Greyhawk: Gem of the Flanaess

Part Four - Chapter Eight: The End of the Lawful Faction

It was on Starday, the 1st day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon first encountered the rakshasa, Shiraka, leader of the lawful faction in the dungeons of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. Soon after the encounter, and a brief battle with him, the band cleared out the 5th dungeon level of the lawful section, including all the remaining flind, and was ready to descend to the next level.

Before doing so, however, they decided to sweep all the levels of the lawful section that they had so far explored with a spell to detect for secret doors. By doing so, they could be certain there were no other passageways leading into other sections of the levels they had already visited. The only secret door they found, in fact, was on the upper most level where, according to a notation found in Zelcon’s journal, the lawful faction had previously hidden away much of their treasure. This treasure had been moved, but the band believed they later found it stashed away in an area adjacent to the quarters of Shiraka.

With the upper levels of the lawful section now thoroughly searched, the band descended back down and continued on down the stairs to the next level with Brom scouting ahead invisibly as usual. After descending some 50 feet or so through the typical series of steps, broken up every 25 feet or so by a landing, the stairs continued on down with no sign of a sixth dungeon level. This made the band wonder if the sixth level was much deeper than expected, or if the stairs for the lawful section went past the sixth level and proceeded on down to the seventh level. Whatever the case, the stairs finally came to an end about 80 feet down.

As Brom neared the bottom, he heard the sound of movement below, followed by the sound of a large door being closed and a metal bar being set in place. When he peered around the corner, he found a sizeable lab containing a table filled with bottles, glassware, buckets, and moss cultures. Shelves around the room had similar items, while a slab of meat was soaking in a glass container. Many cruel looking knives lay about and to the right was a set of stone doors held fast with an iron bar.

When the rest of the band joined Brom, they took some time to look about the lab and found several magic potions and some books that appeared to record, in common, a series of experiments done in the lab. One of the entries in one of the books read, “We have finally found a moss potion mixture which causes permanent size increase. Tail spikes are now regenerating at an incredible rate.” This sounded to the band as if they had been experimenting on manticores, which the band had encountered once before, and that these manticores were probably the so-called pets that Zelcon’s journal had mentioned.

After the band did a fairly thorough search of the lab, Tadwin cast a clairvoyance spell and took a look beyond the stone doors. But he found little except the edge of a large cave and darkness. So the band opened the doors, but once again they saw only a cave wall just a short ways in and behind that, a huge vaulted cavern that extended beyond the range of the band’s darkvision spells. Tadwin then sent an arcane eye into the cavern and saw many stalagmites, stalactites, and columns filling much of the huge chamber, which also had a very uneven floor. Hiding behind several of the rock columns, however, were about a dozen meenlocks, and towards the rear of the cave, guarding a sizable pile of treasure, were two enormous manticores. The manticores appeared very ferocious and quite mad, with wild staring eyes and drooling, fang –filled mouths.

The band quickly devised a plan and then had Diamond dimension door Corvyn and Brom right next to the manticores, while Tadwin and Zeke did the same but appeared a short distance away where they could easily attack the meenlocks. Brom tried to sneak in between the two meenlocks invisibly and undetected, but with their superior sense of smell the manticores sensed he was there and tried to attack him. Corvyn and Diamond, meanwhile, moved in to flank one of the manticores while Tadwin and Zeke launched fireballs at the meenlocks. One of the manticores stayed on the ground and fought back with its claws, teeth and tail spikes, while the other one took to the air and unexpectedly breathed fire on the band as it hovered above.

Shortly after the battle began, some members of the band realized they were being attacked with spells from an unknown source, when Corvyn suddenly stopped attacking and began looking about in some confusion. Tadwin came to Corvyn’s aid though by drawing near to him, thus allowing his protection from evil spell to shake off whatever spell was affecting Corvyn. With Corvyn back in the fight, the manticore on the ground was soon badly injured. Moments later, the unseen spellcaster revealed himself when he launched a lightning bolt at some members of the band. As expected, it was Shiraka, the rakshasa. At about the same time, Zeke cast a charm monster spell on the flying manticore, which had not been injured, and thereby managed to take it out of the fight.

Not long after that, the manticore on the ground, which proved to be very tough, was killed, while the vast majority of the meenlocks fled using their dimension door ability. The band then turned on Shiraka, who apparently had very few spells left and no means of escape. He resorted to fighting with his spear, but despite his resistance to weapons and spells, he did not last for long against the band and, like the first manticore, he too was finally killed.

With Shiraka dead, the lawful faction was effectively destroyed. Almost a dozen meenlocks had escaped, but it seemed unlikely that they would make any effort to try and ally themselves with any of the other factions or even with the wizards. Chances were that they would instead revert back to the normal behavior of meenlocks and remain hidden and elusive while the band carried on with their mission of eliminating the wizards. In time, the meenlocks could prove to be a nuisance and might eventually need to be dealt with. But they would be difficult to track down and for the time being, the band had more important matters to attend to.

One of these matters concerned the manticore that Zeke had charmed. Unless the manticore was threatened in any way, the charm spell would probably last a couple of weeks. But the thought occurred to the band that an enhanced, giant-sized, manticore could prove to be a very effective ally in the defense of their keep, providing, of course, that the manticore could be trusted and kept under control. The band thought it would be worth a try, so they decided to take the manticore back to the keep and take whatever steps they could think of to make it work.

The first step would be to get the manticore back to the War Tower. So Zeke cast a dimension door spell and took the manticore out of the Power Tower, while Tadwin teleported everyone else to the War Tower. A short while later, Zeke and the manticore also arrived at the War Tower, where Diamond then cast a heal spell on the manticore to cure its insanity.

Then, because he did not want to magically influence the manticore’s decision, Zeke removed the charm spell on it, and then made a proposal to the manticore, asking it if it would be willing to come live with them in their keep in the sky and serve as a guardian of the keep, so long as it abided by certain rules which Zeke then outlined. Realizing the offer was far more preferable to his previous situation (or to what might happen should he refuse the offer), the manticore readily agreed.

The following day, on Sunday, the 2nd day of Planting, Brom gave the manticore, whose name the band had learned by now was Moonraiser, a potion that allowed him to transform into a large bird, thus making it easier to take him into the sewers below the house in Greyhawk, through the gate, and on to Prism Keep. There, the band introduced Moonraiser to the rest of the band’s henchmen and set up some temporary quarters for the giant manticore.

According to their agreement, the manticore was not allowed to hunt any demi-humans, such as humans, dwarves and elves, nor any of their livestock or pets. But he could hunt down any other humanoids or wild animals he wanted, particularly in the nearby forests, hills and mountains. In exchange, the band would build accommodations more suited to the giant manticore and he would help defend the keep from any enemies. Finally, the band began the process of making plans for and constructing the agreed upon accommodations.

Since the band was already at the keep and dealing with these matters, the band decided to take some time off to train, study and learn new spells and potions, as they got the feeling that once they returned to the Power Tower, it would be in their best interest to continue pressing the attack until all the wizards were eliminated. In fact, they became so concerned that the wizards might come after them, that they all pitched in enough money to have Tadwin cast a spell on the house in Greyhawk which would hopefully prevent anyone from scrying on it or the sewers below. Money, at this time, was not an issue for the band, since the mines were now in full operation and business was good at the pawn shop.

Ten more days then passed, during which time the band made several trips back to Greyhawk, and always in groups, as they prepared themselves for an extended visit to the Power Tower. On the evening of Waterday, the 12th day of Planting, the band was ready to return to the castle ruins.
Part Four - Chapter Seven: Assault on the Lawful Faction

It was on Starday, the 1st day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon returned to the dungeons of the Power Tower and resumed their assault on the lawful faction of monsters collected there for the experiments of the wizards who lived below and who claimed to be The Ring of Five. But the band had recently discovered that these wizards were not who they said they were, and following the death of the first of these wizards, who had claimed to be Leomund, the band tended to their injuries and searched the bodies of the dead wizard and the meenlocks who had fought alongside him.

Among the few items of worth found on the dead wizard was a journal that the wizard had kept, which revealed some interesting and useful bits of information. For example, according to the journal, the wizard’s real name was Zelcon and there was another leader of the lawful faction named Shiraka, who was also a powerful spellcaster, though the nature of this being was unclear. The lawful faction also had two, so-called “pets” that, due to potions they were being fed, had increased in size and abilities. Again, the nature of these pets remained in question, but they were thought to be powerful enough to be able to cause great harm upon the other factions. So, after scanning a few of the entries in this journal, it was decided that the band had best continue their assault on the lawful faction before turning to the other factions, as it had been suggested immediately following the death of the wizard.

With this thought in mind, the band returned to the strange laboratory that they had just entered when they were attacked by Zelcon and the meenlocks. There, they gathered up a few items of value and examined the bizarre-looking creature that lay strapped to the central table. The creature appeared to be a cross between a bugbear and a meenlock, and though it was still alive, it was barely conscious. Recalling the method used by meenlocks to repopulate, Tadwin realized that the creature had once been a bugbear, most likely captured from the chaotic faction, and which was in the process of being transformed into a meenlock. So Tadwin did what he could awaken the creature and began to question it.

Tadwin was able to learn a few things from the creature concerning the chaotic faction. According to it, their benefactor and advisor was the wizard who claimed to be The Black One, also known as the Mage of the Valley of the Mage. But the leader of the chaotic faction was named Shorath, whom the creature described as a snake-man. The band could not be sure what he meant by snake-man as there were a number of races that could be described as such, including nagas, serpentfolk, ophidians and yuan-ti, though only the latter two were generally thought to be chaotic in nature. When the band felt they had learned all that was useful from the altered creature, Tadwin cut his throat and the band moved on.

Returning to the intersection, the band investigated the remaining rooms on the 4th dungeon level, including a chamber that appeared to be an entrance point for the meenlocks’ dimension door ability, where the band also found a set of stairs that apparently led to the level below. The rest of the rooms all appeared to be the living quarters of the meenlocks and none of them were occupied. Here, the band gathered up anything of value and made their way back to the stairs leading down.

Like before, Brom scouted ahead invisibly as the band descended the stairs to the 5th dungeon level. At the bottom of the stairs, Brom came to a narrow hallway with a set of double doors to the right and a strange, light mist in the hall straight ahead. Hesitant to enter the mist, the band focused on the doors first. These doors, as the band soon discovered, were made of iron, locked and held in place by a thick iron bar on the opposite side. After Brom picked the lock, Tadwin summoned an earth elemental and sent it to the opposite side of the doors to remove the iron bar. The band was able to open the doors then, but all they found was a set of stairs leading down to the next level.

So Tadwin used the time remaining for the earth elemental to send it into the mists. There was a long curtain to the right side of the hallway and an open room to the left where a stone throne inlaid with gold, platinum and gems sat upon a raised dais.. But the earth elemental was not able to discover anything more about the mist, so the band decided to use a dimension door spell and skip past the mist and into the hallway beyond. Before the band was able to do this however, some of the band heard the sound of chanting coming from beyond the curtain, while others saw several daggers flying towards them, having passed through the curtain as if it was not there.

The daggers failed to hit anyone, but it became obvious that the band was now under attack. Some members of the band suspected the curtains to be an illusion and moved to counter attack, while Zeke tossed a fireball into the mist. Brom however, fell under a confusion spell and made a sneak attack on Zeke, wounding him badly. Fortunately, Diamond was able to dispel the confusion spell soon after and the band continued on into the mist. Beyond what was indeed an illusionary curtain, the band found four meenlocks, two of which wore armor. The meenlocks stood before a long stone wall, but some members of the band continued to hear chanting coming from beyond the wall and they suspected that the stone wall was also an illusion.

While his companions dealt with the meenlocks, Brom tested the stone wall behind the meenlocks and discovered that it was indeed an illusion. Beyond this illusion was another room occupied by rows of benches clearly intended for an audience to gaze upon whoever sat in the throne. Standing at the center of this room, much to Brom’s surprise, was a six foot tall meenlock casting spells! It was at about this time that the band sensed a wave of despair come over them, though only Corvyn was adversely affected by it.

Seeing Brom approaching, despite his invisibility, the spell casting meenlock cast another spell and produced several mirror images of himself. He followed this with other spells, but they had no effect on the band. Meanwhile, the rest of the band managed to kill two of the smaller meenlocks. But the two wearing armor fled using their dimension door abilities. The band all turned their attention then to the tall meenlock, but they found him to be very difficult to hit due to his mirror images and also because of his quick reflexes and an unusually tough hide. When they did manage to hit him, they also found him to be very resistant to damage. To make matters worse, he appeared to be very resistant to spells as well. The spell casting meenlock, however, seemed to have just as much difficulty in harming the band, so like the other meenlocks, he too soon fled using a dimension door spell.

