cavern with several rock columns and stalactites. There were also three pools of water each with an unusual fountain spewing from the center. From the nearest one, fire shot up. When the band approached the other pools, they were attacked by two lurkers that dropped from the cave ceiling and a trapper that rose up from the floor. After the band killed these, they resumed their examination of the pools. From the second pool, water shot up and from the third pool, bubbles issued forth. The band was able to determine that the water in each of these pools acted as a potion: the first one as fire resistance, the second one as water breathing, and the third one as gaseous form. Towards the back of this cave was an opening to another smaller cave where a fourth pool of water was found. This cave, as well as the pool, appeared to be stretched as if some kind of force was dragging it in one direction, or perhaps the pool itself was causing the movement. From the center of this pool, chunks of rock and dirt shot upwards. Its water acted as a potion of treasure finding.

When the band had finished exploring this cave, they backtracked to the hallway just prior to the four-way intersection and opened the other door there. This led to a circular room and a passageway beyond. Standing in the middle of the circular room was another statue of Boccob, this one with his right hand up and facing the passageway as if telling someone to stop. On each of the fingers of the statue’s hand was a magical ring. After some examination, and some questioning of the statue, the band learned that the passageway beyond led to five holding chambers and that the rings would protect the wearer from the occupants of these chambers. One ring was attuned to one of the five chambers. The statue, however, could not tell the band what creature or creatures were contained in any of the chambers. So the band went to each chamber one by one.

The first one they opened was empty. The second chamber, which demonstrated that the chambers acted as extra-dimensional spaces that could be altered in size to conform to the size of the imprisoned creature, contained an ancient green dragon. The perfectly spherical chamber was lined with runes and symbols which prevented the dragon from escaping, attacking anyone outside the chamber or damaging the runes and symbols that held it prisoner. The band spoke to the dragon, who called himself Randraxus, and learned that the dragon had been imprisoned by the real Ring of Five several decades before. The band made a deal with the dragon, saying they would release the dragon if the dragon would help them hunt down the two remaining wizards. The dragon apparently thought the band meant the two remaining members of the Ring of Five and was impressed that the band had been able to defeat the other members of the Ring of Five. So he agreed to their terms and when the band released it, the dragon polymorphed itself into an elf and joined them.

One of the other chambers contained two aerial servants. The band made a similar agreement with them, but when they released them they disappeared. Another chamber contained a powerful kirin named Nirik. Again, the band made a deal with it, but this time the kirin told the band that it would come to the aid of each band member once if called upon. Then it too disappeared. The last chamber was empty.

Having fully investigated this area of the level, the band retreated back to the hallway at the bottom of the stairs and moved on down to the next doorway they came to. Beyond a set of double doors there, a series of steps led down into a dining room with a table that could rival that of many a king. It was decorated with the finest settings and surrounded by ten equally impressive chairs. In the corner was a cozy fireplace and on the far side of the room, a set of steps led up into a spotless kitchen complete with all necessary utensils. A pantry lay just beyond a side door, stocked with the finest of foods and wine.

A door on the far side of the kitchen led into an area for servants’ quarters. Furnished only with sleeping mats and wash basins, these quarters were tidy, clean and bland, as they were occupied by ten mentally-controlled slaves. These slaves did nothing to interfere with the band’s explorations and barely even acknowledged their presence. So the band let them be and continued on their way. Another set of double doors stood nearby which Brom took a look at.

These doors were heavily looked and trapped with a magical poison so powerful it would dissolve flesh on contact. Brom was able to disarm it however and open the doors. From there, a set of stairs led down a short way into a wide hallway that split in two directions. A small cave lay to the left, while the wide hallway continued on towards the right. In the cave, a mallet and a gong stood near one wall with a door just beyond.

Brom decided not to ring the gong and picked the lock on the door. Just beyond the door was a large cavern and inside the cavern were two huge basilisks. Fortunately, the basilisks were just beyond range for their gaze attacks to work and Brom recognized the monsters for what they were. He then retreated and loaned Corvyn a set of glasses that helped to protect against gaze attacks. Corvyn then entered the cave and began attacking the monsters and Brom followed him in to help him finish them off. With the basilisks dead, the band looked around and found two doorways. Beyond one non-latching, swinging door, lay an empty cave that appeared to be the lair of the basilisks. The other door was heavily locked and appeared to be the wizards’ vault of magic items for sale. Though their stock of items seemed to be low, there were a few items to be collected.

Moving back to the cave with the gong, the band then followed the wide hallway to another set of double doors. These too were heavily locked, and even after taking considerable time to pick the lock, Brom found he could not open it as it was barred from the other side. So Brom used a potion of gaseous form to seep through a crack under the door and, after resuming his normal form, removed the bar and opened the door. The chamber beyond the door was filled with brilliantly lit crystals ranging from six feet and less in length and from 1 ½ foot and less in diameter. All were octagonal. The remains of a rock column also lay at the room’s center. The chamber was filled with a sense of magical power, that the spellcasters in the band could feel more readily.

When Tadwin tried to cast a detect magic spell, all of his memorized spells were unexpectedly sucked into the crystals around him! This suddenly changed everything since the band was much less effective without Tadwin’s spells. So the band immediately began working on a plan to rest and recover spells. Since the band had recently used the rod of security, that was not an option for them. And since Randraxus could not continue to remain in humanoid form for that length of time, nor was there room enough for him to take dragon form, the band told him to meet them back at the gong in twelve hours and the dragon teleported away.

Their next idea was to simply try to rest right there in the room with the crystals, since they assumed they would remain undisturbed there. But after about an hour, Tadwin realized that the crystals seemed to be slowly draining his strength and stamina, and thus would not let him get the rest he needed. So the band looked around for a secret door, and to their surprise they found one. To their further surprise, this secret door led into a long passageway that led all the way back to the hallway just in front of the statue of Boccob that had told them it was warding off the magical disturbances. The statue, as it turned out, was a clue to the location of this secret passage that the band had missed previously. This passageway looked like a decent place to rest, as it seemed unlikely that the wizards would go there. So for the next ten hours or so, the band rested there, regained spells and consumed a hero’s feast, all the while remaining undisturbed.

It was about 12 noon, on the 20th day of Planting, when the band was ready to leave the secret passageway. But from there they had go through their usual procedures of visiting the magical table to double their spells as well as the altar of Boccob to bless their weapons. So it was about a half hour later when the band actually resumed their explorations. Back on the 8th level of the dungeon, the band returned to the cave with the gong where they had to wait a short while for Randraxus to reappear. He did reappear however, again in the form of an elf, and when he did, they all made their way to the chamber with the magical fountains and took advantage of those. Then they returned to the hallway just beyond the secret passageway and went to the final door in that hallway. Upon opening that door, they found a large semi-circular cavern, with one other door on the far side that likely led into the area where the mind-controlled slaves were. The one flat wall in the cavern seemed a bit out of place and its only other feature was a small niche which contained a ring on a cushion.

The ring on the cushion looked a bit suspicious, like a piece of cheese in a mouse trap. So Brom approached it cautiously, and invisibly as always. But when he tried to examine the ring he found that he was unable to pick it up. Several things suddenly happened then. Two men stepped through the wall as if the wall was not real and moved to attack. Behind the two men, the wizards Kalbe and Mitt appeared. Also, some distance away, a large and powerful demonic creature suddenly appeared. And finally, Tadwin, with his permanent ability to see invisible objects and creatures, was now able to see Brom despite the mind blank spell that Tadwin had placed on him which should have prevented Tadwin from seeing him. Apparently, Brom’s mind blank spell was no longer functioning.

Brom flew up in the air at this point and drank one of the potions of spell resistance that the band had recently found, while the others either attacked the two men that had come through the wall or the wizards, or made preparations for the coming battle. Tadwin took the time to cast a true seeing spell and quickly realized that all was not as it seemed, which he immediately conveyed to his companions. As some members of the band were battling the two men, both of which were very skilled fighters with powerful magic weapons and armor, Tadwin hurriedly described to his companions the many illusions he was now seeing before him. For starters, both of the wizards and the demonic creature were illusions, as was the wall through which the two men had entered. Beyond the wall there was also an illusion of a normal cave floor that covered a large pool of water. Under the water, Tadwin could see the demonic creature, but it too was an illusion that covered something which Tadwin could not quite make out – though he assumed it was the aboleth that the band had long suspected.

Ignoring those things that were illusions, the band continued to battle the only things that were not illusions – namely the two men, who proved to be deadly in their own right, as they did manage to inflict some harm, but ultimately were no match for the combined might of the Company of the Green Dragon. Meanwhile, some members of the band found themselves fighting off mental attacks of some kind, apparently coming from the aboleth. While this was occurring, the actual green dragon, Randraxus, urged on by the band, took on his natural dragon form and flew through the wall to attack whatever lay beyond. Randraxus had also cast a true seeing spell prior to this and so was not fooled by any of the illusions.

As soon as Randraxus flew through the illusory wall, another illusion appeared beyond the wall, though only Randraxus and Tadwin could see it and they both recognized it for what it was. This illusion was another recreation of the wizards, Kalbe and Mitt, most likely a pre-programmed illusion set to go off if anyone passed through the illusory wall. Randraxus ignored the illusion of the wizards and dove straight down towards the pool of water where he plunged his talons into the water and dug them deep into the aboleth’s flesh, badly wounding it. Moments later, the aboleth, which had only its powers of illusion and what appeared to be a number of psionic powers that were not having much effect on the band, suddenly vanished. It soon became obvious that the aboleth had lost its will to fight and wisely chose instead to flee.
Part Five - Chapter Ten: Into the Wizards' Lair

It was about half past 7, on the evening of the 19th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon returned to the 7th level of the dungeons below the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk, to resume their explorations and seek out the wizards, Kalbe and Mitt. Over the next twenty minutes or so, the band both fought and rescued a band of ten men who had been mentally controlled by some unknown being, and then explored the areas in and around the quarters of these men.

