Reputation and Fame

The following modifiers to individual and group fame are based on what is publicaly known and does not reflect every possible modifier. There are some possible modifiers, both positive and negative, that are not included below because they are not well known by the general public (or in some cases, I have no accurate record of, such as whether or not anyone confirmed two successive critical hits). Many of the negative modifiers may seem harsh, but this, I think, reflects the fickle nature of the general public who tend to remember negative deeds more easily than positive. These negative modifiers are also counteracted by positive modifiers such as level gain, which the general public is not really aware of. I felt it was also necessary to add enough negative modifiers to keep from having a fame point total that was too high at the start of introducing these rules. Also, the number of prestige points per character is likewise a little lower than they could be. I did not want to award too many of these points at the outset and it can be assumed that some of them would have been spent by this point anyway. See pages 180 – 185 of Ultimate Campaign for further details and descriptions of the awards that prestige points can be spent on.

Individual Starting Fame

Zeke: 1 (level) +5 (Cha bonus) = 6
Brom: 1 (level) -2 (Cha bonus) -5 (Brom’s association with Beggar’s Union) = -6
Corvyn: 1 (level) -2 (Cha bonus) = -1
Tadwin: 1 (level) -1 (Cha bonus) = 0

Fame Events

Corvyn loses bar fight against Valen: -5
Band gets mugged by Hubert Mazian and gang: -5
Band defeats Hubert Mazian and gang: +2
Band saves Burrbarr’s vineyard from goblins: +1
Band solves the murder of Callory Frickard: +3
Band saves Brannigan’s farm from hobgoblins: +3
Corvyn and Brom win gladiatorial match at the Pit: +1
Band defeats Anomen and gang: +2
Band is involved with the Thieves’ Guild and the robbery of Dorshak Krane: -1
Band defeats Heironymous Spune and his grung: +3
Band discovers Blackthorn and helps to eliminate the threat: +1
Band rescues prisoners from ruins of Castle Greyhawk: +1
Band saves Adarian Herbifarge from vegepygmies: +1
Zeke is turned into a dog by Harral Shastri: -5
Band defeats the Shapechangers, but Champions of Valor take the credit: +1
Band defeats Heironymous Spune and lizardmen: +2
Band eliminates threat of lizardmen: +1
Band defeats monstrous roper: +1
Band clears out much of the ruins of Castle Greyhawk: +3
Band collects much treasure from the ruins of Castle Greyhawk: +1
Band members each gain levels: +8

Total Fame Points, Sphere of Influence and Prestige Points

Zeke: 29 points, 180 mile radius, 11 points
Brom: 23 points, 130 mile radius, 16 points
Corvyn: 23 points, 130 mile radius, 16 points
Tadwin: 28 points, 180 mile radius, 16 points
Band: 18 points, 170 mile radius


Each member of the band can spend their prestige points as they wish, but because group fame takes precedence over individual fame, each is currently limited to Fame 1 and Fame 10 awards. Note that instead of the planar pact award (which is difficult to rationally explain), change this to local assistance, which costs the same and will give you the assistance of any local information gathering resource such as the Beggar’s Union, the Thieves’ Guild, the People’s Constables, the Nightwatchmen’s Guild or even just nosey neighbors, for a number of days equal to your Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma bonus.

Reputation and Fame

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