When the battle came to an end, the band took some time to look around and tend to some injuries. They also discussed the unusual characteristics of the spell casting meenlock, which the band now assumed to be the lawful faction’s leader named Shiraka. Not only did this meenlock cast spells and was considerably taller than other meenlocks, there were other examples that made him different than the others. For example, unlike the other meenlocks that could dimension door as a natural ability, this one apparently had to actually cast a spell in order to do it. This and his resistance to weapons and spells made the band wonder if Shiraka was indeed a meenlock at all, or perhaps something else entirely that merely appeared to be a meenlock.

Moving on from there, the band followed the hallway around a corner and came to a room filled with chests, plies of coins and other bits of treasure including some long spears. Next to the treasure behind a curtain were the small but lavish quarters of a lone individual. In addition to a very nice bed and a dresser full of very nice clothes were two tapestries depicting portraits of humanoids with animal heads, one of a tiger and the other a boar. It was at this point when the band realized that Shiraka was an evil, shape-changing spirit known as a rakshasa. The band gathered up much of the treasure, including the more valuable coins and gems found in the chests, but left all the less valuable coins behind due to their encumbrance.

Behind one of the tapestries, the band found a concealed door, so they went to investigate what lay beyond. With Brom leading the band invisibly, as usual, they made their way through a hallway that made a few turns and widened out as it did so. After a few turns, Brom spotted half a dozen meenlocks which were watching the band through a spy hole in the wall. At about the same time, half a dozen more meenlocks appeared right behind the rest of the band, taking them by surprise, and attacked. The group of meenlocks that Brom had seen then moved in on the group to surround them. The meenlocks managed to hurt the band with a few effective sneak attacks, but soon afterwards, many of the meenlocks where being mowed down by broad arcing swings from Corvyn’s greatsword. The battle did not last for too much longer as the meenlocks were quickly killed.

After tending to a few injuries, the band continued on down the wide corridor until they came to a large room that seemed small as it was packed with flind. There were about twenty adult females and more than forty young, in addition to kitchen supplies, equipment and stacks of bed mats. Brom had quaffed a potion allowing him to see invisible objects and while he was scouting ahead invisibly, he spotted four armored warriors who were also invisible and moving stealthily towards the band. He allowed them to pass, but warned his companions as he did so.

The flind warriors attacked using two weapons each and once again almost killed Corvyn. But Corvyn was fortunate this time and somehow survived the attacks. The band then ganged up on the now visible warriors and quickly took them down without too much more difficulty. Zeke, meanwhile, tossed a fireball at the female flind who then attacked in desperation. But they too were easily defeated. All that remained now were the young flind who cowered in the far half of the room.

The band debated a bit on what to do with the flind, with some members of the band, such as Tadwin, wanting to kill them all, while others, such as Brom, wanting to spare them. Corvyn suggested capturing the young and selling them to the Pit for training in the gladiatorial arena. But Corvyn was then reminded about the fact that it was the flind who, earlier that same day, had killed him. So, staying true to his chaotic nature, Corvyn suddenly reversed his opinion and without waiting for the others to approve, began slaughtering the defenseless young in a savage bloodbath! Moments later, after having massacred the young flind and now covered from head to toe in gore, Corvyn looked around at what he had done, and felt guilty, while his companions mocked him for his sudden act of violence, feigning shock and disappointment. It was, of course, too late to change things now. So the band, once again, tended to their injuries and continued on.

On the far side of the room was a single door that led to a short hallway. At the end of this hallway were two statues standing upon a raised platform and seemingly guarding a fountain set into an alcove. One statue was modeled after the wizard Zelcon, while the other statue appeared to be Zagig. The band found nothing extraordinary about the fountain as it contained only clean water. But they detected some form of magic on the statue of Zagig. While they were examining it, they found they could move it and written under it was the word “Hophmolock.” Zeke spoke the word out loud and suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke. Diamond, believing this to be a teleportal, also spoke the word out loud and he too disappeared in a puff of smoke. But at the same time, Zeke reappeared and said that he had been trapped inside the statue as if he had melded into the statue. Realizing that Diamond was now trapped inside the statue and that simply breaking the statue would probably only harm Diamond, Tadwin tried using his rod of negation on the statue. Fortunately, it caused Diamond to be released from the statue, but Tadwin was doubtful that it would work a second time.
Part Four - Chapter Six: The Fate of the False Leomund

It was on Sunday, the 23rd day of Coldeven, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon made their first foray into the 3rd dungeon level of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. By the end of that day, they had been convinced by the wizard the band knew as Leomund, that they had no right to invade those dungeons as they were trespassing into the home and laboratory of the Ring of Five.

But over the next few days, the band learned that the wizards who lived in the castle dungeons were not the Ring of Five as they claimed to be and apparently had been responsible for kidnaping people. According to Caleb, formerly of the Champions of Valor, the band’s rival, Valen Rowendale was being held a prisoner in the dungeons, enslaved by some powerful being that lived in the dungeon’s depths. Perhaps there were others there who were likewise imprisoned and enslaved. These facts alone were more than enough reason for the band to justify their return to the dungeons of the Power Tower.

So, over the following week or more, the band made plans to return to the castle ruins and eliminate the wizards whom the band was convinced were up to no good. Six days after their return to the city, however, was the beginning of Growfest, and while this was not a holiday week in which members of the band had any particular plans to celebrate, it did offer them an excuse to take some time off and enjoy some free time for a change. It might also have convinced the wizards in the Power Tower to let their guard down if the band had waited a bit. As a result, the band waited until the end of Growfest, a total of twelve days, before returning to the castle ruins.

On Freeday, the 7th day of Growfest, the band attended the annual Desportium of Magick, a contest between illusionists who seek to cast the most magnificent display of illusion magic depicting an attack by monsters and humanoids on the Grand Citadel, which was held every year at the Free City Arena near Grey College. Tadwin, Zeke and Diamond knew a few of the illusionists from the Guild of Wizardry and wanted to see how they fared in the contest.

Following the conclusion of the magical spectacle though, Tadwin teleported the band to the War Tower were they then spent the night before making their next venture into the Power Tower. By this time, Kelgor and the dwarves had begun the mining operation in the War tower while the band’s upper henchmen were put in charge of handling security there.

On the following morning, after consuming a hero’s feast provided by Diamond, the band walked over to the ruins of the Power Tower and asked the elves there to speak with their leader, Nimlith. When they were escorted inside the elven fortress, the band told Nimlith and the elves that the wizards below were not the Ring of Five, and they informed them of other things they had recently learned about the wizards’ operations. They also informed the elves that one of the priests of Boccob, most likely their leader, Bern Hengdal, knew of the deception.

The elves appeared to be a bit surprised, though perhaps not entirely convinced and when asked if the elves had been told by the priests to report the band’s comings and goings to the tower’s dungeons, they answered truthfully that they had. When the band asked them who they would side with in a conflict between the band and the wizards, the elves clearly became uncomfortable, but they wisely answered that they would side with the band. Of course, the elves would probably say almost anything in order to protect themselves. Finally, the band asked the elves to take them to the priests of Boccob so they could confront them.

The elves did as asked and escorted the band to the two pyramids sitting next to the tower ruins. There they summoned a priest of Boccob by the name of Empiri Chalemede who emerged from the pyramid through what appeared to be a passwall spell. The band told him that the wizards below were not the Ring of Five and accused one of them of knowing this. Empiri clearly did not believe them, saying his master Bern would dispute this. Bern and one other priest by the name of Dormian Fargeth were then summoned from the pyramid in the same manner, and the band made the same accusations to him hoping to goad him into attacking them. But Bern was not so easily provoked and instead argued with the band, saying he would commune with Boccob on the matter. Tadwin, however, told him that they would not allow them back inside the pyramids and that he needed to leave in order to avoid a conflict.

Bern and his two lesser priests were clearly not prepared to enter into any kind of battle with the band. So Bern wisely accepted the offer granted to him by Tadwin and simply walked away, taking with him the two lesser priests who appeared to be rather confused and concerned about the entire ordeal. The three priests crossed over the bridge leading to the central plateau and entered the crumbling walls of Zagig’s Tower where they disappeared. Exactly where the priests went from there, the band could not be sure, but they were fairly convinced that the priests would somehow inform the wizards below of the band’s presence.

Despite this fact, the band decided to continue on with their intended plans and entered the Power Tower. As before, the band’s first stop was at the meeting room on the first floor where the band hoped to double their memorized spells at the magical table. Unlike on their first attempt at this, the band’s spellcasters all succeeded this time and so they went into the dungeons believing they could get a great deal accomplished.

Their next stop was at the altar of Boccob on the 2nd dungeon level, where the band got all of their weapons blessed. From there the band went to find some nearby statues of Boccob to test a rumor they had recently heard which claimed that the statues of Boccob would answer questions about the dungeons below. To the band’s surprise, not only did the statues answer a few questions, but, as the band discovered, the statues would also grant a powerful spell to whoever prayed to it. Here, among other things, the band learned that a wondrous creature of great knowledge and power could be found on the bottom level of the dungeons.

After dealing with the statues, the band went to investigate the one area in the catacombs left unexplored, where there were thought to be mummies trapped behind the caved-in section of a hallway. Here Brom used one of his potions which allowed him to easily dig through the cave-in and the band crawled through to the other side. Once there, the band found a chamber beyond lined with coffins and occupied by five animated mummies. They killed the mummies with no difficulty and afterwards collected a decent amount of treasure, some of which was magical. With this accomplished, the band moved on and made their way back to the stairs leading to the level below.

Once the band had descended the stairs to the 3rd dungeon level, they walked to the end of the passageway where the three alcoves were, each designated by a symbol that stood for neutrality, law or chaos. This time, instead of entering the alcove designated for chaos, they entered the one marked for law and before doing so, they all agreed to move straight ahead if given a choice inside the teleportal. Brom was the first to go and following these directions he found himself in a very short and unfamiliar hallway with a set of spiral stairs leading down. He began to slowly descend the stairs, examining them as he went. But as the other members of the band arrived behind him, they suggested searching for a secret door in the hallway first. A secret door was indeed quickly found and when they opened it, they found themselves just outside the entrance to the lawful section, where they had been previously. The stairs apparently led to the level below, so the band decided to finish searching the upper level first.

As they proceeded, it was obvious that the bodies of those they had killed previously had been removed, but it also appeared that the upper level had been abandoned. The band went back through the rooms they had already seen and continued on to explore the rooms they had not yet seen. These included the now deserted quarters for flinds and meenlocks and a dining hall where a magical spit over a fire pit would create the cleaned carcass of an animal if it was turned.

One unusual room appeared to be designed to allow the meenlocks to use their dimension door ability and travel short distances to other rooms or levels. Brom used another potion here and dug a series of tunnels to try and locate these hidden rooms. But after finding two featureless, roughly spherical-shaped rooms that gradually descended, he determined it would be a waste of time to continue on.

Having inspected all the obvious rooms on the upper level of the lawful section, the band decided to move down to the next level. Aware of two sets of stairs in, or near, the lawful section and believing they would both take them further down into the lawful section, they chose to take the nearest set of stairs, which was the first set they had found. It would not be until much later when the band eventually realized that the most recently discovered set of stairs did not descend into the lawful section but instead somewhere else entirely.

As was usually the case, Brom scouted ahead invisibly as the band descended to the 4th dungeon level. At the bottom of the stairs, Brom came to a long hallway that led to a chamber about 70 feet wide which was entirely bisected by a pit that was about 15 feet wide. On the far side was a 20 foot wide passageway. Brom thought nothing of the pit and simply flew over it. But while he was over the pit, two odd things happened. First, he suddenly felt himself become very heavy and struggled to make it all the way across where he landed just inside the far passageway. Secondly, he became visible. It was at that moment that he saw six huge flinds step out from around a corner and approach him. Brom issued a warning to his companions, using a message spell that the band had begun using as a standard procedure. Then he quickly turned invisible and ducked around a corner.