As the band now turned their attention to a set of double doors, beyond which the band had been told by the men would lead them to the next level and the quarters of the wizards, Tadwin spotted another invisible sensor hovering in the hallway nearby. Since Tadwin had cast a mind blank spell on all five members of the band, he knew the wizards could not see them. So they were not too concerned about the wizards’ attempts to spy on them. But it did seem to confirm that whatever the being was that had been controlling the men, was also in contact with the wizards, unless it was this same being who had sent the invisible sensor. Whatever the case, the band realized that someone was probably aware of their presence.

As for the doors, Brom found that in addition to a superior lock on it, there was also an arcane lock spell placed on them as well. It took a couple of minutes and all of Brom’s skill and magic to pick the locks, but eventually he succeeded. When the band opened the doors, they found a large chamber lit with wall sconces and set with numerous alcoves. Almost halfway across the room a set of three daises led up to a platform on the far side of the room which was itself surrounded by walls and formed a kind of room within a room. On the far wall of this inner room was another set of double doors on which was depicted, in relief, a round table with a giant ring in its center and five powerful-looking wizards seated around it. Standing next to these ornate doors was what appeared to be a full suit of armor and a statue of a human warrior.

As was usually the case, Brom entered the room invisibly and moved to the double doors to check them for traps. As he was attempting to pick the lock on the doors however, what they had thought were only a statue and a suit of armor, suddenly came alive and attacked the invisible Brom. Shortly afterwards, three flesh golems suddenly appeared directly behind the band, followed by the invisible Kalbe and Mitt. A great battle then broke out as the wizards launched a barrage of spells.

Corvyn was quickly taken out of the battle as he fell victim to one of the wizard’s spells and found himself trapped in an extra-dimensional maze. Then Diamond was killed and Zeke was forced to retreat through a dimensional door due to the combined efforts of the golems and wizards. Much of the battle was then spent by the wizards trying to locate the invisible Brom whom they knew was one of their deadliest rivals. Tadwin put up a wall of force to block out some of the golems while Brom made a few sneak attacks on the warriors who had initially attacked him, causing them to retreat. But just when the situation was looking most grim for the band, the tide of the battle began to turn. Zeke returned and used the rod of resurrection to bring Diamond back to life. Then gradually the band was able to kill the two warriors and the three flesh golems. By this time, the band was on the verge of pinpointing the location of the wizards and had begun their attacks on them when they were forced to retreat.

When the battle was over, the band gathered from the fallen warriors several magic items. Eventually the maze spell that held Corvyn wore off and he was released. When they were then healed and ready to go, the band stepped through the double doors that the two warriors had been guarding and entered an unusual hallway. To the right were two round disks of black stone lying in semi-circular alcoves. Opposite them were two square alcoves. The farthest alcove contained a statue of a handsome young man in purple robes trimmed in golden runes. It represented Boccob. The nearest alcove obviously used to contain a statue as well but it had been broken off at the base. At the far end of the hall was another set of double doors.

Taking advantage of the presence of a statue of Boccob, the band took some time then and each asked it a question. From the statue, the band learned several things such as the fact that in the room with the liquid flowing down three walls, each of those walls functioned as a kind of one-way door due to the oil of etherealness on one side of the wall and a weak acid that would wash the oil off on the opposite side. They also learned that the hallway where they could only see thirty feet into would take them into the future, and the hallway next to it with a mirror at the end was a trap that would trap people behind a series of mirrors. Most importantly though, the band learned that the disk opposite the statue would take them to the next level. The other disk however, the band did not ask about and so they did not learn where it would take them, if in fact it still functioned.

Before using the disk however, the band wanted to see what lay beyond the double doors. These doors were heavily locked and it took some effort from Brom to pick them. When they finally got the doors open they found an oddly shaped chamber that was longer left to right than it was across. On the far wall to the left was what appeared to be a black convex portal rimmed in platinum. In front of the band was a large mural depicting an arrangement of connected areas. Five small areas were each denoted by a letter B, L, M, S, and Z. And to the right of the band was a black desk and a chair. The band was able to determine that the mural depicted the known planes of existence and the five smaller areas were probably pocket planes each under the control of one member of the Ring of Five. The desk and chair, as it turned out, were of very high quality and quite valuable. But the only thing the band found in the desk was a single black scroll with platinum writing that said, “We have found the portal which solves all problems.” Unsure of what to make of any of this, the band decided to investigate it later after dealing with the wizards. And so they returned to the black disc in the hallway.

Brom was the first to step on the disc and find that it did not act like the other teleportals in this dungeon. Instead of instantly disappearing and reappearing elsewhere, Brom slowly sank into the disk and elsewhere slowly rose up from another disk. The rest of the band followed him through and soon the band found themselves in another chamber, presumably on the next level down. In this room, another black disc lay nearby in a circular alcove just like the one in which they emerged. Between the two discs was a smaller alcove in which stood another statue of Boccob. The rest of the room was empty, but Tadwin had a spell up to detect secret doors and he immediately spotted one on the opposite side of the room. Beyond this secret door, the band found a curtain and beyond that another curtain. Between these two curtains was a stairwell to the right and another secret door to the left.

The band decided to investigate the secret door first. This led them eventually to a huge, octagonal-shaped summoning chamber that contained three magic circles all surrounded by a circle of flaming runes. Overlooking the summoning chamber were three observation rooms with concave windows. All of these rooms were accessed by secret doors and a series of passages and stairs. After spending some time examining this area, the band came to a wide hallway with doors that were heavily locked and barred. Once past this area, the band proceeded down the wide hallway to another set of double doors next to the stairwell that led back up to the first room on this level.

Unfortunately, above these doors was a magical symbol of death and as soon as Brom spotted the symbol, the symbol activated, which in turn caused Zeke to die. Because the rod of resurrection was recently used on Diamond, it could not be used to raise Zeke at this time. So the band had to resort to summoning the dao Raji with the ring of dao summoning, and having him raise Zeke. This he did and, afterwards, disappeared. But Zeke was left greatly weakened and just barely alive. So Diamond had to use several spells to bring Zeke back to full health. Once this was done the band opened the doors and continued on.

From here, the wide hallway led the band to the wizards’ quarters. None of these quarters was occupied by any of the wizards but they were protected by other things that caused the band some problems, including two symbols of insanity, which Brom tried to nullify by covering. Each of the bedchambers were nicely furnished along with various books, personal notes, diaries and, in all but Kalbe’s and Mitt’s rooms, their spellbooks. Much of these the band placed in their portable hole.

In the midst of the bedchambers was a library complete with a secret library behind a rotating bookshelf. The library was guarded by a tiny beholder only about a foot in diameter. It gave the band a momentary scare but was easy enough to kill. Then the band spent some time gathering items of great interest. At the back of the secret library was a mirror which the band suspected to be a trap. So they covered it up without looking at it. One item of interest they found was a leaf made of a strange elven metal that when grasped turned into a key. The band realized that this key, plus a deed found many weeks before by their henchmen, would grant them full rights and access to the Green Leaf Tavern in Greyhawk. When the band was finished exploring this area, they took a set of stairs down, leading them deeper into this level.
Part Five - Chapter Nine: Escape from the Land of the Mists

It was in the evening of the 17th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon was transported to the Land of Mists. By late morning of the following day, the band felt they had a pretty good idea of what was happening the island domain in which they had found themselves. They also had some ideas on how to “fix” the domain and perhaps even escape the Land of Mists.

Having spoken to the wizard Augustus, who provided them with a likely explanation for the domain and a couple of suggestions on how to right the wrong that had been done, the decided to return to the cave where they had first entered the land. There they would wait until the early evening when they could use the rod of resurrection and bring Corvyn back from the dead. This they did with no problems and so that evening, with all five members of the band fully fit and rested, the band returned to the village.

Just as it had been every time the band entered the village, it was now in the Thornewood version. So the band headed towards the hill to take a look at the ruins of the manor house. Once again, it had taken a few more steps in the process of reforming though it still had a long way to go. At this point, however, it was easy to see the floor plan of the first floor as all of the walls had begun to take shape. Soon after the band arrived though, the village shifted to Pallatia and the band found themselves standing in the woods on the hill.

The band then walked down to the temple of Loviatar where they spoke again to Narana. This time they were able to offer her proof that they had spoken to Boromar and Augustus and they gave her Augustus’s theory on what was happening. Narana listened intently and gradually she seemed to suspect that the band might be telling the truth. So she told the band to ask Boromar and Augustus about something that only the two of them would know as further proof. The band agreed to do so and soon after the village changed again, this time shifting to Boromar’s Knoll. Once again, the band found themselves in a familiar looking tavern.

This time, the band did not have to go far to find Boromar, as he was seated there in the tavern having a drink. As soon as Boromar saw the band approaching he got up and began to back away, telling the band to leave him alone. When the band continued to approach, Boromar took off running down the street. The band went after him as Brom revealed his wings and flew over and in front of him. Where Brom landed though, was near an empty lot where a mob of people had gathered. These people had apparently been reading a notice that had been posted in the empty lot and were discussing it when they began to take notice of the flying Brom. Some of the people approached Brom in a threatening manner when he landed, calling out warnings and saying things like, “Look! Just like the notice says! They ARE demons!”

Boromar, now caught between Brom and the rest of the approaching band, froze in his tracks unsure of what to do. But Brom used his ring of alteration once again and transformed himself into a frightening monster, easily scaring the villagers away. The band then tried to talk and reason with Boromar, but he appeared to be unwilling or unable to listen to them. Shouting and babbling incoherently, he took off running again, dodging between a couple of buildings. So Brom turned invisible and flew up ahead of him. When Boromar turned a corner, Brom did a sneak attack on him. Boromar tried to fight back but the village shifted again before the fight could progress any further.

The village had once more turned back to Arcanon with its redbrick streets and clapboard houses. When the band got back together again, they were able to discuss a few observations. Initially, the villagers were not remembering the band when they encountered them after the first time. But since the band began interacting with Narana, Boromar and Augustus, the villagers were now remembering them. This was probably because every time each version of the village reappeared, that version was based on what each of the three knew about the band. And apparently, most likely because of what occurred the first time in Boromar’s Knoll. The villagers there were now convinced that the band members were demons.

While in Arcanon, the band looked for Augustus at the magic shop. But they were directed to a tavern where they found Augustus. They told him about what had happened recently, and Augustus and the band were further convinced that Augustus’ theory was correct. Moments later, the village shifted again.

