Greyhawk: Gem of the Flanaess

Part Four - Chapter Nine: Assault on the Neutral Faction

Following ten days of training, studying and preparations, the Company of the Green Dragon was ready to return to the ruins of Castle Greyhawk on the evening of Waterday, the 12th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581. In an effort to try and take the wizards of the Power Tower by surprise, Tadwin teleported the band to their quarters at the War Tower as soon as they passed through the gate from Prism Keep. He then immediately cast a spell that would hopefully prevent anyone from scrying on them there for the next twenty-four hours. After checking in with their henchmen at the War Tower, making sure all was well with them, and informing them of their intentions, the band then rested and finalized their plans for the following day.

The next morning, on Earthday, the 13th day of Planting, after making their initial preparations, the band spent an hour, as they usually did, consuming a hero’s feast, provided by Diamond, in order to improve their odds against the magical deviations of the Power Tower. Tadwin then teleported the band into the first floor of the Power Tower, where the spellcasters then attempted to double their spells at the meeting table. But when Tadwin failed to pass the test of the table, and subsequently lost a spell instead, the band decided to wait and rest inside a secret chamber nearby, so they could try again. Tadwin cast a spell to protect them from scrying again and the band rested for another eight hours. At about 6 pm, the band returned to the meeting room and tried again to double their spells. This time they all succeeded. Afterwards, Diamond created another hero’s feast for the band, since the previous one would only last for a few more hours. Once the band had consumed this, the band was ready to make their way into the dungeons below, just shortly after 7 o’clock.

As before, their first stop was the altar to Boccob on the 2nd dungeon level where they got their weapons blessed. Then they passed through the octagon-shaped room on the same floor where they spoke to the statue of Boccob and the three worshipers of Boccob each received an extra spell.

From there, the band came down through the spiral stairwell to the 3rd dungeon level where they entered the teleportal for the neutral section and continued straight ahead. This teleported them to the room where the band had previously destroyed the mirror of opposition. This time, the band found no one in the vicinity. So they moved on through the neutral section until they came to the stairs leading further down into the neutral section, again encountering no one along the way.

With Brom scouting ahead invisibly and all members of the band using darkvision and no light sources, the band reached the 4th dungeon level, where they came upon their first bit of resistance. The stairs ended in a 25’ high chamber where there were three platforms that were 15’. On top of the platforms where about half a dozen urds and half a dozen verbeegs who attacked the band with acid bombs and thrown boulders. Most members of the band had difficulty in reaching the tops of the platforms and, as a result, had to defend themselves with spells and missile weapons. It proved to be a challenging battle, but eventually the band was victorious and managed to kill all of their foes.

Once the battle was over and the band had reached the top of a platform where the dungeon continued on, the band paused for a bit to allow Tadwin to scout out as much of the dungeon as he could with an arcane eye spell. Brom assisted with this by means of his magical gloves. Whenever the arcane eye came to a door it could not pass through, Tadwin informed Brom via a message spell and he would then move to the door invisibly and form a hole in the door large enough for the eye to pass through. Occasionally Brom had to open a door in order for him to pass through. But by using this method, the band was able to scout out most of the neutral section on this level. The only other occupants they spotted along the way were five verbeegs who were sparing with each other in one of the larger chambers. The band was able to attack them with surprise and take them out fairly easily.

In one chamber that was heavily locked with arcane magic, the band found a magical ring that was lying on a velvet cloth that was clearly labeled “ring of invisibility”. When Zeke put it on his finger, the ring turned invisible rather than Zeke. Nothing harmful appeared to happen however, so the band assumed it was merely a practical joke, though Zeke kept the ring and place it in his backpack.

In that same chamber there was a collapsed passageway. The band considered tunneling through the collapsed area, but realized that it would likely lead them away from the neutral section if they followed it. Since their plan at time was to draw out the wizard who looked over the neutral section and defeat him and the leader of the neutral section, they opted not to explore beyond the collapsed tunnel.

The only other rooms they found with the arcane eye had long been vacated, plus a set of stairs that apparently lead to the next level. So the band doubled back to where they had earlier come across a large boulder which appeared to block another passageway. Corvyn, with a little assistance from Brom, rolled the boulder out of the way and found an intersection where two more passageways led off in opposite directions. The band chose to explore the passageway to the left first. But it only led to a ruined and rubble-filled cavern where it appeared various explosions had occurred sometime in the past.

The other passageway eventually came to an end at a large cavern where some of the walls had worked stone. All of the walls, however, were covered with pockmarks and soot. A suit of plate armor also lay on the floor in the center of the chamber. As the band began to explore about the cavern, they were surprised when three verbeegs and eight urds suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the center of the room and moved to attack. At the same time, two fireballs went off, one right after the other. None of the Verbeegs or urds was harmed by the fireballs. But several members of the band were hurt, some of them quite badly, despite having some magical resistance to fire.

Only Tadwin, who could permanently see invisible objects, saw the wizard, Sindar Sirion, hidden in the midst of the giants. Tadwin quickly cast a glitterdust spell in the area and thus revealed the invisible wizard for all to see. Corvyn, who just happened to be standing nearby, then made a few lunging attacks at the wizard and past the surrounding giants and was able to kill the wizard before he could launch another attack. It was very fortunate for the band that they were able to eliminate the wizard so quickly despite the fact that the wizard had gotten the jump on them, because the wizard had clearly devised a plan that could have potentially been quite deadly.

With the wizard already dead, the verbeegs and urds were soon after killed as well. One of the urds tried to make a run for it after it grabbed a magical rod that the wizard had been holding. But it did not get far, and once the last of the urds was dropped, the band took some time to heal up and examine the wizard’s magical items. Among these items was the magical rod that turned out to be a rod of security, which could create a temporary plane of existence where one, or many, could hide or rest.

Once their injuries were healed and they had gathered anything of value, Zeke teleported back to the War Tower’s dungeons with the body of Sindar Sirion, which he then dumped into the river of lava. Moments later, Zeke teleported back and the band was ready to move on. With the 4th dungeon level in the neutral section now thoroughly explored, it was time for them to descend to the next level.



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