The rest of the band meanwhile, was approaching the pit at the time. So Tadwin used a dimension door spell and took everyone past the pit, causing the flinds to turn towards them. It was at this time that the wizard previously known to the band as Leomund made his appearance. He had mirror images up and was clearly quite prepared for battle. So the band went into a defensive mode for the most part, while Corvyn cleaved into the flinds that were surrounding him. Feeling quite smug with his recently acquired ring of vampiric regeneration and confident he could easily mow down the flinds with his sword, he was then taken by surprise when the flinds pounced on him and in a coordinated series of attacks with their flind bars quickly beat Corvyn down and killed him.

Shocked by the sudden death of their companion, the rest of the band did all they could to defend themselves and defeat their assailants, unleashing mass damage spells and deadly counter-attacks. Fortunately, aside from a spell used by the wizard that knocked one of Brom’s daggers into the pit, they fared much better against the rest of the flinds’ and the wizard’s attacks. Eventually, the flinds were killed and the wizard was forced to retreat using a dimension door spell.

When the battle was over, they used their rod of resurrection and brought Corvyn back to life, while Brom climbed down into the pit and retrieved his dagger. The band then spent a minute or two to heal up and search the bodies of the fallen flinds, before moving on. Once they were ready, the band explored a nearby series of rooms that served as yet another dining hall, kitchen and pantry for the meenlocks.

Here, the band killed two more meenlocks and collected from them two more rings of fire resistance, before doubling back to the wide hallway where they had battled the wizard. From here, they followed the hallway through a couple of bends and on to a four-way intersection. At the intersection, the band turned to the left and came to a locked set of double doors.

After Brom picked the lock, they opened the door to find a large circular room that looked to be a combination between a torture chamber and an alchemist’s lab. Here, a strange central table was equipped with manacles, straps, and cranks, while two other tables contained wicked-looking knives, ointments, and other strange items, including a large patch of odd-looking moss. A shelf on one wall was lined with books and more knives, and an odd, unidentifiable creature was apparently being worked on upon the central table by four more meenlocks.

The meenlocks turned to defend themselves as some members of the band moved into the room to attack. But at about the same time, half a dozen more meenlocks appeared behind the band and attacked from the rear. Suddenly the band was surrounded by meenlocks and as the battle continued on, more and more of them continued to appear. Almost two dozen meenlocks in all came at them in this battle and as the band discovered, like the last group of flinds they had fought, the meenlocks were more skilled in combat and guerilla-style tactics. And much like the battle against the flinds, Corvyn was soon taken out of the equation as he became paralyzed by the meenlocks early on and ended up missing most of the battle.

On top of this, the wizard previously known as Leomund chose this opportunity to reappear and join in on the battle. Fortunately, by this point, the wizard had used up his most powerful spells, so the spells he was now using were not as harmful. Eventually, as the meenlocks gradually fell to their deaths, the wizard resorted to extreme measures by transforming himself into a gigantic bear. This transformation coupled with several previously cast spells made him a very deadly opponent in melee combat. But when the band ganged up on him it was far more than the transformed wizard could handle and, before long, his fate was sealed and the false-Leomund was laid low by the combined efforts of the band.
Part Four - Chapter Five: The Wizards' Warnings

It was on Sunday, the 23rd day of Coldeven, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon began their assault on the monsters of the 3rd dungeon level of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. By about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, they had wiped out the chaotic faction, made a brief attack on the lawful faction, and had made their way deep into the neutral faction.

But just after killing five verbeeg giants, which had used magic initially to make themselves appear to be kobolds, the band was given no time to tend to their injuries before another wave of monsters quickly closed in on them. Obviously by this point, the entire neutral faction had been alerted to the band’s attack, so most, if not all, of the available forces were mustered and now converging on the band. More than a dozen urds and half a dozen verbeeg giants came at them from two directions. As before, the verbeegs fought with their spears while the urds flew over the band and dropped rocks on their heads.

While the band did not fare too badly in the battle, they did at one point become hard pressed by their surging foes, so Tadwin put up a wall of force in one of the passageways, which blocked off three of the verbeegs and four of the urds, several of which had already been wounded. Since everything on the near side of the wall of force was then quickly killed, the verbeegs and urds on the far side retreated back, and disappeared. Presumably, they had determined this level of their section to be hopelessly lost and continued retreating to the level below. The band was then able to tend to their injuries and take a few minutes to look around.

When they were ready, the band began going through what remained of the neutral section, most of which were no longer occupied by any monsters. They started by searching a nearby cave, where they collected some hidden treasure and where Corvyn and Brom moved a large boulder to reveal a concealed passageway. Brom then scouted ahead invisibly and made his way through a dining hall, a well-stocked pantry and a kitchen.

Brom then came to a room where two staircases led up to an over-looking balcony. Brom found that there were still four urds guarding this chamber and saw what appeared to be traps protecting the stairs. Realizing that an invisible intruder had just opened the door into the room, the four urds tried to mount a defense. But the rest of the band soon arrived and three of the urds were quickly killed. The fourth urd, however, managed to escape behind a curtain on the balcony. The curtain, as it turned out, covered the entrance to a stair well, which apparently descended to the level below. So the band did not try to pursue.

From there, the band investigated the few remaining rooms of the neutral section, all of which were now no longer occupied. These rooms included some quarters with spy holes looking out into the large central battle cave, an armory stocked with spears for both the urds and verbeegs, and a room with a shattered door where the lawful faction had recently penetrated into and where signs of the battle were still evident.

In addition to this, the band found in one passageway, a large sheet of iron six inches thick mounted to one wall. After prying the iron sheet away from the wall, the band found another passageway filled with webs. Brom used a ring of freedom of movement to investigate the web-filed passage without being hindered and discovered an odd collection of short passageways and caves. All but one small area at a dead-end passage was filled with webs and when Tadwin went to investigate, he found that it dimly radiated magic. Tadwin concluded that this magic was residual magic left behind by numerous teleportation spells cast in the area.

After having cleared out this level of the neutral section, the band returned to the prison cell where three flinds were being held captive. As they had discussed previously with the flinds, the band released the flinds and directed them to take them to the lawful section. On the way there however, as they were entering the large central battle cave, the band was suddenly confronted by what appeared to the Mad Archmage of Castle Greyhawk himself. He introduced himself as Zagyg Yragerne, Master of Castle Greyhawk, and warned the band that they were trespassing and interfering with his ongoing experiments. He told the band that they needed to leave the castle dungeons immediately or face the consequences. When asked how to leave the dungeons, the wizard pointed out a secret door in the large central column, beyond which appeared to be a teleportation chamber.

The flinds were told to return to the lawful section and they immediately complied. The band, however, appeared to be very reluctant to follow the wizard’s directions, and only after continued threats did most of the band slowly start moving towards the secret door. But Tadwin was being very stubborn and refused to move. Finally, the wizard appeared to reach the end of his patience with the band and he quickly cast a spell. With little time to react, a tremendous fireball suddenly engulfed the band, causing a huge explosion. Most of the band members were able to deflect some of the blast or were partially protected from fire by magic. But Corvyn was not so fortunate and was badly burned, losing his magical cloak, boots and backpack in the blast, in addition to many of his mundane possessions.

The band then attacked the wizard but found that their weapons passed harmlessly through him. This led some of the band to suspect that the wizard was merely an illusion, though the fireball appeared to be quite real. The wizard then told the band, “Let this serve as a warning!” and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Those who were able to see invisible objects began looking around and saw a wizard in black robes standing near the entrance to the chaotic section. But he too appeared to quickly teleport away.

After giving the matter some thought, the band came to the conclusion that “Zagyg” had indeed been an illusion, probably cast by the mysterious wizard in black, and that the fireball had been some kind of trap or perhaps a delayed blast fireball. Whatever the case, the band continued to have their doubts about Zagyg and the Ring of Five being in the dungeons below and chose to ignore the threats. So they resumed their walk over to the lawful section.

Moving past the entrance where the band had previously eliminated the guards and diffused the rolling pin trap, the band went through a door on the right and entered a wide cross-shaped passageway. Shortly after entering this area, the flinds, gnolls and meenlocks who lived in this section attacked from all directions. But there were only eleven flinds, seven gnolls and two meenlocks left remaining on this level and they were easily defeated by the band. With the lawful faction on this level now wiped out, the band turned to searching the area for anything of value. Along the way, they collected some lose coins found on tables where the flinds, gnolls and meenlocks had apparently been gambling.

In one octagonal-shaped room, however, the band came across what appeared to be a statue of the wizard who claimed to be Leomund. The statue held a silver tray upon which rested a shining dagger, several bottles, a ring and a wand. But the band soon discovered that the statue and everything it held was only an illusion. On the other hand, on a nearby shelf was a small platinum figurine which matched the statue and it too radiated magic. Tadwin took hold of the figurine and going on a hunch, spoke the name Leomund.

To everyone’s surprise, the wizard that the band knew as Leomund suddenly appeared in the place of the illusionary statue, though, oddly enough, he appeared to be much younger and in much better health. The wizard was clearly not expecting the band and had arrived quite unprepared for any kind of confrontation with them. The band immediately questioned him about his purpose, his more youthful appearance and about how he had been summoned. The wizard answered their questions but also repeated much of what the illusionary Zagyg had said earlier: that the band was trespassing and interfering with their experiments. The wizard made one attempt to cast a spell, and presumably try to escape. But his spell was disrupted. Corvyn then held the wizard while all of his magic items were removed.

Still, the wizard insisted that the band had no right to invade the castle’s dungeons, since they were both the home and laboratory of the Ring of Five. Eventually, the wizard began to sway the opinions of some members of the band, such as Brom and Diamond who gradually came to understand the wizards’ point of view and found it difficult not to agree with. Others, namely Tadwin, did not care if they were invading someone’s home and thought only of the power to be gained in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk. Even Zeke, who had for a long time been the main voice of good and justice within the group, had now apparently fallen prey to the siren calling of greed.

Nevertheless, it seems that a sense of justice and perhaps even guilt somehow prevailed over the current situation and the band was finally persuaded to leave the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk. But the band refused to give back to the wizard the items they had just removed from him, claiming them instead in payment for having destroyed some of Corvyn’s items, though whether or not this was justice or greed once again rearing its ugly head could certainly be debated.

With a nice collection of magic items taken from the wizard (and exceeding in value those that had been lost), the band set the wizard free, and walked out of the lawful section. Rather than using the teleportation chambers, Tadwin simply cast a teleportation spell and took everyone back to the house in Greyhawk. From there, the band members either went on to Prism Keep or to some other place within the city, such as the pawnshop, to tend to various matters.

Over the next couple of days and the following week or so, the band did some further investigating which included a commune spell cast by Diamond. During the commune spell the band learned some very important bits of information, most importantly that the wizards living in the dungeons of the Power Tower were not the Ring of Five as they claimed to be. They also learned from the spell, and from other sources, that the wizards had kidnapped people and were currently holding the band’s old rival Valen as a prisoner. Another interesting bit of information gained was the fact that all but one of the clerics of Boccob who lived in the pyramids next to the Power Tower, believed the wizards to be the Ring of Five.

Upon learning all of these things and more, the band then agreed that they had sufficient cause to invade the dungeons of the Power Tower once again. So they began making plans to do so. Further investigation revealed that they could not scry on anything below the catacombs of the Power Tower as there was some kind of impenetrable ward placed on the area that only the likes of Boccob could peer into. Rumors, however, said that the statues of Boccob within the ruins would answer questions, so these could be used to gather further information.
Part Four - Chapter Four: Factions and Duplicates

It was on Sunday, the 23rd day of Coldeven, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon began exploring the 3rd dungeon level of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. By noon, the band had wiped out the chaotic evil section of the level, which was made up of battle-hardened trolls and bugbears.

They took the time then to do a thorough search of the area, making sure to grab anything of value. Along the way, in addition to sleeping quarters, the band came across a crude dining hall and a loosely bricked up wall in one passageway. After removing the bricks, they found a coating of lead which they also pried from the stone wall. Upon finding nothing behind the lead coating they came to the conclusion that the lead had been placed there to block the dimension door ability of the meenlocks who were a part of the nearby lawful evil section.

Moving on, they found a cave that appeared to be the trash dumping room as it was filled with a stinking mound of refuse. Hidden inside the refuse was a huge, disease-ridden otyugh known as a plaguebearer otyugh. It attacked the band when they got too close, but they had little difficulty in killing it. Finally, the band came across an open pit, twenty feet deep and lined at the bottom with spear-length stakes. It served as an obstacle in the one unobstructed passageway leading from the chaotic evil section to the rest of the level. But the band merely had to tread carefully on one of the narrow ledges to either side of the pit in order to skirt past it.