The tavern then became the temple of Loviatar as the village changed to Pallatia. There, the band offered their proof to Narana, and finally she was convinced that they had been telling the truth all along. Clearly she had been giving the matter some thought in the meantime, and now she was angered by the idea of Davion stealing away her followers. She told the band she had come up with a plan that would stop Davion from taking her followers and would free her from the nightmare in which she was trapped. For she too had a ring of wishes and she would simply wish herself to be removed from Davion’s body.

But as Narana was about to cast the wish spell, a mist crawled up from the ground and surrounded them. The priestess’s body then twisted and contorted, her face writhing in tortured agony as her hand reached for the band. The band then watched in horror as the frame of a wildly beautiful woman suddenly separated from the body of Davion, while the sickening sound of tearing flesh could be heard. The woman’s body then fell to the ground and crumbled into a pile of dust. Davion then whisked himself away and was gone. Sensing that an alteration was about to occur, the band quickly grabbed a few items of apparent value lying in the dust that was, until seconds before, the body of Narana.

Gazing about now, the band found they were in the tavern in Boromar’s Knoll. The tavern was now quite full of customers and as soon as the band appeared, most of them turned to look at the band with recognition and hatred. Several of the men appeared to be capable fighters and almost immediately drew their weapons and moved to attack. They did not get far, however, before Brom took out a couple of them and Tadwin killed the rest with a chain lightning spell. Those few who remained took cover behind tables and chairs. The band then headed out into the streets almost daring anyone else to attack them. No one came near.

Moments later, the village shifted, this time for the last time. It was now Thornewood, and up on the hill where the ruined manor had taken one more step towards reforming, a strange and eerie glow was emanating from within and taking the place of the last rays of sunlight at dusk. It felt as if a crossroad had been reached and it was now time to end this one way or another. With a purposeful look of determination, the band marched confidently up the hill and approached the ruins of the manor, pausing long enough to cast a few preparatory spells along the way.

As the band drew near the ruined manor, they could see that the eerie greenish glow was coming from a stairwell leading into the basement, most likely where the wizard’s lab had been located. The walls of the manor now only stood between two and four feet high but they were high enough to provide some cover. Just as the band was about to enter the manor, Davion suddenly appeared before them in the middle of the ruins. A great battle then ensued and even though Davion could no longer draw upon the powers of Narana and had no allies to support him, he was still a very difficult foe to defeat. Even against the considerable might of the entire Company of the Green Dragon, Davion stood strong for quite some time, launching spell after spell. Though he was never able to down members of the band and managed to cause them great harm before he finally succumbed to the relentless attacks of the band.

Unfortunately, with the death of Davion, so too did lives of Boromar and Augustus come to an end. When the battle was over, the band quickly grabbed anything of value as the land around them began to tremble violently with an earthquake. Perring into the stairwell from which the strange green glow was emanating, the band saw what appeared to be a portal. Preferring to take a chance on the portal rather to stay in a land that seemed to be ripping itself apart, the band ran down the stairs and stepped through.

Much to the band’s relief, the band emerged from the portal in the same room through which they had entered the Land of Mists. With only about twenty-four hours since the band had disappeared from the dungeons of the Power Tower, they hoped that the wizards there might be caught unprepared. But a detect magic spell in the area showed that the wizards had placed an alarm spell there. So the band decided to retreat back to the War Tower which would allow them to gather some materials needed to mend Corvyn’s broken swords before retreating even further into the demi-plane created by their rod of security. However, after teleporting to the War Tower and gathering the supplies, Tadwin spotted an invisible sensor used for spying and knew they were being observed. Realizing that they had been far too predictable lately, the band then teleported themselves out into the woods near the castle ruins before using the rod of security, thereby making it very unlikely that the wizards would be able to track them down. Once inside the demi-plane, Tadwin cast another spell that would prevent anyone from magically observing them for the next day.

The band then spent the next twenty-four hours inside the demi-plane, resting, mending Corvyn’s swords and preparing themselves. Then, at about 7 pm, on the 19th day of Planting, the band emerged from the demi-plane and returned to the Power Tower, once again arriving there at a time that was not as predictable. They then went through their usual routine of attempting to double their spells at the magic table (although Zeke failed in his attempt) and blessing their spells at the altar of Boccob, having already consumed a hero’s feast. They then used a dimension door to reach the stairwell into the 7th dungeon level. From there, they used detect magic spells to look for alarm spells.

Just beyond a secret door they had bypassed previously, they detected an alarm spell and dispelled it. They then moved into a hallway that was lit by wall sconces and turned a corner. Halfway down, this wide hallway zig-zagged a bit and where it did so there were two alcoves in which sat a pitcher of silver and a mug of gold. Between the alcoves, a small plaque read, “All guests please drink a mug of each liquid.” Zeke’s magical staff seemed to indicate that one of the pitchers was filled with potion of heroism, while the other contained potion of haste. Although they were tempted to drink both potions, they chose instead to drink only one.

It was at about this time that the band was suddenly surrounded at both ends of the hallway by ten men, some of which appeared through a secret door. One of these men, they recognized as Valen Rowenmantle, who used to be the leader of the Champions of Valor and an old rival of the band. These men also did not appear to be in control of their own actions. Realizing that something else was controlling them, the band did what they could to take them down without killing them. This presented a further challenge for the band against a band of formidable fighters. But the band was still able to defeat them without killing any of them, a few of which they were able to dispel whatever it was that controlled them.

When the battle was over, they made sure to dispel the control on Valen, knowing they could trust him. Then, with the aid of the portable hole in which to place the unconscious ones, Zeke teleported himself and all ten of the men back to the War Tower, where they had their henchmen take care of them. Those whose control had not been dispelled, were placed, for the time being, in holding cells. Then Zeke teleported back to the Power Tower and rejoined his companions.

Picking up where they left off, the band continued to explore the area. Having been told by Valen that beyond one set of double doors lay a teleportal that would take them to the next level where the wizards lived, they chose instead to investigate what lay beyond another set of double doors in order to insure they did not leave any enemies at their backs. These double doors led the band into an area very near the large pit next to the room where the band had been transported to the Land of Mists. After dispelling an alarm spell there, the band came to an area that clearly was not often visited as it was dark and dusty.

Beyond a black curtain with a strange symbol on it was what appeared to be a simple trap with a portcullis. In a hallway next to it, the band was not able to see more than thirty feet down and chose not to risk investigating it. Next to that was a long chamber at the end of which was a large mirror. Again the band suspected a trap and chose not to investigate it, even though an augury spell indicated there was both risk and reward possible there.

Finally, the band investigated the quarters of the ten men and a nearby pantry. These quarters were equipped with simple furniture and a pair of one-way secret doors, each with a secret spy hole through which the men could easily observe the hallway outside. When the band was finished investigating this area, they turned to the double doors that was supposed to lead them to the next level.
Part Five - Chapter Eight: Into the Land of Mists

It was about half past 5pm, on the 17th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon entered the wizards’ section of the seventh level in the dungeons of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. At the bottom of the spiral stairs lay a couple of rooms, the farthest of which was oddly shaped and had a door in the far wall. Having run out of charges on Tadwin’s wand of darkvision, the band was once again using light spells to light the way. As usual, Brom led the way invisibly and checked the door for traps. Finding no traps, he attempted to pick the lock on the door but despite taking considerable time, found he was unable to. Diamond suspected something was wrong and tried to disbelieve the door was real. To his surprise, he discovered that not only was the door not real, but the entire far wall was not real – and just beyond the illusory wall were five heavily armed ettins ready to attack!

Just as Diamond announced his discovery to the rest of the band, the five ettins stepped through the illusory wall and attacked. Fortunately, the ettins were still unaware of Brom and the rest of the band stood further away, so their surprise attack was not as effective as it would have been otherwise. The band then was quick to react and despite the toughness and training of the ettins, the band was able to defeat them without too much difficulty.

When the battle was over, the band stepped beyond the illusory wall and found a much larger oddly shaped chamber with a door to the right. As before, Brom checked the door for traps, and after finding none, opened it. This door led to a short passageway which then opened up into a large cavern about thirty-five feet high. One massive column more than sixty feet away helped support the ceiling while numerous lesser columns rose up from the floor about twenty below the entrance to the cave and were sheared off at the level of the entrance, thus forming a series of stepping stones leading off in different directions. Covering the entire floor of the cave and all of the walls and columns to a height of about twelve feet was a massive colony of flesh-eating green slime!

Realizing the potential danger of trying to hop from one column to the next, over a considerable distance, with gaps ranging from two to five feet between each column, the band thought it best to have Brom scout it out instead as he could fly through most of the cave. So Brom flew around the cave exploring it while Tadwin cast an arcane eye spell. Each of the column pathways led to a small ledge on the side of the oddly-shaped cavern, but most of these ledges appeared to be dead ends. To make matters worse, some of the column tops were coated with lard making them very slippery. One of the ledges, however, in a faraway recess of the cave, had a door above it. Brom opened the door allowing Tadwin’s arcane eye to go inside and have a look.

There, a short passageway led to an octagonal-shaped room. Three of the walls in this room were made of metal and on each of these walls were two silver cylinders mounted horizontally, one near the ceiling and one near the floor. A liquid ran down the walls from the upper cylinders and was collected in the lower cylinders. Brom did not enter the room, which appeared to have no other exits, so the band was not able to determine, at this time, what the odd features were for.

Instead, Brom continued to search the cavern and in one of the furthest recesses he discovered a ledge with a secret door above it. Upon opening this door, he found himself behind a stack of crates and barrels beyond which lay a vast cavern that was dimly lit by a candelabra resting on a table. Seated on either side of table were two ettins enjoying a meal and behaving in a rather unusually civilized manner. Lying about the cavern were all the items of a well-kept home and in one large side cave were two interesting tables. The larger, nearest table was made of solid copper, and on it lay a copper statue of a pig with an open mouth resting on a platter. The farther, smaller table had what appeared to be, lying at its center, a sizable pile of small gems.

