Greyhawk: Gem of the Flanaess

Part Five - Chapter Seven: The Wizards' Retreat

It was shortly before 5pm, on the 17th day of Planting, in the Common Year of 581, when the Company of the Green Dragon was ambushed by the wizards Kalbe and Mitt, in the dungeons of the Power Tower in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. A couple of minutes later, the battle had effectively ground to a halt as the band regrouped and recovered behind two of walls of force. While the band was healing themselves and making plans for the second half of the battle, the two wizards likewise made preparations of their own. Kalbe apparently cast an invisibility spell on Mitt and then a fire shield spell on himself. Zeke, meanwhile, cast a true seeing spell on himself and then summoned two huge earth elementals. While the true seeing spells, which were now on Brom and Corvyn as well as Zeke, did reveal several illusions and what appeared to be phase doors near the wizards, they did not reveal the invisible Mitt, nor did they reveal the exact location of Kalbe hidden among his mirror images. This was most likely due to a powerful protection spell known as mind blank.

Still, the band decided to use a familiar tactic against the wizards, provided they could temporarily dispel the forbiddance spell in the area. After a couple of attempts, they were successful in doing so, and they were then able to dimension door the entire band around Kalbe and attack him. Despite the wizard’s displacement and fire shield, which injured anyone that struck him, the band was able to hit Kalbe enough times to seriously injure him. In desperation, the wizard used his unusually strong body to push Zeke back and out of his way. Unfortunately for him, however, as Kalbe fled from the band, the band was able to land enough attacks on him to take him down.

As this was taking place, the earth elementals summoned by Zeke attacked the three iron golems and managed to keep them occupied for a bit. Realizing the dire situation, the wizard Mitt apparently fled through one of the phase doors. Meanwhile, three stone golems came at the band from a nearby passageway and kept several members of the band busy battling them. Tadwin then cast a wall of force to keep the iron golems at bay which were eventually able to kill the earth elementals.

While the band was dealing with the stone golems, Brom made sure Kalbe was dead and stood over his body to guard it. In an effort to place the body of the fallen wizard in the band’s portable hole, which required access to an extra-dimensional space, Diamond once again had to dispel the forbiddance spell covering the area. When he did so, however, the body of Kalbe suddenly disappeared, much to the band’s dismay. It was Zeke who then theorized that there must have been a contingency spell placed on Kalbe that teleported his body away once the forbiddance spell no longer prevented it. Nevertheless, the band continued battling and destroying the stone golems, and when the stone golems were defeated, Tadwin dismissed the wall of force and the band destroyed the rest of the iron golems.

When the battle was over, the band felt as if they had been cheated and they debated a bit on whether or not to continue on or go back and rest. They decided to continue on. Brom then drank one of his potions and tunneled his way through the stone wall where one of the phase doors was, hoping to locate the wizard Mitt. But about ten feet in Brom found himself in a hallway of the lawful section with no sign of the wizard. Realizing the wizard could have simply teleported away from there, Brom made his way back to the rest of the band.

Since they could not immediately follow the wizards, the band decided to further explore what remained of this level. Retreating back to the passageway just prior to the ambush site, the band examined two areas that lay beyond two illusory walls. The first of these rooms contained a statue of Boccob and six large crystals that discharged a powerful arc of electricity between them several times a minute. The band was never able to determine the room’s purpose, though they were able to ask the statue a question and learn how to escape the area. The second of the two rooms was a large cavern in which were four fountains that contained various magical properties. Two side passages from there both led to a fifth fountain that had been smashed and no longer functioned properly.

Following the directions from the statue of Boccob, the band dimension doored beyond the forbiddance area to a large square room, where a flat-bed cart was suspended in the middle by four stone chains attached to the corners of the room. As the band attempted to skirt around the cart, the four stone chains detached from the room’s corners and suddenly attacked.

In fact, the chains and the cart to which they were attached all attacked as one gigantic animated juggernaut. But, rather than battle the juggernaut, which obviously could not move beyond this room, the band simply ran past it and entered the chamber beyond. Entering this chamber, which was merely a large and otherwise vacant cavern, was all the band needed to do, according the statue’s directions, in order to allow the teleportal through which the band entered this area, to then send the band on to where they could enter the level below. So, from here, the band dimension doored back to the silenced passageway and then stepped into the teleportal. The teleportal then took the band to a spiral staircase leading down. The band descended these stairs and eventually arrived at the seventh level of the dungeon.



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