Once on the other side, they entered the huge cavern beyond where numerous stalagmites, stalactites and rock columns had been broken, slashed, chipped, scorched, and melted. It looked as if a great battle of magic and weaponry had been fought there recently. Bits and pieces of bodies backed up this hypothesis. It was now quite obvious, if it had not already been so, that a part of the wizards’ experiments was to supply the three different factions of monsters with weapons and magic items and pit them against each other to see how they fared. Considering the many years this experiment had supposedly been going on, it was no wonder that the monsters were so much more skilled in combat than they typically were.

In an effort to take the other factions by surprise, Brom moved ahead invisibly, as was usual, and the band made their way towards the lawful evil section as quietly as they could. Brom then snuck up into the hexagonal-shaped entrance room where three flinds and two meenlocks guarded the area and manned a trap which consisted of a large stone ramp and a nine foot wide stone roller held in place by two ropes. While still invisible, Brom cut both of the ropes in quick succession. But because he could not cut the ropes simultaneously, the stone roller rolled off the ramp at an angle and smashed into a wall. It did not make any real difference however, because the trap was disarmed either way.

Once the trap had been sprung, the flinds and meenlocks began searching about for invisible enemies, while the rest of the band charged into the room. A brief battle then took place and the flinds and meenlocks were easily defeated, although one of the meenlocks managed to escape with the aid of its dimension door ability. During the battle, however, Corvyn was attacked by the meenlocks’ mind rending ability, which caused him to experience sensations of paranoia and delusions. As a result, Corvyn’s mind became a little more unhinged than it already typically was. Fortunately, sometime later, Corvyn’s mind was inadvertently healed when a healing spell cast on him by Diamond was twisted by the magical deviations that occasionally affected the band.

Rather than continue into the lawful evil section, the band then reversed course and headed towards the neutral evil section. With Brom scouting ahead invisibly again, he moved past the entrance room, where a curtain hung on the wall, and spied into the next chamber where he saw an urd turn invisible and then apparently sprinkle dust of disappearance on three verbeeg giants. After sneaking back to inform his companions, Brom then lead the band back towards the chamber where the verbeegs had been. However, when the rest of the band entered the room with the curtain, something, most likely an invisible urd, pulled the curtain aside revealing a mirror. Three members of the band, Corvyn, Zeke and Diamond, saw their own reflections in the mirror, and these reflections then suddenly stepped out of the mirror ready to attack. What followed was a very dangerous battle.

Tadwin cast a wall of force in an effort to block off the duplicates. But the duplicate of Diamond used his boots of dimensional walking and took the other two duplicates with him to the same side as the band. Then the duplicate of Corvyn went after the real Corvyn. Now finding himself trapped between his own duplicate and an invisible verbeeg that approached him, Corvyn was suddenly in a very desperate situation. To make matters worse, the duplicate of Zeke then cast an intensified fireball in the area and caught almost everyone in it, seriously wounding several others.

Tadwin tried twice to destroy the magical mirror of opposition. But the fireball and a lightning bolt had no effect on it, while a rod of negation temporarily rendered the mirror non-magical but had no effects on the duplicates. Because the duplicate of Corvyn was on the verge of killing the real Corvyn, most of the band focused on trying to kill it and eventually succeeded. Finally, Diamond stepped up to the mirror and smashed it with his flail, causing the other two duplicates to disappear. Still the band was not yet out of danger as they had to deal with the three invisible verbeegs. But Diamond was able to heal Corvyn up enough to keep him in the fight and soon the verbeegs were defeated as well.

When the battle was over, the band healed up and continued into the neutral evil section. The invisible urd tried to lure them into a room with a pit trap, but Brom detected it. Further in, the band entered a cave where urds flew over them and bombed them with rocks. After killing them, the band came across a room with an altar honoring the wizard Serten of the Ring of Five. It appeared as if the neutral evil faction revered or perhaps even worshiped the wizard who brought them magic items and advice.

From there, the band passed through a locked door that Brom was able to pick and soon came upon a cave with a ledge that dropped about twenty feet. Two urds took them by surprise here and swung down a large beam hanging from a chain and managed to knock Corvyn and Diamond over the ledge. They landed in the pit below which was a foot deep in bones. There they were attacked by an enormous carrion crawler. The carrion crawler was not difficult to kill however, and the band also killed one of the urds before the other one flew away. While in the pit, three more giant carrion crawlers emerged one at a time from a nearby hole, and each one was killed rather easily.

When the last of the carrion crawlers was killed, Corvyn and Diamond crawled into the hole and found the creature’s lair where they were able to gather several items of value including a magical hand axe. The band also found another tunnel in the opposite wall of the pit and went to explore it. It led them into a series of caves where they battled two more giant carrion crawlers and located the bottom of a sink hole where the band’s henchmen had previously dropped a lit coin from the level above. Further into these caves and past some large boulders that they had to squeeze past, the band eventually came to a tunnel that ran off to the east. Brom followed this tunnel for a bit, but eventually came to the conclusion that it probably connected to the dungeons under the Tower of Zagig.

So the band turned back and after climbing out of the pit, they went to check on a door they had previously bypassed. This was a narrow, locked iron door with a small barred window, apparently leading to a prison cell. Looking in through the window, the band found three flinds being held captive and another humanoid lying dead on the floor which the band identified as a norker. The band opened the door and questioned the three flinds, explaining to them that they were a band of adventurers exploring the dungeons.

The flinds told them that they had been captured by the neutral faction during a failed attack by the lawful faction. They were being question by the neutral faction and they had already given them some details on the layout of the lawful section. When asked about the role of the wizards, the flinds told them that each faction was led and aided by one of the wizards who gave them magic items and advice. The lawful faction was led by Leomund, the neutral faction was led by Serten, and the chaotic faction was led by The Black One. The flinds offered to guide the band to the neutral section and the band pretended to be interested. But the band told them they would return and kept them locked inside the cell for the time being.

The band then made their way further into the neutral section where they came across a large room with a large table and bench. Waiting there for them were what appeared to be five kobolds. These kobolds were actually verbeegs attempting to lure the band in and then surprise them by suddenly resuming their normal forms. Despite their efforts, the verbeegs were all killed with little difficulty. On the table, the band found a map which appeared to show a portion of the lawful section.
Part Four - Chapter Three: The Wizards' Experiments

It was on Starday, the 22nd day of Coldeven, in the Common Year of 581, when the henchmen of the Company of the Green Dragon explored the catacombs on the second dungeon level of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. It was also on that same day when Kelgor arrived at the War Tower with 30 more dwarves and began setting themselves up to resume the mining operations there. By this time, the band’s new pawnshop, located in the Artisan’s Quarter of Greyhawk City, was also open for business.

On the following day, Sunday the 23rd of Coldeven, the Company of the Green Dragon returned to the Power Tower to continue exploring the dungeons there. As before, the band started the day off by spending an hour consuming a hero’s feast, provided by one of Diamond’s spells, which would allow them to avoid the more harmful effects of the magical deviations inside the dungeons of the Power Tower. When they were ready, the band made their way to the first level of the Power Tower where the elves guarded the entrance.

Unlike on their first visit into the tower, when the band intimidated the elves and simply refused to comply with their rules, this encounter with the elves took a decidedly different turn. The elven archer sergeant Eroth was the first to speak with the band and began by asking, in a discernably nervous tone of voice, how the elves might assist them. Perhaps because the priests of Boccob, who lived in the nearby pyramids, and the wizards, who lived in the dungeons below, were hesitant to lend their support to the elves, who were aware that they were easily outmatch by the Company of the Green Dragon, the elves did not try to enforce their claim on access into the Power Tower by making the band play their game of chance.

Still obviously intimidated by the band, the elves instead seemed interested in making a deal with them. Seeing that the band was willing to listen, Eroth told the band that their leader, the elven mage Nimlith, wished to speak with them. The band agreed and was led inside the elven compound to meet with Nimlith once again.

As was always the case, Zeke did most of the talking for the band, while Nimlith spoke for the elves. Nimlith explained to the band that since the band and their henchmen had begun exploring the ruins of the Power Tower, the elves there were not making any profits and the future of their usual source of income was looking rather bleak. So, in an effort to avoid any conflicts with the band, which would almost certainly not end well for the elves, Nimlith offered to supply the band with information in exchange for a small portion of the band’s wealth. As a show of good faith, Nimlith began by explaining the relationship between the elves, the priests of Boccob and the Ring of Five who lived in the dungeons far below.

He said that the elves have a loose alliance with the priests but no real contact with the Ring of Five. The elves have an agreement with the priests to aid them in directing to them potential customers interested in buying magic items, to keep them informed of those who come and go from the ruins, and to aid them in the event of an attack. The priests, in turn, have offered to help the elves with any clerical needs, magical information and to also aid the elves if they should be attacked. The priests also have a similar arrangement with the Ring of Five, though the details were unknown. By extension, the Ring of Five would also presumably come to the aid of the elves should they be attacked. The elves, however, seemed to be somewhat unsure of whether or not the Ring of Five could really be counted on, though they did not actually say this to the band.

With this bit of information and a promise for further information, the band agreed to pay the elves 300 gold pieces, which would be more than enough to pay for their expenses for the next month or so. Having struck an agreement with the band, Nimlith further informed the band that when the band begins their explorations of the 3rd dungeon level, they will almost certainly begin to interfere with the experiments that the Ring of Five is conducting in the dungeons. This will undoubtedly upset the Ring of Five and could very well lead the band into a conflict with the wizards.

With this bit of information, the band thanked the elves and made their preparations to enter the tower. When they left the elves, they did so with the sense that there was more to be learned from the elves, and that the elves were making an effort to hedge their bets on both sides of a future war.

Once inside the tower, the band made their way to the meeting room with the magical table, where the henchmen had been able to double their memorized spells. It did not, however, work for any of them. Instead, each of the spell casters lost one of their most powerful spells. Believing this would not affect them too badly, the band went ahead and descended into the dungeons.

Upon reaching the second dungeon level, the band found the altar to Boccob that the henchmen had come across previously. But unlike their henchmen, the band discovered that any person or weapon touching the altar would be blessed for the day. Since the band was already blessed by the hero’s feast, they themselves could not gain any further benefit from it – at least not directly. But their weapons could benefit from the blessing. So each member of the band made sure to touch their weapons to the altar.

From there, the band then followed the map made by their henchmen and proceeded to the iron door on the same level, that the henchmen assumed they would not be able to get past. When they got to the door, some of the band recognized the area, having come this way before when they bought some magic items from the wizard Leomund. They knew that the door opened on to a passageway that led to the pyramid of the priests of Boccob. They also knew that the nearby door and the spiral stairway beyond would lead them to a small library where they had originally met Leomund.

However, there was one side door just beyond the iron door where the band did not know what lay beyond. The iron door proved to be too difficult to pick. So Brom used a potion of gaseous form and moved through a narrow gap under the iron door. From there, he entered the side door, which led him to a room where he eventually discovered the one-way secret door that the henchmen had also found, but could not open. There, Brom resumed his normal form and opened the secret door, which he was then able to prop open. With this done, Brom traversed through the catacombs and found his way back to his companions. The band then followed Brom back to the secret door and entered the newly discovered chamber.

A feeling of awe and mystery overcame each member of the band as they observed this room. There, a two and a half story tall pyramid rested in the middle of a great circle of archaic runes. Atop the pyramid stood another statue of Boccob. At the base of the near side of the pyramid, was an opening of impenetrable blackness and along one side of the room, a shelf full of leather bound books with gold and silver runes lined a long recess.

After a thorough examination, it was determined that the magic circle and the pyramid were magically protected areas where spells could be tested without fear of causing damage outside the room. Inside the pyramid, beyond the magically darkened entrance, the interior was charred, melted, glazed and pockmarked from all the various spells that had been tested there. A quick examination of some of the books showed them to be full of advice on proper experiments for all clerics to perform. Written in Sueloise or Ancient Baklunish, Tadwin had some doubts and concerns about some of the advice in these books. For the time being, the band left the books behind and continued on.

Unsure if it would be worth the effort, and not properly prepared for it, the band decided to skip, for the time being, the only other unexplored area of this level, which was where the mummies were supposed to be. Instead, they took the spiral stairs leading down to the next level.