Moving silently and invisibly, Brom snuck over to the two far tables and scooped the pile of gems into a bag. One of the ettins apparently noticed the gems disappear and slowly got up to investigate, while Brom tip-toed away to a set of double doors on the far side of the cavern. Brom opened these doors to find a short, but wide passageway that quickly turned to the left and ended at another set of double doors. To Brom’s surprise, there were two ettins there struggling to close the doors on two monstrous, scaly tentacles that had breached the doors.

Brom watched for a moment as the two ettins in the hall managed to push the tentacles back through the doors and then close the doors. Tadwin’s arcane eye, meanwhile, had likewise made its way over to this side of the cavern and was able to take in the spectacle of the ettins fighting with the tentacles. The two ettins in the cavern, however, were now aware of the commotion, and had moved with their weapons towards the same doors, so Brom was forced to deal with them. Taking advantage of his invisibility, he attacked with surprise and was able to kill both of the ettins by himself without much difficulty.

As he was doing so, Tadwin continued to observe the ettins in the hall as they struggled to keep the unknown monster on the far side of the doors. Whatever this strange monster was, it appeared to be very powerful as it banged against the double doors with such force that it caused the doors to groan and shudder with every strike against them. Then the doors began to smoke and hiss as if they were being burned with acid! All the while, the two ettins did what they could to keep the doors closed as they grimaced with pained expressions of concern and fear. This went on for quite a bit, as Brom and Tadwin’s arcane eye stayed back and watched in fascination, and very likely, some concern of their own. Then suddenly both the ettins and any signs of the unknown monster suddenly vanished, leaving behind only the passageway and the double doors! All of this had apparently been only an illusion, most likely a programmed illusion intended to scare away any would-be intruders.

Naturally, the Company of the Green Dragon was undeterred by any of this and once all the threats in the area had been eliminated, the rest of the band used a dimension door and joined Brom in the large cavern. They then took some time to explore about the cavern for anything of interest. The copper pig, it turned out, was magical and it was determined that if one placed gems in its mouth, such as the small gems that Brom had found, it would magically create all kinds of food. Most of the crates in the cavern were loaded with food probably intended to feed the inhabitants of the dungeons.

While the rest of the band was busy figuring these things out, Brom took the time to investigate the double doors at the end of the hall. Finding no further traps on the doors, he opened them to find a wide hallway about sixty feet long with a twenty foot wide pit at the far end just prior to a T-intersection.

Just beyond the doors, however, there was a concealed pit trap which Brom discovered. After disarming this trap, Brom moved down the hallway and peered around a corner into a short hallway to the left and just in front of the far pit. This short hallway ended in a small octagonal-shaped room, with a stone table carved out of the back wall. A small black iron chest with cruel carvings upon it sat upon the table. With his companions still occupied back in the cavern, Brom moved into the room and examined the chest. Finding no traps, he opened it and a light mist slowly billowed out of the chest. Thinking he was immune to any gases because of his magical necklace, Brom was not concerned when the mist flowed on to the floor of the room and gradually began to rise up behind him. Continuing to examine the chest, he took little notice of his surroundings until he realized that the room had filled up with the mist.

Looking back behind him, he then discovered that the passageway he had entered through was no longer there. Instead there was a solid wall. Turning to look ahead of him, he found that the stone table now lay at the center of a larger octagonal-shaped room and a passageway opened on the far side of it. Taking in his new surroundings, Brom eventually began to explore the passageway to see where it led.

Meanwhile, the rest of the band finally noticed that Brom was not around and when they tried to contact him with a message spell, as was their usual method, they got no response. So they went in search of him and soon came upon the room with the small black iron chest. When Tadwin opened the chest and the mist began to billow out, Zeke and Corvyn became concerned and moved out of the room and away from the mist. Tadwin and Diamond, however, chose to stay and see what happened. Soon the room filled up with mist and Tadwin and Diamond were transported to the same place where Brom had been sent and they were able to reconnect with him.

But Zeke and Corvyn were not as eager to join them. They watched from outside the room as it filled with mist and then the mist gradually dissipated, revealing the same room as they had seen before but with no occupants. This alarmed them a bit, so before they did the same thing, they wanted to learn what they could about this iron chest and what it might have done with their companions. Zeke easily convinced Corvyn to follow along with him as he used a dimension door to take the two of them to one of the statues of Boccob there in the dungeons.

At the statue of Boccob, Zeke asked the statue about the iron chest and what happened to their companions. The statue told them that their companions had been transported to the Land of Mists and that if they wanted to retrieve their companions it might be advisable to go there themselves. The more of them that went, the better their chances were of returning. Zeke had heard a few stories about this so-called “Land of Mists” which was supposed to be a land comprised of smaller domains where beings of evil were both rulers and prisoners. He also had heard that most people who go there never return. Despite the advice of the statue, Zeke did not want to go, but Corvyn was able to talk him into it. So Zeke used another dimension door spell and they returned to the room with the iron chest. Moments later, they too had opened the chest and were soon reunited with their companions.

The rest of the band, meanwhile, had explored the passageway which led to a door that opened up in the side of hill at the edge of a forest. Hoping that Zeke and Corvyn would eventually follow them, they waited there for a while. They were just about to give up on Zeke and Corvyn when they finally arrived, bringing with them the news that they were now all in the Land of Mists.

When the band emerged from the forest, the breeze was warm but the trees showed signs of approaching autumn. In front of them was a road so they turned left on the road and soon passed a vine-covered sign reading Thornewood. Up ahead they saw several buildings and streets peeking through the dense woods that surrounded a village. The cobblestone streets were broken and crumbling as though a massive earthquake had recently ripped through the land. Large chunks of the ground had moved to create steps as high as four feet. Most of the half-timber buildings with thatched roofs sat precariously on these newly-made cliffs, while a few had splintered into useless junk that cluttered dying gardens. A few people walked about and climbed over the demolished sidewalks.

Before entering the village, Brom made sure to use his ring of alteration to hide his wings, as he usually did in public settings, and remained visible. When the band tried to ask the villagers questions, they found the villagers to be pleasant but wary, choosing to be short on answers and insisting they were too busy at the time to chat for long. Soon, however, they were approached by a frail, elderly woman who asked them for their assistance.

The woman told them that she wished to collect some groceries but that she could not carry them home by herself. Brom readily agreed to offer the band’s help and asked her to guide them to the grocery store. Tadwin and Zeke, however, had spotted a nearby magic shop and headed in that direction instead. The old lady then took Brom, Corvyn and Diamond to the ruins of a grocery store that appeared to have been recently destroyed. Several children and a few adults were rummaging through the remains, looking for any salvageable supplies, especially food. Whenever they found what they were looking for, they would drop some money on what appeared to be the remains of a counter and walked away.

Corvyn was recruited to carry the groceries that the old lady picked out, while Brom took an interest in the coins lying on the countertop. Wondering where the coins had come from, Brom reached down to pick up one of the coins. But as soon as he touched the coin, the sky above instantly turned dark and after the eyes of the band members adjusted to the darkness, the band found themselves in a completely different setting. It appeared to be a shop for horse tack and riding equipment and nearby were stables with several horses. More importantly, however, was the fact that the old lady was no longer there and neither were the other customers of the ruined grocery store. In their place were five burly, bearded men, all of whom were glaring at Brom who was holding a coin. One of the men, apparently the owner of the shop, set a smoldering cigar down in a beaten tray of copper and said to Brom in a threatening manner, “I suggest you put that stolen money down.”

Brom was not intimidated though, and he turned his ring of alteration off, revealing his mutated form with wings and all – a very frightening sight for anyone not accustomed to such things. All of the men except the store owner suddenly bolted in fear and took off running down the street while the store owner slowly backed away and ducked into a back room. The groceries that Corvyn had been holding were now gone. So, the three of them stepped outside to take a look at the village which had now altered into a pioneer town, complete with log cabins and log barns and shops. The street was merely a dirt road with shallow ruts and the shy was clear, but the temperature was nearly freezing, indicating that winter was rapidly approaching. The layout of the village was very similar as was the surrounding landscape. But clearly this was not the same village they had entered just a short while before.

Zeke and Tadwin had, in the meantime, been visiting a magic shop down the street. They were looking at a few minor magic items when suddenly the town altered into the pioneer town. Having no idea what might have caused the sudden alteration, Tadwin was talked into buying a shot of firewater by the bartender of the bar in which he and Zeke now found themselves, when they heard the sound of men yelling and screaming as they ran down the street towards them. Wondering what all the commotion was all about, Zeke and Tadwin stepped outside and saw their companions approaching. So the band met up again at the center of the village. Tadwin then informed the others that, according to the bartender he just spoke to, the name of the village they were in was Boromar’s Knoll. They discussed, for a bit, what might be going on in this village, when suddenly the village altered again.

This time, all the buildings in the village were transformed into redbrick structures with slate roofs. The streets were newly paved with cobblestones and the weather was warm and breezy, reminiscent of late spring. Several people were milling about the streets. Some sat on benches, while children played a game in the street. Nearby, a new building had appeared. It was an enormous temple made of blood-red stone. Singing could be heard coming from within. Rather than investigate the temple, the band asked for directions to the nearest inn. It was just down the street in the same location where the magic shop and the bar had been. When the band got to the inn they asked the innkeeper the name of the village and were told that it was Pallatia. They asked him about the transformations of the village and the innkeeper did not seem to understand them, telling them the village had remained the same for years. Originally, the band had thought to rent rooms at the inn. But now they were having second thoughts.

Suddenly the village altered again. They were now back in the original village of Thornewood and inside the magic shop. Tadwin considered buying a wand of darkvision, but the shop did not have one. He later realized that it probably would have vanished anyway the next time the village altered. While there in Thornewood, the band asked a couple of people when the earthquake had struck which destroyed the village. One of them said it was about a week before, while another claimed that it was so long ago he could not remember. Not long afterwards, the village altered yet again. The magic shop had become the bar in the village of Boromar’s Knoll.

The band took advantage of the free ale they were offering while they discussed ideas and theories among themselves. Soon the village altered again and the band found themselves back in the inn. Oddly enough, the innkeeper did not recognize them even though it had only been a short while before when they first spoke to him. This seemed to suggest that every time the village altered, it effectively reset itself back to the same starting point.

