Bon vivant fashionista thief.


Esremire is named for his father whom he does not remember. His father only knew his mother Sybil for a short time before he disappeared mysteriously one day when Esremire was three. After his father left his mother gained employment as a seamstress for a noble family. It was during his childhood that Esremire learned two things that would guide him for the rest of his life. He learned how to sew from his mother, and he also learned to steal the finer things that were enjoyed by the nobel children in the house. After his mothers death from disease when he was 14 Esremire was tossed out.

He spent a brief period of time on the street stealing food and money from peoples homes and purses. It was during this time that he approached the thieves guild for membership and protection from local authorities that were noticing his string of burglaries.

During his apprenticeship as a thief, his teachers noticed that he had a talent for sewing hidden pockets into his clothing to better hide pilfered goods. He was so good at creating these “Trap shirts” as he called them, that he was allowed to pursue his mothers craft of the cloth.

After a few years Esremire ‘saved’ enough money in order to open up his own Tailor shop. He entertains customers from the mid to low classes for now, and all are welcome in his shop so long as they can pay. His clothes are beautiful to behold with an attention to detail not often duplicated. The flowing lines and sense of style are what Esremire hopes will one day get his clothing noticed by the local nobility that he may be able to see his garments worn at court. However, if he is honest, his ambition is to one day take his special “traps” to court and see if they could really pass muster amongst Greyhawk’s wealthy elite.

Esremire enjoys beautiful things, clothing, food, music, wine and dance. If it takes any skill to achieve then Esremire will ultimately respect it’s practitioner because he knows how hard it is to become a skilled craftsman.

Esremire also finds frogs disgusting due to the fact that the noble children from his youth would torment him by putting them in his bed.


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