At the bottom of the stairs was a short passageway that ended in three circular alcoves. Each of the alcoves contained an image of a grasping hand above a wooden disc with a curved line all surrounded by runes that said, in magic, “May the hand of Fharlanghn grasp you.” Each alcove also had one of three symbols in the floor that stood for neutrality, law and chaos. The band recognized these alcoves as teleportals. But before investigating them, the band entered a door on one side of the passageway, which soon led them into the small library where some of them had previously met Leomund.

Upon opening the door to this room, a cozy fire burst to life in the fireplace, a book floated off a shelf on the far wall, and a chair at a desk slid back mysteriously. All of this appeared to have been done by an invisible unseen servant in the room. The book, it turned out, was a log book of sorts entitled “52nd year, 5th month, Day of the impact study of magic and magical items upon the three philosophies of evil-kind, initiated by Zaggig Yragerne of the Ring of Five.” The last entry was dated just five days before, on the 17th day of Coldeven. The other books in the library contained a cumbersome collection of minor spells and a travel-guide of the Flanaess.

It appeared that the Ring of Five was conducting a very long-term experiment, among other things, on the effects of magic items on the various philosophies of evil monsters, as the log book contained a long list of magic items, what monsters they were given to, and when they were given. Armed with this knowledge, the band left everything they found there and returned to examine the alcoves at the end of the passageway.

Zeke was the first to step into an alcove and as expected, he was apparently teleported away. Having chosen the alcove with the symbol for chaos, the rest of the band followed him in one at a time. Unknown to all those who were about to be teleported away, however, was the fact that once teleported, each one of them had to choose between going forward, turning left, or turning right, before arriving at their destination. So there was no way of knowing which way the others ahead of them had gone.

Zeke chose to go straight ahead, and when he did he found himself in cave where he suddenly had to fight off three huge bugbears. Brom was the next to go, and he chose to go right, which took him to a cave where he had to fight two huge trolls. Fortunately, Corvyn was right behind Brom and he ended up in the same cave as Brom. The two of them were able to defeat the two trolls fairly easily. Tadwin and then Diamond, both found themselves in the same cave with Zeke. But it took them longer to defeat the three bugbears.

Fortunately, no one in the band found themselves alone in any of the caves. And after Brom and Corvyn killed the two trolls, they could hear the sound of battle not far away. So they were able to find their companions just as they were taking down the last of the bugbears. When the band was all back together again, Tadwin cast an arcane eye spell to scout around the caves. But this was soon interrupted when Tadwin saw more than a dozen bugbears headed towards them. The sound of battle had apparently alerted much of the caves and many of the monsters nearby came running to do battle. Before long, almost two dozen bugbears and more than half a dozen trolls had flocked to the area where a massive battle took place. Both the bugbears and the trolls were tougher, more skilled combatants than typical members of their races and it became clear that they were all warriors hardened from the experience of many battles.

Despite their enemies’ numbers and skill, however, the band was able to defeat all but one without too much difficulty. One of the trolls fled towards the end and the band chose not to pursue. Instead, Tadwin resumed scouting the area out with his arcane eye, while the rest of the band gathered anything of value from the fallen combatants, which included several magic weapons.

After sending the magical eye into every area on the level that was not closed off by a door, Tadwin was able to conclude that this level of the dungeon was apparently divided up into three sections, for the most part. The section they were in had been occupied, obviously, by trolls and bugbears who represented the chaotic evil section. With the exception of the troll who had fled and five more bugbears, this section had already been wiped out. There was a sort of natural set of stairs in the cave that appeared to lead to the level below, but the band did not investigate this area yet.

Beyond the chaotic evil section, was a huge, central cave where it appeared that a massive battle recently took place. Beyond this were the entrance areas to two more sections, one occupied by meenlocks and flinds, which apparently represented the lawful evil section, and the other occupied by verbeeg giants and urds, which apparently represented the neutral evil section. Further exploration into these two sections was blocked by doors. With the area scouted out as much as possible, Tadwin directed the band to where the troll and the bugbears were waiting and the last of the chaotic evil section was soon wiped out. When the battle was over, the band collected a few more magic items including a couple more magic weapons.
Part Four - Chapter Two: The Catacombs of the Power Tower

It was on Starday, the 22nd day of Coldeven, in the Common Year of 581, when the henchmen of the Company of the Green Dragon returned to the Power Tower, in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk, and plundered the tombs of Zagig’s parents. A short while later, in another room on the same level, the henchmen battled and defeated three wererats.

With the three wererats dead, the henchmen did a more thorough search of the room. But the only item of interest they found was a small section of wall that had been masoned over with newer stone, perhaps covering up a niche or a passageway. The henchmen decided to look elsewhere though before dealing with this, and they returned to the passageway to examine the other nearby door. It, however, appeared to be locked with magic and was too difficult to pick. So the henchmen retreated to the main passageway where they then ventured down another side passage.

The side passage led them to a series of rooms each occupied by ten coffins, some of which stood upright along the walls, while others lay on the floor in the middle of the rooms. There were three of these rooms and some of the doors leading to these rooms had been smashed in, probably by previous explorers such as the Marauders 6 of which the henchmen had earlier found traces.

The henchmen went through these rooms and, one at a time, opened up each coffin. Some of these coffins had skeletal or partially mummified bodies in them, while some were empty. Still, others contained zombies or animated skeletons which the band had to fight. The zombies all either had contact poison on them or were the more agile juju zombies, while the skeletons wielded poisoned blades. Worst of all, a couple of the coffins contained wights and one of them managed to drain some life force from Jamis before they killed it. Other than the one wight though, the henchmen were able to deal with the undead creatures with no difficulties, so they continued on and got better at it as they proceeded. In the coffins that were occupied only by the dead, the band found that each of them contained a handful of copper and silver coins that the henchmen collected along the way.

While the henchmen explored these rooms, which comprised only a portion of the tower’s catacombs, they came upon one door they could not open as it appeared to be barred from the inside. Near this door, one of the many passageways was blocked by a cave-in which appeared to be fairly recent.

Returning to the main passageway one more time, the henchmen found that it terminated in a room with a dozen unused coffins. These coffins, which were of high workmanship and therefore fairly valuable, were apparently placed in this room for storage. A nearby room with a smashed open door was obviously where the coffins had been built, as it contained several woodworking tools and a half completed coffin. Some of the necessary and more valuable tools, however, appeared to be missing.

On the opposite side of the storage room, and through another set of smashed in doors, was what must have been a different kind of storage room, as evidenced by an empty set of shelves that lined two of the walls. To the left of the entrance was a huge mound of trash, bones, embalming herbs, spices, mummy cloth, wood and other assorted items. As the band entered the room, however, their attention was soon drawn to the giant rats that scampered all about the room. There were more than two dozen of these rats, each about the size of a domestic cat, but rather than attacking, they chose instead to run and hide under the trash or duck into holes in the walls. Thus the henchmen were allowed to search about the room with little difficulty.

In the pile of trash, they uncovered two magical swords, one a broadsword, the other a bastard sword. They also found thousands of copper pieces but decided not to collect these due to their encumbrance and low value. Attached to this room was an oddly shaped room with a magical aura, which turned out to be magical dehydration chamber that would quickly remove all moisture from anything placed inside.

After searching this room, the henchmen were left with only the areas that would require some work in order to enter. So they returned to the room with the recently mortared wall and began tearing it down. Behind the wall they found a narrow fissure that was only 5 feet high and 3 feet wide. Thiege, of course, had no difficulty entering the fissure, so he then led the henchmen inside. The others had to stoop, however, and walk in single file, while Trizzac was forced to remove his plate armor and bring up the rear.

About twenty feet or so into the fissure, they came to a small, natural cave that split off in two directions. One way led to a natural chimney that was too narrow to enter. The other appeared initially to lead to a dead end but turned out to enter a small crack where all the henchmen had to crawl on hands and knees. Eventually the crack intersected a narrow, natural passageway and when Thiege entered it he found himself under attack from an ochre jellie that dropped from the ceiling and almost landed on him. Thiege quickly moved down the natural passageway and away from the ochre jellie, while attacking it with spells.

But as the rest of the henchmen entered the natural passageway, they were attacked by a second ochre jellie. To make matters worse, as Thiege continued moving through the passageway, he was approached by a swarm of tiny creatures that looked like snowflakes. These creatures coalesced into a shimmering sphere that shot out super-heated beams of light. Fortunately, Thiege was able to kill the tiny creatures with one spell and then turn his attention back to the ochre jellies. Moments later, the henchmen were able to kill the ochre jellies as well.

With the threat now passed, the henchmen continued exploring the natural passageways, including one cave that had a partially collapsed ceiling and another passageway with a very uneven ceiling where Trizzac bumped his head. These passages appeared to come to an end at three large boulders. But after further examination, the henchmen discovered a tiny crawl space just large enough for them to crawl through. Once again, Thiege led them onward to another natural passage where they encountered six poisonous snakes, most of which they were able to knock unconscious with color spray spells and then kill.

Further on, through a split in the floor and a 20’ drop to another passageway filled with large chunks of rock, the henchmen finally came to a large natural sinkhole. After dropping a coin lit up with a light spell into the hole, the henchmen concluded the hole would lead them the next level. Since the henchmen were not ready to go to the next level yet, they turned back at this point and made the difficult struggle through the natural passages, back to the made-man section of the level that they were currently exploring. Once there, they returned to the door in the catacombs that appeared to be barred from the inside.

After smashing in a portion of the door with their weapons, the henchmen could see into the room and saw that, in addition to 13 coffins that lined most of the walls, there were 10 animated skeletons, and 10 zombies that were all moving towards the door. A well-placed fireball however, quickly took care of these, though it also caught most of the coffins on fire. Nevertheless, once the henchmen were able to enter the room, they salvaged what they could. They also noticed a wide alcove on one wall where there were no coffins and there they discovered a secret door which they were unable to open, as it appeared to work only from the opposite side.

At this point, the band split up into two groups. Ashba and Nikki went to the caved in passageway and began clearing it out with the help of the ring of telekinesis, while Jamis, Thiege and Trizzac went back to the door that appeared to be locked with magic. Once again, they chopped down the door, and when they had done so, they retrieved Ashba and Nikki and stepped inside to explore the room beyond.

It was an octagonal shaped room, and on three of the walls were large symbols of Boccob, while at the center of the room stood a statue of Boccob. The henchmen did not find anything of value in the room, but Thiege pointed out that priests of Boccob often use symbols of Boccob as scrying devices. So it was possible that they were being watched by the priests who lived in the pyramid up above.

The henchmen did find a secret door however, in one of the symbols. It led to a short wide hallway with one door on the side and a solid iron door at the end. They realized they could not get through the iron door, but they checked the side door. It opened up into 15’ diameter shaft with a spiral stone stairway around it that descended into darkness. The stairs had no railing, so there could have been some risk involved in using them. But since it appeared that the stairs would lead them to the level below, once again they decided to turn back.

At this point, other than the iron door and the caved-in area that supposedly led to mummies, which they did not care to deal with, the only area on this level left unexplored was the caved in section that they had already begun to clear out. So they returned to this area and resumed the work. It turned out to be much more work than they had originally expected. But after some time, they eventually cleared out enough of a 20’ section of corridor to allow them to reach the other side.

Just beyond the caved-in section, the henchmen found the decaying bodies of five men partially buried under the rubble. It was presumed that these were the remaining members of the Marauders 6. Among their gear, the henchmen uncovered two magical shortswords and a magical shield. From here, the henchmen continued on, but almost immediately they were met by half a dozen ghouls which the band had to battle. Once the ghouls were defeated, the henchmen resumed their explorations and discovered the rest of the catacombs.

Altogether, there were six more rooms, each containing 10 coffins which variously contained bodies, skeletons, zombies, wights, or nothing at all, as in the previous chambers. As before, the henchmen went through each of these rooms and, one at a time, inspected each coffin, killing any undead that emerged from them. When this was finally done, it was nearing the end of a long day and the henchmen knew that the benefits of their hero’s feast would soon come to an end. So they made their way back to the first floor of the Power Tower and waited for Tadwin to arrive.

By this time, Tadwin had been scrying on the henchmen to watch their progress, and when he saw them return to the first level of the tower, he knew they had decided to end their explorations for the day. As this was the previously agreed upon signal, Tadwin then teleported to them. When Tadwin arrived, the henchmen told him all that had occurred during their explorations. It had been discovered that the magical bastard sword they found was cursed, so the henchmen decided to keep it and the two magical shortswords, and use them to play the elves’ game, while Tadwin teleported back to the War Tower with the rest of the magic items they had found.