The band left the inn then and walked to the center of the village to make some observations. Brom, meanwhile, ran back to the cave to see if it ever altered during one of these changes. While Brom was back at the cave, the village altered back to Thornewood and nothing changed inside the cave. The others, however, noticed something odd about a ruined mansion on a nearby hill. In all of the different manifestations of the village, the top of the hill was wooded. Only in Thornewood did the ruins of the manner appear. But every time the ruins appeared, they seemed to be gradually rebuilding the manner. In an effort to test a theory, Zeke made a mark in the road, wanting to see it would reappear the next time this version of the village appeared.

Soon after Brom rejoined the band at the center of the village, the village altered to Pallatia. Once again, the band found themselves standing in front of the temple which had had now grown quiet. While the band was standing there, a beautiful woman emerged from the temple. She was dressed in scanty armor resembling scale mail, several chains dangling from her hair and around her neck, cascading across her mail. Behind her, half a dozen more similarly dressed woman paused in the doorway of the temple. The woman approached the band and introduced herself as Narana, Priestess of Loviatar. The band did not recognize either of the names, but she tried to talk them into entering the temple and learning about her deity whom she referred to as the Maiden of Pain. Her form of worship seemed very odd and contradictory to the band – causing pain in order to lessen greater pains. But apparently, she had many of the villagers convinced and had a sizable following.

Although the band did not care to hear any of Narana’s dogma, they did take an interest in her story. She told them that until recently she and two men, a fighter by the name of Boromar and a wizard by the name of Augustus, had been hirelings working for another wizard by the name of Davion to seek out items of great magic.

She said that about a week ago, she and the other two hirelings had all returned to Davion’s manor house with items to show him, when they apparently interrupted him in his lab. When they entered his lab, he turned to them and said, “Give me everything you got!” That was when everything changed. Narana suddenly found herself in the village of Pallatia, and she had not seen Boromar, Augustus or Davion ever since then. She had also been experiencing memory lapses and until the band mentioned them to her she claimed to never have heard of Thornewood or Boromar’s Knoll. She was also very skeptical about the village altering.

Taking this information, the band decided they needed to rest at this time, and since the cave did not appear to alter in anyway whenever the village did, they went there to rest. Fortunately, they got through the entire night with no problems and not once did they witness any alterations in the land. The next morning, when they exited the cave and returned to the village, it was in the familiar Thornewood version.

As they neared the center of the village, they saw a man in robes pacing back and forth and softly speaking to himself in broken sentences. Without answering himself, he seemed to be receiving satisfactory answers from an invisible ally. When the band approached him, he ignored them at first. But when they began to speak to him, he looked up in horror at the band, then he turned and ran. He did not run far however, before acting as if he had come to his senses. Then he settled down, stopped and turned back around. As the man was walking back towards the band they could not help but notice a remarkable similarity to the priestess, Narana.

“What are your names, please?” the man asked the band. Each member of the band told him their names and said they were the Company of the Green Dragon. The man seemed to make a mental note of each name and introduced himself as the wizard Davion, no doubt the same Davion, the band realized, that Narana had mentioned previously. Soon afterwards the band saw something that sent shivers down their spines. Five other men had appeared behind Davion, and were strolling across the road as if taking no notice of the band – each of them an exact replica of one member of the band. Halfway across the road, these replicas glanced up and saw the band glaring back at them. At first they appeared stunned and confused. But their expressions quickly changed to that of anger and hatred. Immediately, a battle broke out between the two groups.

Early on in the battle, the real Tadwin managed to cast a prismatic spray and turned the false Zeke and Brom into stone, while the real Brom turned invisible and attacked Davion, convinced that he had something to do with the replicas or with the alterations of the village. Brom made enough deadly sneak attacks to easily drop just about anyone. But to the band’s amazement, he did not fall. Moments later, the imposter Corvyn stepped up and killed the real Corvyn after leaving himself in a vulnerable position. Davion then teleported away and the false Tadwin cast a prismatic spray causing the real Tadwin to go insane and attack Zeke with his staff. Brom, still invisible and with the aid of his companions, then killed in quick succession, the false Corvyn, the false Diamond and the false Tadwin.

When the battle was over, the band tried to gather the items of the fallen impostors, but the village then shifted and as it did so, the imposter’s items disappeared. The band now found themselves in the streets of Pallatia, in front of the temple of Loviatar, with people all around, staring at them and the fallen body of Corvyn. The people gasped in horror at the sight of the band and began to back away in fear. But soon they were approached by the priestess, Narana, who emerged from the temple. Much to the band’s surprise, Narana remembered them from their first encounter, unlike everyone else they had met for a second time. Narana offered to raise Corvyn from the dead, but the band declined the offer as it would be too expensive when they could simply wait until later in the day when they would be able to use the rod of resurrection again. But they did take the opportunity to move Corvyn’s body inside the temple where they could more discretely place Corvyn’s body into the portable hole. The band then further questioned Narana and spoke to her about the village transformations. Narana, however, still had her doubts about the village shifting and asked the band to provide her some proof by questioning Boromar, Augustus or Davion. Soon after, the village changed again.

This time, the village shifted to Boromar’s Knoll, and the band found themselves inside another tavern. The band asked the bartender there where they might be able to find Boromar, and the bartender told them that, coincidentally, Boromar was most likely still asleep in a room upstairs. So, the band went and knocked on his door until they woke him up. Boromar, apparently feeling the effects of a hangover, was not in a good mood and refused to believe the band’s story.

He told the band to go away and when they refused he became more upset, saying something about the villagers being right about them and that they were possessed by demons. A heated argument then followed, but was abruptly cut short when the village shifted again. The band now found themselves in an empty room on the second floor of a tavern. When they came downstairs they saw several bars and a few men in robes sipping wine. This was a place they had never seen before. The bartender there said the name of the village was Arcanon. So the band asked about the wizard Augustus and were told they might find him at a magic shop just down the street.

Following the directions given to them, the band made their way to the magic shop where they soon met Augustus for the first time. Just as they had noticed with Narana, the band saw both Boromar and Augustus bore a striking resemblance to Davion. They told Augustus their story, but unlike Boromar or even Narana, Augustus seemed very receptive to what they had to say, all the while nodding in agreement as if they were providing answers to questions he already had formed. He then offered a possible explanation by telling the same story that Narana had told but with more details. Augustus knew that Davion had recently acquired a ring of wishes and he suspected that Davion was in the process of using one of the wishes when the three hirelings interrupted him. So when Davion said, “Give me everything you got”, he literally got everything the hirelings had, including their minds and bodies.

Augustus suggested that all four individuals, including Davion, now shared the same body, and that Davion was aware of this and was able to use the abilities of all four when he was in control of the body. But he could not maintain control of the body for long. The three hirelings, on the other hand, were unaware of the other minds who periodically took control of the body and when they were not in control they would suffer memory lapses. Furthermore, whenever any one of the four minds took control of the body, the village around them would alter to suit the personality of the mind in control. This explanation seemed to make sense and if it was correct it would stand to reason that Davion would do what he could to maintain control of the body and prevent anyone from getting in his way. In order to fix things, Augustus suggested the band remove the ring of wishes from Davion and use it to reverse the wish. He also suggested that Davion might be more vulnerable in his lab in the manor on the hill, which was gradually reforming.
Part Five - Chapter Seven: The Wizards' Retreat

It was shortly before 5pm, on the 17th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon was ambushed by the wizards Kalbe and Mitt, in the dungeons of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. A couple of minutes later, the battle had effectively ground to a halt as the band regrouped and recovered behind two of walls of force. While the band was healing themselves and making plans for the second half of the battle, the two wizards likewise made preparations of their own. Kalbe apparently cast an invisibility spell on Mitt and then a fire shield spell on himself. Zeke, meanwhile, cast a true seeing spell on himself and then summoned two huge earth elementals. While the true seeing spells, which were now on Brom and Corvyn as well as Zeke, did reveal several illusions and what appeared to be phase doors near the wizards, they did not reveal the invisible Mitt, nor did they reveal the exact location of Kalbe hidden among his mirror images. This was most likely due to a powerful protection spell known as mind blank.

Still, the band decided to use a familiar tactic against the wizards, provided they could temporarily dispel the forbiddance spell in the area. After a couple of attempts, they were successful in doing so, and they were then able to dimension door the entire band around Kalbe and attack him. Despite the wizard’s displacement and fire shield, which injured anyone that struck him, the band was able to hit Kalbe enough times to seriously injure him. In desperation, the wizard used his unusually strong body to push Zeke back and out of his way. Unfortunately for him, however, as Kalbe fled from the band, the band was able to land enough attacks on him to take him down.

As this was taking place, the earth elementals summoned by Zeke attacked the three iron golems and managed to keep them occupied for a bit. Realizing the dire situation, the wizard Mitt apparently fled through one of the phase doors. Meanwhile, three stone golems came at the band from a nearby passageway and kept several members of the band busy battling them. Tadwin then cast a wall of force to keep the iron golems at bay which were eventually able to kill the earth elementals.

While the band was dealing with the stone golems, Brom made sure Kalbe was dead and stood over his body to guard it. In an effort to place the body of the fallen wizard in the band’s portable hole, which required access to an extra-dimensional space, Diamond once again had to dispel the forbiddance spell covering the area. When he did so, however, the body of Kalbe suddenly disappeared, much to the band’s dismay. It was Zeke who then theorized that there must have been a contingency spell placed on Kalbe that teleported his body away once the forbiddance spell no longer prevented it. Nevertheless, the band continued battling and destroying the stone golems, and when the stone golems were defeated, Tadwin dismissed the wall of force and the band destroyed the rest of the iron golems.

When the battle was over, the band felt as if they had been cheated and they debated a bit on whether or not to continue on or go back and rest. They decided to continue on. Brom then drank one of his potions and tunneled his way through the stone wall where one of the phase doors was, hoping to locate the wizard Mitt. But about ten feet in Brom found himself in a hallway of the lawful section with no sign of the wizard. Realizing the wizard could have simply teleported away from there, Brom made his way back to the rest of the band.

Since they could not immediately follow the wizards, the band decided to further explore what remained of this level. Retreating back to the passageway just prior to the ambush site, the band examined two areas that lay beyond two illusory walls. The first of these rooms contained a statue of Boccob and six large crystals that discharged a powerful arc of electricity between them several times a minute. The band was never able to determine the room’s purpose, though they were able to ask the statue a question and learn how to escape the area. The second of the two rooms was a large cavern in which were four fountains that contained various magical properties. Two side passages from there both led to a fifth fountain that had been smashed and no longer functioned properly.

Following the directions from the statue of Boccob, the band dimension doored beyond the forbiddance area to a large square room, where a flat-bed cart was suspended in the middle by four stone chains attached to the corners of the room. As the band attempted to skirt around the cart, the four stone chains detached from the room’s corners and suddenly attacked.

In fact, the chains and the cart to which they were attached all attacked as one gigantic animated juggernaut. But, rather than battle the juggernaut, which obviously could not move beyond this room, the band simply ran past it and entered the chamber beyond. Entering this chamber, which was merely a large and otherwise vacant cavern, was all the band needed to do, according the statue’s directions, in order to allow the teleportal through which the band entered this area, to then send the band on to where they could enter the level below. So, from here, the band dimension doored back to the silenced passageway and then stepped into the teleportal. The teleportal then took the band to a spiral staircase leading down. The band descended these stairs and eventually arrived at the seventh level of the dungeon.
Part Five - Chapter Six: The Wizards' Ambush

It was in the afternoon on the 17th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon began exploring a cavern in the 6th level of the dungeon of the Power Tower, in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk, where the band had found a stone chair carved in the shape of a winged biped. Having only minutes before battled eight very large gargoyles, the band then detected magic emanating from one of the hands on the chair, and Brom was in the process of digging it out with his magical gloves, when six of the stone statues came to life and moved to attack. As they had done with the eight gargoyles, the band battled and defeated the stone guardians, though they proved to be tougher than even the gargoyles.

After the band healed up any injuries, Zeke noticed that the magical emanation was coming from one of the holes in the hand of the chair where it appeared to be designed for fingers to be inserted. So Zeke took a chance and sat down in the chair, placing the fingers of his right hand into the holes. Moments later, a figure emerged through the only portion of wall in the cave where there had been no stone statues. Brom and Tadwin immediately recognized the figure as that of the dao Raji. But Raji, having appeared directly in front of the seated Zeke, whom he had not met before, did not at first recognize them, and instead bowed down as though he had done so many times before. The earth genie then glanced up and, realizing the man seated in the chair was not who he was expecting, looked around and spotted Brom and Tadwin. His expression quickly turned from one of bewilderment to one of restrained anger as he spoke out, saying, “Once again you have intruded upon an area where you are not welcome. The first time I was amenable and willing to hear you out. This time however, you have stumbled into an area where I’m afraid I cannot be so forgiving. Therefore, you must pay the price!” The dao then looked as if he was about to attack. But before he could, Zeke took on an air of authority and commanded him to stop. Begrudgingly, the dao did as commanded and it soon became clear to Zeke that there must be a ring of dao summoning within one of the finger holes in the chair and that, with that ring, he could force Raji to serve him.

Zeke took the opportunity then to question Raji and learned a few things that could very well be helpful. Concerning that chamber, the band discovered that the “moat” surrounding the stone chair was actually a portal to the elemental plane of earth and that Raji had been bound by Zagig to guard this chamber from intrusion. Raji also told the band what remained on this level of the dungeon and how to get there. And, supposedly as a sign of good faith, Raji told them about a room in the mist maze that might be worth investigating.

Having acquired this information, Zeke allowed the dao to leave, and Brom removed the ring of dao summoning from the chair using his magical gloves. Now aware of how to finish exploring this level, which presumably would allow them to continue on to the next, and being anxious to move on, the band then began making their way back through the mist maze. Following Raji’s directions, Brom scouted ahead by taking advantage of his spider climb potion, which was still active, and was then able to give the band a precise location to dimension door to and thus avoid any traps. Once in the right area, the band found a secret door and entered a room where they found a large crystal sphere resting on an iron stand. Upon breaking this sphere, they released three glowing sphere-shaped creatures that turned out to be fairly weak gingwatzim which were easily killed. Also inside the sphere was a ring of wishes that still had one wish remaining in it. A short while later, the band had finally made it back to the room where they had encountered the first mountain giant. There was one set of unexplored stairs there leading down to a door which Brom investigated. But it turned out to be a trap that did little harm and only delayed the band a bit.

Just a short distance from there, the band arrived at the teleportal where they had first entered the area. According to Raji, they would now be able to use it to move on to the final area of this level of the dungeon. This time, Brom led the way and as soon as he was teleported he found himself in a magically silenced alcove with one hallway leading off. He followed this hallway around a corner, while his companions teleported in behind him, and after about ten feet he was suddenly struck with wracking pains. Turning back to face his companions, he was able to warn Tadwin, who was the only one who could see him while he was invisible. The pain that Brom felt soon passed, so while his companions waited in the silenced area, Brom scouted ahead.

After another forty feet or so, the passageway opened up into a large square chamber where stood three familiar looking iron golems and a stone golem. A short way into the room, Brom discovered that the floor was an illusion, and after some probing, found that the real floor was about three feet below and made of sand. How the golems were able to stand on top of the illusory floor he could not determine, but he began to move around the perimeter of the room to get into a better position. Meanwhile, the rest of the band began moving up and as they left the silenced area of the passageway, just like Brom, they too were struck with wracking pains, all except Tadwin for some reason. Some of them suspected that Tadwin was not harmed because a forbiddance spell had been placed in the area, and Tadwin was immune to the pain due to his evil nature. If this theory was correct, it would mean that no form of extra-dimensional travel would work in this area.

Suddenly, two powerful-looking, not to mention unusually muscular and athletic, wizards appeared on the far side of the room, each of them surrounded by mirror images. One of them hit Brom with a glitterdust spell, rendering him visible, but both of them were casting quickened spells in addition to their normal spells. They struck hard and fast, and Corvyn, being at the front of the group of four, received the worst of it. One of the wizards cast a meteor swarm spell which caused a great deal of harm to the band. Only Tadwin was immune to it, for some unknown reason, and combined with the other attacks on him, it was enough to kill Corvyn. To make matters worse, the fire from the meteor swarm actually strengthened the iron golems, but left the stone golem unharmed. Brom used his last pinch of dust of disappearance to make himself invisible again and moved close to one of the wizards, while Diamond pulled out the rod of resurrection to bring Corvyn back to life. Tadwin cast a spell turning spell on himself, and Zeke cast a silence spell in the area of one of the wizards. But while one wizard held back in an apparent effort to counter any attack from Brom, the other wizard continued casting damage spells, unaffected by the silence spell he was in. Brom hesitated on making any attack on the wizards, despite his improved invisibility, fearing it would only expose him. Meanwhile, one of the golems moved forward to attack, revealing the fact that it had to climb down from a pillar that it was standing on, which created the illusion that it was standing on an illusory floor. Tadwin cast a black tentacles spell, in the area of the silence spell, but the wizard there appeared to be unaffected by it as well.

Just when it looked as if everything was going against the band, something unexpectedly good happened. The staff that Zeke had recently found suddenly sprang from his hand and flew up in the air as if with purpose. Moments later, two huge earth elementals appeared and began defending the band and attacking the golems, as if they had been summoned and commanded by the staff.

Unfortunately, soon afterwards, the apparently more powerful of the two wizards then struck the band with a cone of cold spell that devastated the band. Of the four that it hit, only Tadwin was left standing while the others were knocked unconscious. Tadwin was forced to throw up more than one wall of force, while Brom, who had recently retreated back, did what he could to revive Zeke. The band at this point began debating on whether or not to retreat and the flying staff used another one of its previously unknown powers to move the unconscious body of Diamond out of harm’s way through what was apparently a nearby illusory wall. Meanwhile, the wizards used disintegrate spells to remove the walls of force, which Tadwin and Zeke continued to replace. At some point during all of this, the recently recovered Corvyn, who could not use his ring of vampiric regeneration against the golems, found himself in a dire situation once more, and due in part perhaps to a couple of lucky swings on the part of an iron golem, was killed for the second time in the same battle less than two minutes apart! This time, the rod of resurrection could not be used to bring Corvyn back to life. So, Zeke summoned Raji again and ordered him to cast a limited wish spell and raise him from the dead. He did as commanded and immediately disappeared. But Corvyn was just barely alive and in need of immediate healing in order to stay alive and regain consciousness.

Eventually, however, the wizards finally decided to stop wasting spells on taking down the walls of force, or perhaps they simply ran out of disintegrate spells. This allowed the band to take the time to fully recover and better prepare themselves to battle the wizards. It was at this time that true seeing spells were cast on Brom and Corvyn, and only then did they discover that the wizards they had been fighting were only projected images of the real wizards who were actually standing behind an illusory wall on the far side of the room. This explained why the wizards were not affected by some of the spells cast at them. There were other illusory walls revealed around the band as well.
Part Five - Chapter Five: More Traps to Shake a Stick At

It was in the afternoon on the 17th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon found themselves exploring the 4th level of the dungeon of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk, where they had made their way past numerous traps and golems of various kinds. Having used a dimension door spell to bypass a strangely constructed section of passageway that looked suspiciously like a trap, the band began exploring a chamber that lay just ahead of them and to the right.

Two openings existed on each side of the room while an ornate divan rested against the far wall with two stone statues standing on either side. The divan and the statues rested upon a dais of red quartz one foot thick. The divan turned out to be very finely crafted and quite valuable, while the statues appeared to be stone golems.

The band investigated the opening to the right first and found that it led to a circular room with a large pillar in the center. After closer inspection, they found that the room could be rotated by pushing on the pillar in a twisting fashion. They all gathered in the room and had Corvyn twist the room only to discover that it eventually released two large gray oozes. A quickly cast wall of force, however, prevented the oozes from landing on anyone and held them at bay long enough for the band to exit the room.