When the henchmen emerged from the Power Tower, they played the elves game of chance, and as expected, the outcome required them to hand over half of the magic items found. The elves agreed to accept the bastard sword as payment, unaware of its cursed nature despite their efforts to identify it.

Meanwhile, in the War Tower, when Tadwin arrived there, the magical black gem that he had been given by the henchmen suddenly exploded, causing Tadwin to be injured. The gem, taken from the tomb of Zagig’s parents had apparently been trapped or cursed. And as it turned out, the carpet of flying was likewise a cursed rug of smothering.
Part Four - Chapter One: The Tomb of the Ancestors

It was on Earthday, the 13th day of Coldeven, in the Common Year of 581, when the henchmen of the Company of the Green Dragon spent their first day exploring the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. After a week spent training, either in the City of Greyhawk or at Prism Keep, the henchmen returned to the ruins, on the evening of Freeday, the 21st, with the intention of continuing their exploration of the dungeons below the Power Tower where their masters had left off.

Having spent the night with their masters inside the dungeons of the War Tower, they awoke the following morning, on Starday, the 22nd, and, after preparing themselves for the day, spent an hour consuming a magical hero’s feast, provided by one of Diamond’s spells, in order to reduce the harmful deviations of magic inside the dungeons of the Power Tower. When they were ready, the henchmen made their way to the ruins of the Power Tower where they once again were met by the elves who guarded the tower.

Although it was known by the elves that the henchmen served under the Company of the Green Dragon, who had intimidated the elves and had flat-out refused to comply with the elves’ terms for exploring the dungeons, the henchmen chose not to take advantage of this fact, deciding instead to avoid any possible conflict with the elves by once again agreeing to play their game of chance upon their return, knowing full well that they had a plan to cheat the elves of anything valuable. This plan was to have Tadwin keep an eye on them by occasionally scrying on them and then teleporting to them whenever they returned to the first level. Tadwin would then teleport back, taking with him most if not all of the henchmen’s newly discovered magic items so they could not be lost in the elves’ game of chance.

Once they had made their agreement with the elves, the elves opened the tower’s door and the henchmen made their way into the meeting hall where all of the spell casters chose to take the chance at the magical table of purple marble to see if they could have their spells doubled for the day. Fortunately, they all succeeded.

After this was done, they went and retrieved the cloak of elvenkind they had hidden on their first visit to the ruins. Then they proceeded down the stairs. Using a map provided by their masters, they made their way past all of the tricks and traps of the first dungeon level and climbed down the stairs to the second dungeon level, where, according to Tadwin’s information, Zagig had built the catacombs for most of his followers, friends and allies, including his parents.

From the bottom of the stairs, the henchmen passed through a wide hall and onto the wide entrance landing of a large, 20’ high chamber. On the far wall in the lower portion of the chamber was a large altar with a symbol of Boccob on the wall behind it. To the right of that, was a side chamber nearly completely occupied by a squad of giant statues that appeared to support the ceiling. Some of the henchmen went to inspect the altar while others went to look at the statues. They found nothing of interest at the altar, but at the statues they saw that a couple of the statues had crumbled into ruin and a couple of them had been decapitated with their heads nowhere to be found. They also noticed that on the far wall behind the statues, there appeared to be an opening in the wall leading into a natural passageway.

Moving to investigate the passageway, they found that it opened into a natural cave where the ground was littered with golden coins. They also spotted more than a dozen creatures roosting on the ceiling which they recognized as stirges. Ashba was about to throw a fireball in the room to kill the stirges when the band was attacked from behind by 7 wererats. Some of the henchmen turned to fight the wererats while Ashba threw her fireball, killing all but one stirge, which was killed by Jamis with his bow. The band then killed off the wererats and managed to do so without getting bitten. Afterwards, they collected anything of value including the gold coins.

With this done, the henchmen turned back to investigate a set of double doors that were up on the entrance landing. These opened up to a room with four cots, a table and two stools. Seeing that the room could be barred from the inside, the henchmen realized this room would make a decent place to rest if they needed to. But they found nothing else of interest there. So they moved to inspect a mound of trash and debris in the entrance passageway which partially blocked a smaller passageway. Nikki crawled over the mound of trash to see what lay on the other side. From there, he followed the passageway and entered another room with piles of trash and refuse.

In this room, Nkki found a secret door leading into the large chamber where his companions were. The other henchmen joined him through this door. A search in this room uncovered nothing of interest except a few bits and pieces of adventuring equipment. So the henchmen took a set of stairs from there and moved through a long passageway with a couple of turns until they came to another secret door.

Beyond the secret door, the henchmen found what used to be a kitchen but which more recently had clearly served as part of the wererat’s lair. It too had trash scattered all about. But up on a shelf, Jamis discovered a crock full of honey that appeared to be edible and worth some money. Unfortunately, when he reached to grab the crock he got some of the mold that was on the shelf onto his magical gloves of arrow snaring. He was able to wash it off though, with some water that was in a nearby well.

Next to the old kitchen, the henchmen found another room that appeared to be where the wererats spent most of their time. In it, in addition to a table and several stools, the henchmen discovered the bones of previous victims, including human, elf, dwarf and halfling. They also found a stash of platinum, gold and copper coins. Down a short flight of stairs from this room, the henchmen soon came to another secret door that opened up into a long wide corridor which connected to the large chamber with the altar.

At the opposite end from the large chamber, this corridor widened out even more and descended a flight of stairs where it then merged into a room with a set of double doors and a few other passages. A desk, a chair and an empty set of shelves gave the impression that records were once kept in this room. The double doors were locked. But after Nikki picked the locks, the henchmen found a room beyond with two small cots and a blanketed bed. A detect magic spell indicated that the blanket on the bed was magical and they identified it as actually being a carpet of flying. A door in this room led to a short passageway that was blocked by a cave-in. On the wall nearby were written the words, “Warning from Goand, warrior and leader of the Marauders 6 (now 5). Mummies beyond!” The henchmen did not want to face any mummies, so they left this area alone.

Back in the direction of the large chamber, the henchmen came across an alcove with a relief carving of a great wizard with downcast eyes and a quiet somber expression. Next to him lay two coffins in which rest a handsome elderly couple.

After examining the relief, the henchmen discovered that the entire stone slab on which it was carved was, in essence, a secret door. They realized then that the parents of Zagig were likely entombed beyond, but the stone slab had to be lifted in order to get inside and it weighed several hundred pounds. Jamis, Trizzac and Nikki were able to combine their efforts and lift the door, but they could not hold it up for very long. So the henchmen gathered up several pieces of wood, found in some of the trash piles they had come across, and bound them together with rope. Thiege was then able to slide the bundle of wood under the door to prop it open a couple of feet high.

With the door propped open, Thiege ducked under the door and looked about. Next to the door he found two levers that looked as if they might help to operate the door. So he pulled on one lever. Unfortunately, this lever only made the door even heavier and it smashed the bundle of wood almost flat. After putting the same lever back in its original position and lifting the door again, Thiege tried the other lever. This time the door was held in place, allowing the rest of the band to crawl under it.

Beyond the secret door was a large chamber, with an unfinished alcove and dais to the left, a passageway to the right, and what appeared to an old caved-in area on the far side. In the unfinished alcove atop the dais, the henchmen found two very nice pearls just lying on the floor with nothing to explain their presence. The caved-in area did not look very stable, so the henchmen avoid it for the time being. Instead, they went to investigate the passageway.

About 15 feet in, the passageway came to a circular chamber with a domed ceiling. At the center of the chamber was a 6 foot diameter circle of runes and to the left was a life-sized, stone, red dragon’s head attached to the wall and floor. The entire chamber and the passageway leading to it, were black as night, as if covered with soot.

Searching about, Jamis discovered a lever inside the nostril of the dragon’s head and suspected a trap that could not be disarmed. So everyone retreated back beyond the passageway, while Jamis and Nikki stood within the magic circle. The Jamis stepped over, pulled on the lever and quickly retreated back to the magic circle. Soon after the lever was pulled, the dragon’s mouth opened up and fire shot out, filling the entire chamber and beyond. But since Jamis and Nikki were standing inside the protective circle they remained unharmed. With the dragon’s mouth now open, they could see a passageway inside.

Investigating the passageway inside the dragon’s mouth, the henchmen soon came to a room with almost a dozen alcoves, each filled with an upright closed coffin. Two stone blocks rest in the middle of the room on which sat two ornate, gem-encrusted coffins. The henchmen opened up all the upright coffins, each one of which was occupied by the skeletal remains and tattered clothing of some long dead individual. They detected for magic in each coffin, making sure not to disturb the remains any further, but found nothing of value. They then did the same for the two central coffins, and though the stone blocks on which they rested had the words, “Mother” and “Father’ carved into them, and the two skeletons within were adorned in decayed garb that was once the royal finery of a man and a woman, the henchmen still found nothing of real value within the coffins.

The henchmen considered removing some of the gems from the central coffins, but an augury spell cast by Ashba indicated it would not be advisable. Feeling certain that this was the tomb of Zagig’s parents but finding it hard to believe that there was nothing of value within the tomb that they could take, the henchmen remained persistent in their searches. Eventually they came to realize that the stone blocks were hollow, and after removing the gem-encrusted coffins, they carefully chipped away holes in the tops of the stone blocks and found the true remains of Zagig’s parents.

Each had been perfectly preserved by a magical oil and was dressed in very expensive royal finery which included a crown worth 5000 gold pieces and several magic items. Among the magic items were a longsword, a suit of elven chainmail, and a couple of rings. The henchmen removed all the magic items, being as careful as they could be, and took the crown as well, but left behind the rest of the royal finery. They then placed the gem-encrusted coffins back on top of the stone blocks, covering up as much of the holes as they could, though by no means concealing the damage they had done. Using detect magic spells, they were able to identify all the magic items except for the sword and a black gem. A scroll tube found among the treasure was warded with a fire trap spell however, and it exploded on Jamis when he went to open it. Fortunately, it caused him no harm due to his magical ring.

Satisfied now with what they had found in the tombs, the henchmen retreated back through the dragon’s mouth. Once past the dragon’s mouth, the rest of the band continued on through the passageway while Jamis stayed behind to close the mouth.

Unknown to Jamis however, there was a secondary trap within the dragon’s mouth. While the band was inside the tomb, an invisible, odorless gas was slowly filling up the domed, circular room and when Jamis pulled the lever to close the dragon’s mouth, it caused a spark that ignited the gas and created an explosion that was far more destructive than the original burst of fire. Jamis was not in the circle of magic at the time and had he not been wearing a ring of fire resistance, the explosion would have killed him. As it was, it took several charges from Trizzac’s wand of healing to heal Jamis back up.

Back inside the first chamber of the tomb, the henchmen decided to take a closer look at the caved-in portion. Using one of the rings just found, which was a ring of telekinesis, Ashba was able to safely remove some of the rubble from a distance. Initially not thought to that powerful a magic item, the ring of telekinesis turned out to be extremely useful from this point on in all kinds of situations. Under the rubble, the henchmen eventually uncovered the remains of four dwarves that had been killed by the cave-in. On one of them was found an expensive broach and a magical warhammer.

It was later learned, through research, that three of these dwarves had been stone masons and the fourth was Zagig’s master stonewright. The dwarves were in the process of carving out the tombs, including the unfinished alcove and dais, when the cave-in occurred. Zagig was reportedly very upset at the death of the dwarves, so much so, in fact, that he apparently tossed aside two of the pearls with which he had intended to pay the dwarves. These were the two pearls found earlier by the henchmen in the unfinished alcove.

Once the henchmen were finished inside the tomb, they carefully closed the massive secret door leading to it and began exploring elsewhere. From here, they followed a long, narrow passageway leading to the southwest, which eventually ended at two doors. Checking the first door on the right, they found it to be stuck and had to force it open. In the room beyond, they found two cots and small table, all in shambles. They also discovered three wererats, which they immediately attacked. The wererats were easily defeated though, and soon the henchmen were looking about for the next area to explore.
Part Three - Chapter Sixteen: The Mysterious Destiny of the Company of the Green Dragon
It was on Freeday, the 14th day of Coldeven, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon began exploring the 2nd dungeon level of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. After resetting the crushing walls in their original positions around the oval-shaped room where the band retrieved a magnificent ruby from a marble pedestal, they continued on down the passageway which had led them to this room, until they came to a four-way intersection.