The opening to the left was similar in appearance, but when it was rotated, it led to another passageway, allowing the band to move on before it rotated back to its starting position. This passageway eventually led to an oddly shaped chamber thirty feet wide at the near end and more than a hundred feet long. The central ten feet leading to the far end, on both the ceiling and the floor, dipped down in a bowl-like shape, and at the far end stood three statues. The statue to the left was of Boccob, the statue to the right was of Istus in her various forms as perceived by each member of the band, and the larger statue in the center was of Zagig holding an ornate staff that appeared to be separate from the statue.

Zeke was more curious about the staff than the others, so he approached the statues to see if the staff could be removed. He was able to take the staff with no difficulties, but once he did the statue of Zagig came to life and began threatening to destroy Zeke if he did not return the staff to it. The statues voice was so deep and filled with immense power that it sent shock waves through the surrounding stone. The band members could feel their bodies quake and the air grew thick and heavy. Zeke, at first hesitated, unsure of what to do. But as the statue made no obvious or violent moves towards him and only continued to make threats of imminent doom, Zeke began to suspect that the statue was merely bluffing. So gradually Zeke moved backwards as if to test the statue. Still it continued to threaten him but made no other actions directed at him. Zeke slowly grew more confident that the statue could not harm him, and eventually he turned and quickly rejoined his companions.

Finding a nearby doorway, the band moved rapidly through it hoping to avoid any attacks from the statue of Zagig. But no attacks came. Feeling fairly certain now that the statue was only bluffing, the band paused long enough in a passageway to let Zeke and Tadwin examine the staff. The staff was covered with runes and symbols of power and appeared made to be highly enchanted, but a detect magic spell revealed that it could cast only a light spell. Written on the staff in Suloise were the words, “Ruka Mudraca”, which means “Hand of the Magi”. One other oddity about the staff was that when Tadwin tried to pick it up, it temporarily drained him of life energy. So Zeke held on to the staff from that point on.

Continuing on down the passageway, the band soon came to a rectangular pool of water where the head of a stone statue was sticking up out of the water. The area appeared to be a dead end, but closer examination revealed an illusory wall off to one side of the pool. The band had to merely step diagonally over the corner of the pool to move beyond the illusory wall, but Zeke slipped and fell into the pool, which caused the stone golem in the pool to attack. Corvyn jumped into the pool, sinking to the bottom, and attacked back while the others did what they could from above. Once the golem was defeated, the band moved on through the illusory wall and dried themselves off as much as they could. From there, they followed a long passageway, which just happened to run parallel to the passageway that they went through when they first entered this area. At the end of this passageway they found a set of stairs leading down to the next level.

Realizing that they had left a doorway unexplored in this section, the band decided to investigate it before moving on to the next level. So they doubled back through the chamber where the statue of Zagig was, where it continued to issue baseless threats at them as they hurried past. Back at the rotating room, Brom used his magical gloves to create a hole large enough for the band to crawl through. From there, the band made their way to the unexplored doorway.

Beyond the locked door, they found a large cavern where a red carpet stretched up to an altar of purple stone, upon which rested a set of golden holy items. To the right and to the left were a pair of fountains. After looking around a bit, the band found that the water in the fountains was magical, as was a pitcher on the altar. Zeke somehow, mysteriously determined that one of the fountains had magical healing water while the water in the other fountain could restore vitality. But like the magical water in the troll cave, the magical properties of the water would disappear if the water was taken from the cavern. The magical pitcher, on the other hand, could be used to retain the magical properties of the water. So the band filled the pitcher up with water from the healing fountain and moved on.

Once more, the band retraced their steps and made their way back to the spiral stairs leading down to the 5th level of the dungeon. Upon reaching this level, with Brom scouting ahead as usual, they soon came to a large chamber filled with what appeared to be iron golems! There were nineteen of them standing at attention – enough to present a serious challenge even to the Company of the Green Dragon. But Diamond was very skeptical that anyone could have that many iron golems in one room, so he tried to disbelieve it. As it turned out, they were only illusions. Eventually the rest of the band came to realize this as well, though it took some effort to convince Tadwin they were not real.

Two other doors led from this room, one to the east and one to the south. The band chose the door to the east first, which led them to a series of passageways, doors and traps. Beyond two sets of double doors lay a passageway where the gravity in the area suddenly shifted sideways. With Brom leading the way, he nearly fell victim to these traps. The first almost dropped him into a wall of fire. When he tried to escape this by entering another passageway, he almost fell into a wall of spikes. Fortunately, in both cases, Brom managed to hang on and keep from falling.

Eventually, the series of passageways led the band to a spiral staircase which appeared to descend to the next level. But before going there, the band backtracked to the southern door in the room full of illusionary golems. Upon opening this door, it appeared the band was looking out into another plane of existence where stood a countless army of stone golems. Some of the stone golems turned and ran towards the band, but before they got very far, the band suspected this was another illusion and tried to disbelieve it. Once again, they were correct – the entire thing was just another illusion. So the band went back the spiral stairs and descended.

At the bottom of the stairs was a familiar looking alcove with a familiar looking image of a grasping hand above a wooden disc. A circle of runes written in magic said, “May the hand of Fharlanghn grasp you.” Zeke, feeling more confident than was usually the case, proposed to step into the apparent teleportal ahead of everyone else while the band waited back for a bit. The band was still unsure how Zeke had so easily managed to identify the properties of the magical fountains a bit earlier, but they agreed to let him take the lead.

When Zeke then stepped into the teleportal, he immediately found himself in another alcove with a long narrow passageway heading off in one direction from which soon came the light of a torch. Seven heavy chains stretched across the passageway at the height of about five feet and were attached to iron rings and eyelets. The source of the torchlight soon revealed a huge mountain giant fast approaching, so Zeke cast a dimension door spell and transported himself behind it. The mountain giant then pulled a lever thereby releasing a counterweight that caused several of the chains to pull huge blocks of stone out into the passageway sealing it off and creating a few small chambers. Zeke tried unsuccessfully to charm the mountain giant, which then turned and struck Zeke a few times, critically wounding him. Realizing he could not take any more hits from the giant, Zeke cast an invisibility spell and hid while he waited for his companions to arrive.

The mountain giant, meanwhile, reset the stone blocks in their original positions and stood by and waited. When the band arrived one at a time in the alcove, the mountain giant again set off his trap, this time trapping Brom and Corvyn in between two of the stone blocks. Realizing the he and Corvyn were about to be crushed by the other set of blocks, Brom used his magical gloves to dig into one of the stone blocks.

Having managed to avoid the trap so far, the band then used dimension doors to move beyond the trap where they were then able to battle and kill the mountain giant. After searching the giant’s lair, the band took one of two side passages where they immediately came upon a door. But before they could open the door, they heard the sound of a man crying out in anguish, coming from a long passageway behind them. They band hurried in the direction of the scream, past a side chamber with a huge table and three huge chairs, and into a cave where a large pit took up much of the floor. There was no sign of a man in pain, but there were two mountain giants on the opposite side of the pit ready to throw boulders. Being invisible, as usual, Brom was able to fly over the pit and kill one of the giants before it got to attack. The other giant was easily killed just moments later.

Behind the giants lay a small mound of treasure consisting of coins and gems. Included among the treasure though, the band found a small sealed urn that when opened would let out the sound of a man crying out in anguish – apparently a permanent audible glamor intended to trick people. Nearby, behind a secret door, the band found the bedroom of the giants, but nothing of value there.

Returning to the door they were at when they heard the scream, the band opened it to find what appeared to be a drawbridge spanning a huge pit of flames. As the band approached, the far side of the drawbridge was being pulled up, giving the band a sense of urgency to do something before it was too late. But before they did anything rash, it was fortunately discovered to be largely an illusion. The flames were not real and neither was the far drawbridge. Instead, the pit was lined with needle-point spikes and hidden among the illusory flames was a series of planks and pillars that would allow easy access to the far side of the room.

Once past this trap and through the far door, the band was faced with a choice between a set of stairs going down or a passageway to the left. They took the passageway first. After a couple of turns, they came upon an area that looked as if it had been hit with a fireball, with blackened wooden beams partially blocking the way. After squeezing past this obstacle, the band then was confronted with a collapsed stairwell going down. Using ropes to secure themselves, the band slowly made their way past this. From there, around a corner and down a long passageway, the band finally came to a dead end where stood a strange statue of a dragon man.

As soon as the band saw the statue, the statue began to speak, starting with the number twenty and counting down. When the statue got to number sixteen, the band realized what it was and took off running as fast as they could. Moments later, an explosion filled the passageway with fire and the band barely avoided getting caught in it, missing them by a couple of feet, though they could certainly feel the heat. When the smoke had cleared and the band had come to the conclusion that this passageway was nothing but a trap, they made their way back to the stairs they had passed up earlier.

These stairs did not go down very far and soon led to a door. Beyond this door lay a maze of sorts where the floor was covered by a billowing mist. Brom drank a potion of spider climbing and was able to effectively map out the entire maze with no difficulties, eventually finding a set of stairs on the far side. But when Brom tried to lead the band through the maze, they stepped on a couple of pressure plates along the way. Each time they did, a secret door nearby would open and through a magical portal a monster of some kind would step through. The first monster was an ice devil. The second was a nalfeshnee demon. The band was able to kill both with relative ease before moving on.

The stairs on the far side of the maze descended about fifteen feet and led to a large cavern, the walls of which were almost entirely lined with stone statues of bizarre beings. On the far side of the cavern were several unnatural rock columns, but the center of the chamber was dominated by a very large rock column. Sitting beside this central column was a stone chair carved to look like a winged biped squatting so that you sit on its legs, rest against its chest, and use its arms for arm rests. Its palms were turned up with curled fingers. The chair had gem stone eyes and rest upon a dais which was surrounded by a circular sort of mote that descended into darkness.

As the band was looking about the chamber, eight of the stone statues, which turned out to be very tough gargoyles, suddenly attacked. The band was able to fight them off and kill them, though they did suffer a few injuries. After healing up and casting a detect magic spell, they discovered something magical emanating from one of the hands in the chair. When Brom began to dig it out, six more of the statues came to life and moved to attack.
Part Five - Chapter Four: Genies, Traps and Golems

It was late in the afternoon on the 15th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon defeated the chaotic faction in the dungeons of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk, including the yuan-ti leaders of the faction. Following the battle against the yuan-ti, the band searched their bodies and then entered the lair of the abomination.