There the band turned left and entered a large room with several large, oddly-shaped alcoves on all sides. At the center of the room rested a shallow well with rippling, scintillating colors. Writing on the edge of the well said in common, “Zagig’s wondrous wishing well.” Brom and Zeke took a moment to gaze at the water in the well and apparently became mesmerized by the scintillating colors. As if under a spell, both of them then unexpectedly leaned over, cupped a handful of the water, and took a sip. The rest of the band meanwhile looked on in surprise and some concern as they carefully watched to see what Brom and Zeke did next. Unknown to the others, after drinking the water, Brom and Zeke both heard voices in their heads that said, “Be sure to wander into one of the alcoves before you leave this room.”

Brom, acting upon the suggestion, then wandered into an alcove in the far northern corner and was soon joined by Zeke. As each of them entered the alcove, they felt a tingling sensation on their right arms, and looked down to find that they had each been given a tattoo of a sword. Seeing this, Tadwin became curious and stepped into an alcove just behind him on the southwest side of the room. There he received a tattoo of a scroll. Diamond then went to an alcove to the southeast where he received a tattoo of a shield. None of them could tell what the significance of the tattoos was however. So Corvyn chickened out and decided not to enter any of the alcoves.

Finding nothing else of interest in the room, the band returned to the four-way intersection and turned left, entering the passageway to the southeast. After a short distance, the passageway turned right and soon came to a ledge.

There the band saw that they were standing at the edge of a mud filled cavern. On the far side of the room was a man-made landing and a set of double doors. To the left was another ledge set lower in the cavern and apparently leading into another passageway. Along the entrance to this room and throughout the room itself were numerous mud splatters.

The band detected something magical just under the mud and to the left of the ledge. Brom flew over to the far ledge but determined that the doors were false without opening them. He then flew over to the lower ledge where he found that a mound of mud slightly larger than the size of a man nearly blocked the passageway. Brom managed to get past the mud mound and made it into a large cave just beyond. On the far side of the cave was a table barely discernable through a shroud of webs, while much of the cave was covered in a strange moss.

At this point, Brom somehow lost all of his memories from the previous 24 hours, which meant that he now had no idea where he was or how he got there. Seeing the table covered in webs, however, he became curious and began making his way over to it. But as he did so, bolts of electricity suddenly began shooting out at him from the webs. He was able to dodge past these bolts though and quickly dashed over to the table. There he found that it was very ornate, being worth some money, and that it had a pile of silver and gold coins on it, in addition to a scroll tube. Realizing the table would be too heavy and bulky to easily carry, he simply brushed the webs aside, scooped all of the coins and the scroll tube into a pouch, and ran towards the only obvious exit from the cave. Squeezing past the mound of mud and back to the ledge, Brom then saw his companions on the ledge above him.

As he was about to fly over to them, however, ten humanoid creatures made of mud rose up out of the mud in between and began to attack by throw globs of mud at the band. Whenever any of the mud globs struck the mud quickly hardened and made movement difficult. So the band was forced to fight the mud creatures. The band was able to defeat them though and Brom flew back to his companions afterwards. Tadwin also managed to retrieve the magic item from under the mud, which turned out to be a decanter of endless water that had been left turned on, thus creating the mud where the mud creatures lived.

With Brom reunited with his companions, who now realized that Brom had no idea where they were or how they got there, they began to understand a few mysteries that had been puzzling them. When Brom described the cave where he found himself, Tadwin realized that Brom had been affected by a strange kind of moss known as obliviax, or memory moss, which lives off of the memories of nearby sentient creatures. This then explained the memory loss also suffered by the four men that the band’s henchmen had encountered in the cathedral on the first level. The webs in the cave which shot out bolts of electricity were identified as living webs. And the mound of mud that Brom had to squeeze past, the band concluded was most likely the end result of a previous victim of the mudmen, perhaps a companion of the four men, who had died and whose body was still trapped inside the mound of mud.

The rest of the band took some time then to explain to Brom what had happened over the previous 24 hours, since those memories were now lost to him. Then the band returned to the four-way intersection. From there, they turned in the only unexplored direction, to the southwest, and followed a zig-zagging passageway, through an archway and into another oddly shaped room. Inside this room were five very realistic statues of people who could be described as adventurer types. They looked as if they had been people turned to stone, though none of them had looks of fear or concern on their faces.

There was one other door in the room which led to a 10’ square room with one door on the opposite side. Zeke was the first to enter this room and try the door on the other side. When he did, the door behind him slammed closed, separating him from his companions, and mist shot out from behind the door, which turned out to be a false door. The mist quickly dissipated, however, and when it did, Zeke found that the sword tattoo on his arm had disappeared. In its place, Zeke then realized that he was suddenly skilled in a new combat maneuver. Zeke was able to open the door behind him and rejoin his companions. He then told them what had occurred.

Upon hearing this, Tadwin was the next to give it a try. The same thing happened except that in exchange for his scroll tattoo, he found that he was now able to cast an extra spell of the most powerful kind that he knew. Brom then tried it and his skill at sneak attacks improved in exchange for his sword tattoo. When Diamond tried it, in exchange for his shield tattoo, his body became more resistant to physical harm.

Seeing that all of his companions had benefited from the tattoos, Corvyn then ran back to the room with the alcoves and entered the alcove where Brom and Zeke had gotten sword tattoos. He too got a sword tattoo, and when he returned to where his companions were and entered the 10’ square room, he also got a new combat skill in exchange for the tattoo.

With this section of the dungeon now thoroughly explored, the band retreated back almost all the way to where they had found the room with the strange column of healing water. At that point, the band followed a long wide passageway that made a couple of turns to a set of double doors. These doors appeared to be barred from the other side. But rather than break the doors down, Brom used a magical knocker to create on opening next to the doors, thus allowing easy access to the room beyond.

The room beyond was octagonal in shape and filling most of the room was a large spiny tree. They were able to identify the tree as a giant polyp, a semi-intelligent plant similar to a sea anemone except that they grow in dark, subterranean environments. The band avoided approaching the tree and thus the tree did not attack them.

However, while they were there, they watched as the bar on the doors was mysteriously lift and placed aside. Then a nearby wooden pale rose up in the air, the doors opened up, and the wooden pale floated out the door. The band followed the wooden pale as it drifted down the passageway to the room where the healing water was located. Those doors were opened, the wooden pale floated into the room and filled up with water, and the pale left the room as the doors closed behind it. Then the pale of water returned to the giant polyp, where the doors were closed again, the bar was reset, the water was poured at the base of the giant polyp, and the empty pale returned to its original position.

This curious series of events, the band concluded, must have been accomplished by an unseen servant set up long ago to tend to the needs of the giant polyp, though how the polyps other requirements for sustenance were met remained a mystery. But seeing the giant polyp as no threat to the band, they left it alone and went to investigate the maze which was now one of the few remaining areas left unexplored. Back near the entrance to the dungeon and next to the lair of the troglodytes, the band opened the door and entered the maze.

Brom led the way, as usual, and opted to stay to the left whenever an option was presented. Soon he turned a corner and came to a dead end. At the dead end, a jeering clown face had been painted on the wall and below it was carved the words, “Oops, too slow.” Upon seeing this, Brom stumbled a bit and immediately sensed that his dexterity had been magically reduced somehow. Upset by this fact, he refused to lead any more. So Tadwin took the lead.

Tadwin, in turn, came to several dead ends, each one of which had a jeering clown face and a similar phrase carved under it, and each one had some detrimental effect. The first one decreased his constitution, and the second one reduced his skill as a wizard. But still the band continued to wander the maze, believing and hoping that at some point they would be rewarded for their persistence. At times, Zeke would take the lead and in one instance, Diamond also took the lead. Every time they came to a dead end they encountered a clown face and a phrase, and something bad would happen. Before they were done, Zeke had his strength, intelligence and wisdom reduced, and he had lost some health and his most prized magic item. Diamond also had his charisma reduced. But the most drastic changes happened to Tadwin when he was transformed into a woman and then had his face altered to appear as the clown face that they had been encountering at each dead end.

Eventually the band came to a room where at its center stood a statue of a handsome man in purple garb with gold trim. On three sides of the room were hung three tapestries depicting an army of clowns being slain by a purple clad wizard. Recognizing the statue and the wizard in the tapestries as that of Boccob, the band wondered if this shrine to Boccob could help correct the harmful things that had happened to them in the maze. One of them asked out loud if Boccob could fix their problems, at which point the statue suddenly spoke to them saying it would reverse the worst harmful effect for each one if asked to do so.

Diamond then asked to have his charisma restored and it was done. Tadwin then had his clown face removed and Brom had his dexterity restored. But Zeke, oddly enough, despite the fact that he had lost more than any of the others, chose not to ask for anything from the statue, apparently believing that he would be rewarded for his faith in Boccob.

By this point, however, all the passages in the maze had been explored. So the band began searching for secret doors, making sure to have only those who had already been affected by each clown face enter each dead end. After a bit, the band did find a secret door behind the clown face where Zeke had lost his magic item.

Passing through the secret door, the band then came to a room where all the band’s light sources suddenly winked out. At the same time, two great candelabras resting on triangular stone shelves to the right sprang to life, jetting flames that touched the ceiling. Looking about, the band saw a curtain at the far end of the room which depicted a clown eating pearls. Spread about the rest of the room were ten pedestals on which rested glass cases filled with a green glowing liquid, and something floating within.

Upon closer inspection, each of the glass cases had one of the phrases from the maze written under it and a pearl floating in the liquid. Taking a clue from the tapestry at the far end of the room, Zeke ate one of the pearls from one of the glass cases that corresponded with one of the abilities of his that had been reduced. To his delight, not only was this ability restored, but it was also increased from what it had originally been. Following this example, everyone else who was still suffering any effects from the maze, ate the pearl that corresponded with that loss and likewise had it improved. So, as it turned out, Zeke’s faith in Boccob had indeed paid off, as his strength, intelligence, wisdom and health were all improved. Tadwin had his constitution improved and was returned to a man.

There was, however, no pedestal or pearl for Zeke’s lost magic item. But when Zeke looked behind the tapestry, he found a room with a round table on which rested several magic items, including the one he had lost. At this point, all members of the band had either come out even or had benefitted from the maze. But Diamond, who had only come out even, wondered if he could benefit from it and ate the pearl corresponding with charisma, even though his charisma had already been restored. This turned out to be a mistake, as his charisma was then reduced even further than it had been previously. When Diamond returned to the maze to try and repeat the circumstances, nothing happened and no pearl appeared in the glass case. Apparently, Diamond had gotten too greedy and his loss would be permanent unless he could find some other means to restore it.

At the back of the room where the magic items had been found, the band found a secret door which led into the lair of the jermlains. So the band passed through it and returned to one of the main passageways. By this point, the band still had not found any means to access the level below, other than the possibility of the room they believed to be a teleportation chamber. So, before investigating the teleportation chamber, the band wanted to do a thorough check for secret passages. Diamond cast a true seeing spell and with it the band found an illusionary wall near the giant polyp room. Beyond the illusionary wall was a set of stairs leading down to the next level.

With this discovery, the band decided it was time to investigate the teleportation chamber. As the band entered the area, they noticed, as they had done so before, that as they proceeded through the circular passages they lost all sense of taste and smell, and then their hearing. When they got to the center, they were teleported as expected to an identical circular chamber. As they made their way out of it, their hearing returned and then their senses of taste and smell.

Upon leaving this room, they passed through a curtain and made their way to a large chamber supported by three pillars that stood before a three tiered altar. Carved upon the gray altar was the golden image of a spindle with three strands of thread coming from it. They recognized the golden spindle as the symbol for Istus, the Goddess of Fate.

After looking about the altar and finding nothing of interest, the band moved on and found a series of suspected traps. The first was a pit trap apparently connected to a false door, which they merely avoided. The second was another apparent false door near the end of a long passageway and down a flight of stairs. This too they did not bother to open. And beyond a secret door and down two flights of stairs as a third apparent false door with a lock that was impossible to pick. Words written upon these doors labeled them, “Doors of persistence,” and were likely more evidence of Zagig’s unusual sense of humor.

After considerable time wasted on these dead end traps, the band returned to the altar of Istus and went towards the far end where two passageways led into the final unexplored areas of this level of the dungeon. It was at this point where the exact details of what occurred become blurred with conjecture and contradiction.

While the Company of the Green Dragon always claimed that they found nothing beyond the door in the first passageway but an empty room, there are those who claim that in fact the band came face to face with the goddess Istus herself. According to these claims, Istus asked each of them one at a time, what destiny they would chose. All but Diamond responded by saying they would become powerful individuals in their own chosen fields of interest. Diamond, it was said, chose merely to be reunited with his companions. After giving their answers to Istus, they were then each given three tests to pass in order to fulfill the destinies they had chosen.