Inside the small cave stood a reptilian altar upon which rested a clay pot containing six leathery eggs. Just in front of the altar, wet sand led down into a pool of water. Placed around the altar were various pieces of treasure including a large scimitar sheath of ivory inset with emeralds and rubies. Some of the treasure was coated with a contact poison, but Brom noted it and washed the poison off before stashing the treasure, including the yuan-ti eggs, into the band’s portable hole.

With the chaotic faction now eradicated, the band decided it was time for them to rest, and so they turned back. On the way back to the dungeons of the War Tower, the band grabbed the body of the gnome that had been killed in a cave-in on the seventh level. Back in their quarters below the War Tower, Tadwin cast a spell to protect them from being scryed upon and the band rested overnight.

The next morning, that of the 16th day of Planting, Tadwin mended Corvyn’s broken sword and Diamond cast a speak with the dead spell on the body of the gnome. From this, they learned that the gnome had heard a voice coming from within the nearby stone and, out of curiosity, decided to dig towards it. They also found out that the gnome had come from the nearby gnome warren of Grossettgrottell, so they assigned their henchmen the task of returning the body to his family there. For the remainder of the day, the band simply rested and made further preparations for their return to the dungeons of the Power Tower, while Tadwin continued to protect them from scrying. By the end of the day, the life energy that had been drained from Tadwin during the battle against the yuan-ti, had returned to him and he was fully recovered.

On the following day, Moonday, the 17th day of Planting, after spending an hour consuming a hero’s feast, the band made their way through the secret tunnel, back into the dungeons of the Power Tower. As before, Brom stayed behind on the fourth level, while Zeke teleported the rest of the band to the first level where all the spellcasters were able to double their spells at the magical meeting table.

From there, they went to one of the statues and asked it about the springs that the band had discovered on the sixth level. The statue told them that drinking from one of the springs would grant them a permanent gift but that drinking from a second spring would remove that gift as well as any chance to gain another gift. The spellcasters then said a prayer to the statue and it granted them each a very powerful spell. Corvyn decided to say a prayer as well, for no reason in particular, and much to his surprise, he too was granted a spell!

From the statue of Boccob, the four members of the band made their way downstairs to the altar of Boccob, where they had their weapons blessed, including Brom’s two best daggers. Then Zeke teleported everyone to where Brom had been left waiting. At this point, Diamond cast an augury spell and determined it would not be worthwhile to investigate a caved in passageway on the fourth level. So the band followed a set of spiral stairs leading down from the battle chamber on the fourth level, which the band had not yet fully explored. These stairs ended in a short hallway on the fifth level that looked exactly like one they seen before on the fourth level, with a single door and three teleportation alcoves at the opposite end.

Looking inside the door, they followed another short hallway, which again opened up into a familiar looking library. As in the library on the fourth floor, a cozy fire burst to life in the fireplace, a book floated off a shelf along the far wall, and a chair slid back mysteriously next to a desk. But, whereas the library on the fourth floor contained a cumbersome set of minor arcane spells and a travel-guide to the Flanaess, this library contained an index of creatures and their various names they’d been given throughout the races of human, elf, dwarf, gnome and halfling kind. Also, the floating book was entitled, “52nd year, 5th month, Day of observable social behavior among the three philosophies of evil-kind, Initiated by Zagig Yragerne of the Ring of Five”. The last entry was dated the 22nd day of Coldeven, 30 days prior and the day before the band began their assault on the 3rd level of the dungeon.

This book, as the title suggests, was a log of observations on the three evil factions up until the Company of the Green Dragon began interfering with the wizard’s experiments. The desk also contained a small book which had these phrases hastily written in it: “Zagig commands you, rotate, don’t rotate, twist,” and, “aren’t they beautiful?” After making note of all the things in the library, the band moved on.

At this point, Tadwin wanted to test a theory about the teleportation alcoves. So, he stepped into one, thinking it would take him to the same location that the alcove on the fourth level had. Instead, it took him to the meenlock’s laboratory on the 5th level. Realizing this teleportation chamber was attuned to different, unknown locations, Tadwin used a dimension door spell to return to his companions at the 5th level alcoves. From there, the band went back upstairs and then back down to the 7th level of the chaotic section where the dead gnome had been found.

After clearing away the rubble around the gnome’s tunnel, Brom used the longtooth dagger to continue digging in the same direction. After half an hour of digging, aided by his band mates who continued to clear away the rubble, Brom finally emerged in an oddly shaped chamber where stood a small pyramid of packed earth about twenty feet wide and twelve feet high. Neither the cavern nor the pyramid had any visible entrances. Tadwin followed Brom into the cavern and, with his ability to see invisible objects, noticed an invisible cloud of gas emerge from the pyramid and hover in the air above them as if observing them. Suspecting the cloud of gas to be sentient, Tadwin addressed the cloud asking who it was. The cloud of gas then became visible and solidified into a genie-like being.

He introduced himself as Raji and asked Tadwin and Brom why they had intruded upon his lair. Tadwin spoke to the genie, which he recognized to be a genie from the elemental plane of earth, known as a dao, and introduced Brom and himself from the Company of the Green Dragon, saying they were merely exploring the dungeons. When Tadwin asked Raji what his purpose was, the dao told him he had made a deal with Zagig long ago but was very evasive about any further details. Tadwin then offered to likewise make a deal with him. The dao mentioned that he would consider providing some information about the dungeons in exchange for any large gems they might have. But Brom suggested they return to make a deal with Raji when they had some questions to be answered. So the two of them left the dao in peace.

From there, the band then made their way to the springs on level six. They had to use more of their elixirs of diminution in order to get through the narrow passageway. Once there, each member of the band except Tadwin, who had already done so, took a drink from one of the springs and thus were granted a gift such as the ability to never need sleep again.

When the band was done with this, they returned to the fourth level of the dungeon and entered the neutral section where they descended again to the sixth level and the chamber where they had acquired several slaying arrows in a trap. Moving past this area, the band continued on to the set of spiral stairs that went back up to the fifth level, and the long passageway there where the band had previously turned back because they realized it was leading them away from the neutral faction, which at that time they still had not yet defeated. Now, with all three factions defeated, the band picked up where they had left off here, this being the only reasonably easily accessible passageway into whatever remained of the dungeons of the Power Tower. Hopefully it would lead them to the two remaining wizards.

After some one hundred eighty feet or so, the passageway came to an apparent dead end. But while searching for secret doors, Corvyn discovered that a wall to his right was only an illusion and he almost fell into a pit on the other side of it. Upon closer inspection, the pit was about thirty feet deep, but off to one side of it lay another passageway. Brom realized he could easily create a much safer opening leading to the passageway with his magical gloves and did so. But before the band stepped through, Tadwin discovered another illusionary wall on the opposite side of the original passageway.

Beyond this illusionary wall was a chamber which included, among other things, two flesh golems that now attacked. The band defeated the two flesh golems relatively easily, after which they discovered the contents of the room which consisted of most of the components needed to build a flesh golem, a stone golem and an iron golem, including the necessary spells on scrolls and the various construction manuals. There was also an unanimated stone golem laying upon a large block of iron. The band put everything but the stone golem and the block of iron into the portable hole and moved on through the hole in the wall created by Brom. This wide passageway came to a strange looking T-intersection after about twenty-five feet or so.

Here, a set of double doors was set into a wall that curved gradually out of sight to the right and to the left into passageways that were only about a foot wide. All along the curved walls were iron spikes set in a very orderly pattern. Finding no traps and the doors unlocked, the band opened the doors which sung inwards only partially. Beyond the doors lay a large circular chamber about sixty feet in diameter. At the center stood a large red pillar with flames carved upon it. A band of red stone three feet wide encircled the pillar at the floor, while the remainder of the floor was pink marble. The walls were lined with thick iron stakes that gleamed with moisture, including the inside surface of the doors, which explained why they only opened partially.

As soon as the band entered the chamber, the doors slammed shut behind them and the chamber began to slowly rotate, all except the pillar and the area of red stone. Gradually, the spinning room picked up speed. Tadwin then recalled the phrases he had recently read in the book that they found in the library and shouted out, “Zagig commands you, don’t rotate.” Almost immediately, the spinning room began to slow down until it came to a stop. The band was then able to exit the chamber. But sensing there was more to it, Tadwin was determined to solve the puzzle. So the band entered the chamber again. It took a few tries, and each time he was wrong, the spinning chamber threatened to launch the band into the stake-covered walls. But eventually, Tadwin used the phrase, “Zagig commands you, rotate”, at which point, the chamber merely rotated one hundred eighty degrees and came to a stop. When the band opened the doors this time, they were now facing a new passageway.

The band followed this wide passageway, which turned right after about forty feet and then came to another chamber about fifty feet further on. In this chamber stood what appeared to be three flesh golems, two stone golems and an iron golem. As soon as the band entered the chamber, most but not all of the golems came to life and moved to attack. But Tadwin, again remembering the book of phrases, called out, “Aren’t they beautiful,” hoping to get lucky. Much to everyone’s surprise, the golems suddenly stopped and stood motionless. Tadwin then tried to command the golems but they would not follow any of his orders. Realizing that they would probably need some other kind of command word to take control of the golems, the band left them alone in the hopes that they could use them later on.

To one side of the chamber was another set of double doors. So the band passed through these and entered another wide passageway. After about sixty feet, however, this passageway narrowed, became cylindrical, and was made up of silver bands of metal running lengthwise for more than sixty feet. Not liking the looks of it, Tadwin cast an arcane eye spell and sent it up ahead. With the arcane eye, Tadwin explored the area beyond but was not able to go very far before running into a door and a chamber with no apparent exit. So Tadwin sent the eye back behind the group and up into the curved passageways surrounding the rotating chamber. There, he was able to confirm what he had previously suspected – that the chamber was being rotated by golems – iron golems to be precise. Perhaps at some point, the band thought, they could also assume control of these golems as well.

When the arcane eye spell ran out of its usefulness, Zeke cast a dimension door spell and took everyone to the far side of the strange, cylindrical, metallic passageway, where the band was able to continue its explorations.

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