According to one version of the tale, only Diamond successfully passed all three tests, and thus he was immediately reunited with his companions. The others, meanwhile, when they failed one of the three tests, found the world had been torn from their grasps and they were left falling in a never-ending void. And yet, they all eventually emerged in the dungeon just outside the door. Regardless of whether or not they had failed one of the tests or had passed all three, the memories of what took place beyond that door were completely wiped from the minds of every member of the band.

Another version of the tale, however, claims that they all passed all three of the tests, but only because they had sacrificed a small measure of the good fortune that was later bestowed upon them by Istus in the chambers at the end of the final passageway.

Here, it is said, the band was faced with three descending rooms that appeared to be otherwise empty, but where each filled them with an ever increasing sense of foreboding. The further in the band ventured, the more the band felt they were drawing closer and closer to their inescapable dooms. But despite this, they continued on, perhaps driven by an unquenchable curiosity or an unshakable belief that in the end they would be rewarded for their courage. Whatever the case, they were indeed rewarded with good fortune from Istus as previously mentioned – fortune that would serve them in the days, weeks, months and perhaps even years to come.

With this final room explored, the band returned to the teleportation chamber and through it, made their way back to the Tower of War where they took some time to reflect upon all that they had so far discovered in Zagig’s Tower of Magic.
Part Three - Chapter Fifteen: Tricks and Traps Galore

It was on Earthday, the 13th day of Coldeven, in the Common Year of 581, when the henchmen of the Company of the Green Dragon cleared out the first level of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk and began exploring the first level of the dungeons below. After killing all the troglodytes found in the troglodyte lair and searching the lair for anything of value, the henchmen looked beyond the nearest unexplored door and found what appeared to be a maze. Preferring to avoid such obstacles, the henchmen made their way back to the entrance area and began exploring in the opposite direction.

To the southwest, they found a set of stairs that went down, through a few left turns, to a set of double doors. Upon opening these doors however, the henchmen heard a gong go off back upstairs near the entrance and a green cloud of gas quickly poured forth from several small openings in a wall just beyond the doors. The henchmen tried to escape the cloud of gas by moving back upstairs. But as they did so, they heard a voice coming from the entrance area saying, “Alright soldiers, we will station ourselves here for ten minutes and if nothing appears for us to slay, we will move on.”

It appeared as if they had two choices: either stay within the cloud, or go back up and face the soldiers who had moved into the entrance area. As it turned out though, they never got the chance to make that choice because, almost immediately, the cloud of gas knocked unconscious all but Nikki. Nikki grabbed Thiege and dragged him up the stairs in an attempt to escape the cloud. But then even Nikki fell unconscious near the top of the stars. Only Ashba’s bird familiar managed to escape.

About an hour or so later, Jamis and Trizzac woke up and they, in turn, woke the others up. They were still on the stairs where they had fallen unconscious and were all still unharmed. But they soon discovered that each of them was missing several items. Ashba’s familiar, which had been hiding out nearby all the while, returned to her at this time and was able to describe to her the creatures that had stolen their possessions. They turned out to be a band of tiny humanoids called jermlains.

After learning what had happened to their things, the henchmen devised a plan to trick the jermlains into revealing themselves. Then, all but Nikki hid on the stairs leading back up to the first level, while Nikki returned to the false double doors below and set off the trap again. As expected, the gong sounded, the green cloud of gas poured out again and the voice repeated the same phrase about the soldiers. This time, the henchmen realized that the gong sound and the voice came from behind a large carving of a clown face on a wall near the entrance, probably created by a permanent magic mouth spell. Unlike before, Nikki was able to avoid the cloud of gas by quickly running back upstairs, but he pretended to fall unconscious in order to lure the jermlains in closer.

About a minute later, six jermlains arrived to inspect any unconscious victims of the trap. But when they got close to Nikki, the henchmen jumped out and ambushed them. It was a brief battle, and one jermlain was killed while four were knocked unconscious. The sixth one made a run for it, but Trizzac chased him down and knocked him out. Jamis helped Trizzac carry the jermlain back at which time Trizzac used his last healing spell to revive the jermlain. They tried to interrogate the jermlain but it did not appear to understand any of the henchmen’s known languages. Still, the henchmen were able to get their message across to the jermlain when Nikki killed the other jermlains, then tied a rope around the jermlain’s neck and pointed for him to lead them in the direction he had run.

A short while later, after taking a few turns in the passages, the jermlain lead them into a room where more than a dozen more jermlains attacked them by throwing a net over them. All but Trizzac, who was at the rear, were caught in the net. But Thiege used a wand of lightning to kill many of the jermlains and eventually the henchmen were able to escape the net, at which point they killed all of the remaining jermlains. Fortunately, it was in this room where the band was able to recover their stolen possessions.

After gathering anything of value from this room, the henchmen moved on and explored another passageway. Unknown to them at this time, the henchmen fell victim to another one of the jermlain’s tricks here as they passed by six more jermlains who were hiding behind illusionary walls on both sides of the passageway.

It was not until later on, after the henchmen had already left the dungeon, when the henchmen discovered that the jermlains had cut some of their straps and put holes in some of their bags and pouches. But at the end of this passageway, the band came to a room with eight doors. The first seven doors they opened all turned out to be false doors. But the henchmen were persistent, and the eighth and final door led into an area of passageways. It was here where the henchmen encountered the last of the jermlains and had their final battle of the day. In addition to the dozen jermlains here, there were also five giant rats.

These jermlains proved to be a bit tougher than the previous ones because they threw darts coated with a poison that caused the henchmen to lose their dexterity. Also during the battle, Ashba attempted to cast a glitterdust spell and it backfired on the henchmen due to the unpredictability of magic in the Power Tower. As a result, all the henchmen were blinded except Trizzac who was not in the area. Ashba became so frustrated at this point, that she withdrew from the battle and refused to cast any more spells.

Despite all the difficulties, the henchmen managed to kill all the jermlains and the giant rats. But Nikki was hit by so many of the poisoned darts that, following the battle, he could barely even walk. So, once the band had gathered anything of value here, they decided to call it a day and retreat back to the War Tower.

By this point, they had only found two magic items. So they hid the cloak of elvenkind under a bed on the first level and used the scroll they had found to play the elves’ game of chance, as per their agreement, to see if they could win the bonus prize which was supposed to be a staff of power. As luck would have it though, they ended up losing the scroll. So they made their way back to the War Tower where they were finally able to report to their bosses all that they had seen and discovered within the Power Tower.

The Company of the Green Dragon was very intrigued by what their henchmen told them of the Power Tower, Tadwin in particular. Tadwin had recently discovered some old journals written by some of Zagig’s followers and historians and from them he learned that Zagig had designed the 2nd dungeon level of the tower to be the catacombs where his family and closest followers would be entombed, including his parents.

Because Zagig obviously wanted to protect these tombs and to ward off any would-be tomb robbers, he designed the first level of the dungeon to be full of traps. But because Zagig had a warped sense of humor and was once an adventurer himself, he also designed these traps to provide certain rewards for any who were wise enough, persistent enough, and perhaps lucky enough to make it through these traps. These last few details, Tadwin was not aware of, however, until after the henchmen had entered the first level of the dungeon.

So when the henchmen returned, he and his companions were relieved to hear that the henchmen had not gotten very far into the dungeon. After some discussion then, the band agreed that they wanted to deal with these traps before allowing their henchmen to do any more exploring in the Power Tower, fearing that some of the traps could be quite devastating for the henchmen. As it was, Diamond had to magically cure Nikki and Ashba of some lost dexterity due to the jermlain’s poisoned darts. Nikki also had to be cured of the illness caused by the yellow mold.

On the following morning, Freeday, the 14th day of Coldeven, the Company of the Green Dragon, rather than their henchmen, returned to the Power Tower to resume exploring the 2nd dungeon level at the point where their henchmen had left off. The henchmen, meanwhile, returned to the City of Greyhawk or to Prism Keep to do some training and studying.

During his research, Tadwin also learned that a Hero’s Feast spell cast by a priest of Boccob, could decrease the harmful effects of the unpredictability of magic within the Power Tower. So before setting out, the band made sure to do this.

When the band arrived at the Power Tower, they met with the elven leaders Dheolith, Nimlith, Eroth and Durothil, as well as several other elves, just as their henchmen had on the previous day. But, unlike their henchmen, the Company of the Green Dragon did not agree to the elves’ terms and instead pointed out to them that it was they who had completely cleared out the War Tower of all occupying forces. Then, using some not so subtle intimidation, the band made it quite clear that they had no intention of handing over any magic items found in the Power Tower to the elves. The elves, now finding themselves at a loss for words, knew better than to provoke the band any further, and allowed them to pass into the tower with no further argument.

Using a map that the henchmen had drawn, the band quickly made their way into the 2nd dungeon level where the henchmen had their last battle. On the way there, they found and killed the six jermlains who were hiding behind the illusionary walls. Then, in the room where the eight doors were, they opened the doors in the opposite order, and still the only door that was not false was the last one. So, obviously the doors had been enchanted so that the correct door would always be the last one. However, beyond these doors, all they found besides the remains of the last battle were empty rooms and more false doors.

From here, the band encountered a couple of twisting turning hallways that seemed to spiral endlessly inwards. Fortunately, the band came to the conclusion that these were bizarre traps that had no benefit to them and were able to escape them without any permanently harmful effects. One hallway shrank you down in size the further you proceeded and the other one would strand you in a hall where the distance to return increased at an alarming rate.

In another apparently trapped area, Tadwin climbed a set of stairs only to reach a dead end where a plaque said, “Go wrong and all will go right.” Nothing harmful appeared to happen to Tadwin, but the band was never quite sure what the sign meant. In that same general area, Brom discovered a pit trap, which he was able to fly over. But in the room just beyond it, he found nothing of interest or value.

Afterwards, the band passed by the maze that the henchmen had found and moved on to a trick hallway where ten troglodytes tried to ambush them. The troglodytes, of course, were no match for the band and they were easily killed. Three of the troglodytes in fact, Corvyn knocked flat out with a single punch of his gauntleted fist!

A short while later, the band found a room made up of three circles, one inside the other. At the very center was the image of a grasping hand above a wooden disk and a phrase written in magic that said, “May the hand of Farlanghn grasp you.” The band concluded this was a teleportation chamber but did not want to test it out just yet.

Nearby, the band then found a trap that caused a cloud of gas to create an illusion of a jet of flame to shoot out, apparently destroying anyone in its path, but instead merely turning them invisible. It affected Brom even though he wore a necklace that protected him from gases.

In an adjacent room, Zeke set off a trap that caused a sepia snake sigil to activate. Zeke managed to avoid the trap though, and the sepia snake disappeared without harm. From there and beyond a set of double doors, the band came across a mural of a wizard, whom they assumed to be Zagig, another man of indeterminate age, whom the band believed to be Boccob, and a woman. Strangely, however, the woman appeared different to each member of the band. It was later on then, that the band came to the conclusion that this must have been a magical depiction of Istus, the Goddess of Fate. The image of Istus had a very calming effect on the band and even caused Corvyn to regain one year of physical health.

Not far from the mural and beyond another set of double doors, the band found a room where water poured upwards from a large cask and into the ceiling! This water, as the band soon discovered, had some minor healing properties. Further down the hallway and beyond a couple of doors, the band came to a small room with some stairs, where Brom failed to find a pit trap. He managed to avoid falling into the pit where the band could smell acid. Zeke wanted to further investigate it though, so he cast a spell to protect him from acid before stepping any closer. When he did step closer though, the stairs under his and Brom’s feet collapsed. Once again, Brom dodged to the side, but Zeke fell in the pit. Fortunately, Zeke was protected from the acid, so he was barely injured, and he found a couple of potions floating in the acid.

After dealing with the acid pit, the band moved on and came to hallway where a magnificent ruby rested on a 3’ pedestal of pink marble. In part because the walls in and around this area were dyed red, the band suspected a trap. So they moved far away and let Zeke grab the ruby with a mage hand spell. This set the trap off, which caused the walls all around the pedestal area to slam closed, which would have crushed anyone in between had anyone been there. So Diamond used a dimension door spell to transport Tadwin and Zeke to the pedestal, where they were able to rig the trap and allow the walls to open up again.

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